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When possessing an iPod, it does not matter if it’s a shuffle, classic, nano or touch, one will always want to have the proper accessories for making the most out of it.

First on the list are Headphones and Headsets, a must for having quality sound. With  Apple In-Ear HeadPhones with Remote and Mic gives the impression that you’re listening to live music and having tickest in first line. Just hear the vibe and let the music enlighten you!

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency response:5Hz to 21kHz
  • Impedance (at 100Hz):23 ohms
  • Sensitivity (at 100Hz):109 dB SPL/mW
  • Drivers:Custom two-way balanced armature (woofer and tweeter in each earpiece)

Length and Weight

  • Cable length:1065 mm from audio jack to splitter; 330 mm to earpiece
  • Weight:0.4 ounce (10.2 grams)

Griffin Window Mount Handsfree

Driving a car and still focusing on your iPod touch are two things hard to acomplish in the same time.Rest assured that Apple offers a support not only for your iPod but also for iPhone3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S.You only have to bond the gadget right on the window and arange it at your wish because it rotates 360 degrees.


Technical Specifications:

  • Height:7.09 in./18.0 cm
  • Width:2.17 in./5.5 cm
  • Weight:7.04 oz./199.58 g
  • Length:5.00 in./12.7 cm

JBL on Stage IV portable Loudspeaker Dock for iPod and iPhone is sure to come in handy, especially to those that handle thing around the house and still want to have a video call, use Skype or listen aloud favourite bands.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Type:30 Pin Dock,3.5mm Stereo Jack
  • Music Profile:Hip Hop / R&B / Rap,Classical & Jazz,Pop / Rock / Alternative / Country
  • Usage:Portable,Remote Control


  • Power Source:AC,Battery Power


  • Drivers:Dual Odyssey transducers with computer-aided equalization
  • Frequency Response:70Hz-20kHz


  • Height:2.69 in./6.83 cm
  • Width:8.25 in./20.95 cm
  • Length:8.25 in./20.95 cm

Last but not least, Griffin Color Touch Case for iPod Touch captured our attention for both strong protection and ability to have fun.The „helmet” so to say, changes its color underneath your eyes and it gets back to its initial color when you remove your hand.

Technical Specifications:

  • Height:6.89 in./17.5 cm
  • Width:0.79 in./2.01 cm
  • Weight:1.44 oz./40.82 g
  • Length:4.13 in./10.49 cm


  • Material:Hard Plastic

Source: Apple Store

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