Apple widens the apps area leaving Android behind

The Android platform fragmentation determined many developers to change their perspectives, switching from the Google market to iOS.

Android got familiar with success when the collaboration with HTC started years ago, but once with Samsung’s Nexus smartphones, Google brought Android to its boom. However, Android is currently facing a hitch that might make it get familiar also with the crash: Apple’s ascendancy on the new applications area.

According to Flurry, the company that makes research on mobile software, this January was made three times more apps for iOS than for Android.

“Apple has more than 550,000 apps in its store, compared with over 400,000 for Google’s Android Market. Both companies count on the array of apps to make their phones more enticing and lock in consumers who are already using the devices.” – stated Bloomberg’s article.

The reason for which developers migrate to iOS is that they can make more money producing for this platform. In contrast with Android, the apps for Apple are easier to develop thus, the money come faster.

The iTunes system comes in handy for developers and also for users, because the owners’ credit card accounts are permanently stored, making the charging easier than on Android.

Time is also an important decision agent. There are 90 Android app stores while Apple has only one. Submitting software to multiple stores takes more time.

Still, analyzing the depth of this situation an interesting conclusion is brought to light: developers choose iOS in the short term to get hold of money in a hasty way, because Apple makes it easy for them, but in the long term developers stick to Android and appreciate it as a valuable source of revenue.

Source: Bloomberg

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