Apple claims the third place in Preliminary U.S. PC Vendor top

Gartner’s survey of the PC global market share revealed the impressive upturn of HP, Dell’s underperformance and Apple’s improvements in the U.S. market. The survey includes only desktop PCs, laptops and notebooks and no other hardware devices, such as tablets.

Overall, after an accurate analyze of the market performance during 1Q of 2012, Gartner’s preliminary results revealed worldwide consumer PC shipment growth, contrary to other first quarters from previous years.

Apple’s market share in U.S. reached 10.6 %, improving since the 1Q 2011 when it was 9.8 %. It was the only company to show improvements among others as HP, Dell, Acer and Toshiba, as its shipments reached 3.8 %. Meanwhile, Dell registers a standstill and HP a decrease though it has ended as the leader on both the global and the U.S. market, with shipments growing to 6.6 %.

HP’s strongest growth in U.S. is due also to the share increase in the global market share, accounting 17.2 %. Unlike the previous year, Dell experienced a worldwide underperformance as it has invested more with business than with hardware; it managed however to keep the business going on the U.S. market and accounted the same market share as in 1Q 2011.

All in all, the HDD supply influenced a little the PC supply during this year’s 1Q as the PC shipments grew.

Source: Gartner Research

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