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Apple to Ban 9 Samsung Devices in U.S

Apple was granted with a $1.05 billion victory in the patent battle with Samsung, yet Samsung has some more debts to pay. Jury’s ruling concluded that some Samsung devices are infringing Apple’s patents and need to be banned from the U.S. market. For now, eight of Samsung’s smartphones and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be withdrawn; the case included 28 smartphones models.

To conclude the faith of the nine devices, two separate hearings will take place. The hearing for the galaxy Tab 10.1 will be held on September 20 while the hearing for the smartphones is fixed for December. The Jury foreman Velvin Hogan explained in an interview with Bloomberg the reasons that carried to the $1 billion verdict.

Check out the list of smartphone models and patents infringed.

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Source: CNet


Jury Foreman on Apple vs. Samsung Trial Verdict

Apple’s win in the patent case against Samsung raised a wave of controversies and of debates  concerning the jury’s decisions. Apple jury foreman Velvin Hogan comes to puzzle out the 1$ billion verdict and to make people’s minds easy about Samsung’s fail by unveiling in a Bloomberg interview the factors of the decision.

During the 17-minutes video Hogan elaborates the jury dynamics, his experience with patents, the magnitude of Google’s intervention, how they reached to the 1$ billion sum and many others.

“We were at a stalemate, but some of the jurors were not sure of the patent prosecution process. Some were not sure of how prior art could either render a patent acceptable or whether it could invalidate it. What we did is we started talking about one and when the day was over and I was at home, thinking about that patent claim by claim, limit by limit, I had what we would call an a-ha moment and I suddenly decided I could defend this if it was my patent…And with that, I took that story back to the jury and laid it out for them. They understood the points I was talking about and then we meticulously went patent by patent and claim by claim against the test that the judge had given us, because each patent had a different legal premise to judge on. We got those all sorted out and decided which ones were valid and which ones were not.”

Source: Bloomberg


The Outstanding Value of Apple [Infographic]

In the past 10 years, Apple Inc. has grown incredibly fast. Moreover, in 10 years Apple’s stock price increased by more than 8,000 percent, as an infographic from Statista shows, and today the Cupertino Company is the most valuable in history.

Apple’s stock market valuation reached last week $621.64 billion, braking down Microsoft’s record from 1991. Yet, there are some controversies about whether Microsoft still owns the record or not, but Apple is surely today’s most adored and most influential company.

The infographic from Statista, named ‘Apple – The most valuable company in the world’ illustrates in a detailed way the market capitalization of giant public and media companies as Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, Wall-Mart, Google, Facebook, HP, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon and many others, compared to Apple’s market capitalization.

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Stock-Market Valuation Nominated Apple as the Most Valuable Company Ever

Apple is now the most valuable and most influential company that the economy has ever known. On this Monday stock market valuation Apple scored $623.52 billion, setting a new record valuation and taking over the title from Microsoft.

It is not the first time when Apple takes the lead over the market. The Cupertino Company surpassed Exxon Mobils earnings in 2011 and Microsoft’s in 2010, but this Monday Apple has managed to score a new, historical valuation number that makes it worthy of rivaling with powerful U.S. giants as General Motors Co., and International Business Machines Corp.

Richard Sylla, professor of financial history at New York University’s Stern School of Business affirms that Apple “is one of those iconic companies. When I think about these companies, their products were used by all kinds of people and their leaders were considered geniuses.”

Apple is the company that became a standard and a source of inspiration for other tech companies and deserves all the approbation. Also, I can anticipate that Apple will break its own new record once with the release of the iPhone 5 in September.

Source: WSJ


How to easily encrypt folders using Password Protection in OS X?

We provided a few tips for creating an encrypted disk image from a certain folder. It may have happened more than once to wish that you had password protected folders in your Mac for keeping other away from your personal things.

  • Firstly, go to Applications -> Utilities and open Disk Utilities
  • Select “File” -> “New” -> “Disk Image from Folder”
  • Afterwards select the folder you wish to be transformed into an encrypted drive and click “Image”
  • Change the settings to Image Format to “read/write” and Encryption to128-bit AES”
  • For finishing the procedure you need to select a strong password or generate one by the Black key icon. Remember to uncheck the option with “Remember password in my keychain” and press OK

*Note: Read/Write is mostly used for adding and removing documents from the encrypted file so if you just want to keep it under secret choose another Image Format

The encryption process may take a while if the folder is lager or if you possess a Mac that is not that advanced. Check the encryption by locating the file and trying to mount it in the Finder and you’ll need to enter your password. Always uncheck the box with the option “Remember password in my keychain”.

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Bloombox – iPod & iPhone docking station and sound amplifier

Introducing the iPhone and iPod mixture of charger and natural acoustic amplifier that makes your day.  The gadget is made out of ceramic models from Mudshark Studios, being painted with a light matte glaze. 

Bloombox may be seen as an accessory for your room where you simply dock your iPhone when arriving home. It may also come in handy when making video calls, for not holding the device all the time but merely lie down on the couch and talk to dear ones. By docking the iPhone in the magic box when arriving home, you’ll never risk the chance of looking for it all through the house when you’re in a hurry.

What captured our attention was the fact that it comes with a simple design and a useful usage for the home. So, instead of providing a simple dock connector you now get the advantage of charging your device and listening to good quality sound. If you like Bloombox, you could make a pledge at KickStarter for helping the developer acoomplish its project.

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Curiosity’s Landing on Mars was monitored by Lots of Macs and iPads

Last night, MSL Curiosity successfully landed on Mars, a NASA’s new historical event that held everybody breathless. And who else to better deal with such a bold mission than Apple’s powerful products.

NASA scientists and engineers managed Curiosity and monitored the landing using lots of Mac Book Pro laptops and iPads. All around the NASA offices and laboratories was a bustle of scientists dressed in blue tea-shirts and of glowing Apple logos.

This overwhelming presence of Mac Book Pros on NASA’s desks tells us that Apple needs no more to advertise for its products. The fact that Apple’s products are present and needed at such great events replaces any commercial that inspires no feeling at all, such as the Martin Scorsese and John Malkovich Siri commercials, or the Mac Book geek boy commercial. Apple should leave the advertising for big customers that count on its devices.

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New iPad Smart Cover to Have Its Own Display and Controls

A patent filled by Apple about a year ago unveils a new, cutting edge iPad Smart Cover. Apple’s new Smart cover will use a multi-touch based flexible AMOLED Display and solar energy collectors, and may integrate a flexible keyboard. The communication between the cover and the iPad will be fulfilled either by a Wi-Fi connection or by a wired data connection and a customized connector will be able to send data and power both to the iPad and the Cover.

The aim of the next Smart Cover is to have a more interactive role with the iPad and to be more functional. For example, one can use the iPad as a screen and the cover as a keyboard that can have integrated also a drawing digitizer. The digital parts of the cover can include also touch sensitive areas. Opening documents, handling multiple apps, or adding extra icons will be much easier.

Patently Apple describes the patent as follows: “This future Smart Cover will include the following: a flexible flap having a size and shape in accordance with the size of the iPad’s display where at least a portion of the flexible flap is covered by a flap display configured to present visual information; and a connecting portion, the connecting portion arranged to provide at least a communication channel arranged to convey information between the iPad and this future Smart Cover where at least some of the information is presented visually on the flap display.”


Is it more useful to Sleep, Shut Down or Stand On a Mac when not in use?

You may have wondered more than once if it’s better to sleep, shut down or stand on your Mac when not in use so we provided pros and cons for doing what’s best for your device.

Sleeping a Mac

Sleeping a Mac is one of the most popular and most used ways of resuming your activity on the device. When you return to the gadget after a period you’ll encounter the apps, documents, web pages and window arrangements just as you left them.

  • Pros:  quick access to your work
  • Cons:  system temperature and cache files are not cleared out during the reboot process; system updates that require reboots need a manual rebooting for installing.

If you choose the first option for your Mac device, you should remember to regularly reboot for allowing system software updates to install.

Shutting your Mac Down

Those that cope with their devices round the clock choose this possibility very rarely. You will hear developers go for this one if they don’t use their Mac for more than 4 or 6 days. It requires a few seconds for all the apps and software to end their process while shutting down.

  • Pros: possibility of major system updates to install, power saving and not to mention system temperature, memory, swap and cache files are cleared out during boot
  • Cons: takes a while for booting up and resuming previous running apps; one of the strongest uses of a hard drive is powering On and Off the device and most hard drive damage comes not from intensive usage but from continuous powering On/Off and reboots; constant stopping the drive from spinning shortens the life of the gadgets (also the dust can’t make way if the drive is spinning all the time)

It’s the most suitable possibility of saving power so if you don’t need your device for a couple of  days it’s advised to choose this option. Tip: In case of heat and component usage, turning Off the display is a good trick for the iMac.

Always Keeping your Gadget Turned On

Last but not least, other users always keep their Macs turned on, especially those that function as servers. Since everything is still running, the backup tasks can be scheduled to function in the system inactivity period.

  • Pros: instant access to all software and sites to the exact process that you left them, servers running with constant accessibility , scheduling backup and system maintenance tasks can be scheduled for the off period
  • Cons:  continuous power consumption and heat of the hardware

Mountain Lion Tips and Tricks/ How To’s

Only four days have passed since the release of Mountain Lion and downloads already scored 3 million. OS X 10.8 is full of surprises; lots of hidden features that can make a Mac user’s life easier are hidden all over the system. This article will help users discover practical features and other tips and tricks for Mountain Lion.

  • Restore older OS X UI elements in Calendar and Contacts using Mountain Tweaks. You can download the app from the producer’s site.

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