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Apple Delays iPhone 5 Shipments With 2 Weeks

It took only one hour of pre-orders for Apple to sell out all the iPhone 5 stock. Due to the fact that the demand stands so high, Apple had to delay the shipments with two weeks.

The orders for the iPhone 5 began on Friday at midnight PST on Apple’s website and after an hour the shipping notes changed from Sept. 21 to Sept. 28. iPhone lovers that didn’t go the chance to pre-order the device have also the option to purchase it on Sept. 21 form a retail store.

So far, Apple gave no information concerning the number of ordered iPhone 5 devices, but there’s no doubt that huge lines of customers that pre-ordered or not the iPhone 5 will be lingering in front of the Apple Stores. Talking of this practice, Samsung is preparing a new commercial that makes fun of Apple’s users.

Source: Gizmodo

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How the iPhone idea hit Steve Jobs

There are only a couple of hours left until Tim Cook will introduce the next-gen Apple iPhone, confirmed to be named ‘iPhone 5.’ Also, this summer the iPhone turned 5 years. But have you ever wondered how the most popular, loved and envied smartphone of our days became a real device from a simple idea? Moreover, have you ever wondered how the idea of a phone with a touch-sensitive screen came to Steve Jobs?

As a tribute to the iPhone and ahead the release of a new model, check this funny “Steve Jobs and Newton’s iPhone” pic posted by Seyhan Argun on DeviantArt.  And check also  how actually Jobs came to imagine the iPhone.


Samsung is getting ready too for Apple’s release of iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 ‘is almost here’ and Samsung’s joke ‘is coming’ too. Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung, is preparing a new commercial that mocks the Cupertino Company and its fanatical adepts.

Samsung’s plans for the commercial are announcing a major deride of those who are about to stand in line in front of the Apple Stores, as usual, to buy the iPhone 5. The Korean company started the construction of a fake Apple Store fully charged with Macs and iOS devices, on a set in Los Angeles. Moreover, the store has its own fake Apple Genius staff.

One may speculate that the topic of the commercial is the iPhone 5 due to a poster that illustrates an ugly and poorly-looking smartphone tagged with the “It’s coming” headline. The photo resembles with the “It’s almost here” media event invitations sent by Apple.

Source: The Verge


Sleek Concept of Fifth-gen iPod Touch

The iPhone 5 is not the only one star of Apple’s media event that will take place tomorrow. Apple is expected to introduce also a new-redesigned line of iPod touch. Guilherme Schasiepen imagined a sleek, cutting-edge and with refreshed tech specs iPod touch. Until the release of the sixth-gen iPhone and fifth-gen iPod touch, take a glance and (t)ease your waiting.

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Monitor your baby remotely with WiFi Baby recording cam

You can now watch, hear, and take care of your baby from anywhere. WiFi Baby ™ is the quality camera and baby monitor with a compact design that easy adapts to your place and can be used by all the members of your family. Mother, father, grandparents, and aunts can keep an eye of the family baby using any device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Android.

Unlike other baby monitors, WiFi Baby™ can also record videos and does not get affected by other electronics in your home, such as microwave ovens, mobile phones, remote control toys, or your existing WiFi network.

To remotely monitor your baby from anywhere, you just have to follow some simple steps. Start with the easy setup process: assemble the few pieces of the device, connect it to an AC source  and your router for wireless setup (cable used for wireless setup only) and install the software on your Mac/PC. Then mount the camera on ceiling, on wall or simply on a shelf, anywhere but out of baby’s reach.

Using your WiFi network’s speed and range, WiFi Baby™ will offer you crystal clear sound and video of your baby, more exactly 640×480 graphics and 30 frames per second, even in complete darkness with night vision. The compatible apps also override your mobile device’s auto lock setting for continuous overnight monitoring. You can set up alerts, such as buzzer or alarms, record videos using a micro SD card, and set passwords to authorize other members of the family to remotely monitor the baby. It works in the background, so you can text, email, use Safari while still hearing audio and alerts and return to the app for full video and audio.

You can get the smart and secure WiFi Baby™ monitor for $279, including shipping and tax.

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Newsworthy Fact About the iPhone ahead the 12 September Release

Only four days have remained until the release of the most anticipated and rumored smartphone of the year and what special introduction should the iPhone 5 receive other than the iPhone’s critical importance to Apple.

The iPhone turned 5 years this summer and it is currently the source of more than half of Apple’s overall sales, according to CNN Money. A comparison between the iPhone business solely and the entire revenue of other companies will offer relevant results in showing us just how big the iPhone got.

On its own, Apple’s iPhone business is bigger than Microsoft’s. According to CNN Money, “the iPhone generated more sales than the entirety of Microsoft’s product lineup over the past four quarters.” And Google seems to keep up, being the next tech giant in revenues after the revenues summed by the iPhone.

Also, if we are to compare Apple’s businesses between them, the entire revenue brought by Macs, iPads, iPods, and iTunes sales still doesn’t reach the iPhone sales.

Conclusively, the iPhone is the most crucial smartphone a business has ever known and a match point product for Apple.

Source: CNN Money


Bruce Willis to sue Apple over his iTunes music rights

Update: Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Heming-Willis contradicted the report saying that it is not a true story. Anyway, whoever imagined the story, it surely managed to aim the attention at the iTunes Terms and Conditions.

It seems that Bruce Willis is going to save the world again, this time from the delusive iTunes policy. The 57 Hollywood star plans to sue Apple for the rights to his iTunes library after he passes away.

The Die Hard actor has recently spent some time reading his iTunes Terms of Service and discovered that instead of owning the purchased music, customers only “borrow” it, thus a customer’s posthumous music collection becomes worthless. In a more elaborate way, this means that when a user downloads a track, he is actually purchasing the rights to listen to a copy of it and not the track.

Willis’ music collection includes lots of classics, starting with the Beatles and ending with Led Zeppelin and he wants to pass it to his daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. He also started to support legal moves to increase the right of the iTunes customers. You go Bruce Willis! Yippee ki-yay Apple!

Source: The Sun

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Apple to Ban 9 Samsung Devices in U.S

Apple was granted with a $1.05 billion victory in the patent battle with Samsung, yet Samsung has some more debts to pay. Jury’s ruling concluded that some Samsung devices are infringing Apple’s patents and need to be banned from the U.S. market. For now, eight of Samsung’s smartphones and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be withdrawn; the case included 28 smartphones models.

To conclude the faith of the nine devices, two separate hearings will take place. The hearing for the galaxy Tab 10.1 will be held on September 20 while the hearing for the smartphones is fixed for December. The Jury foreman Velvin Hogan explained in an interview with Bloomberg the reasons that carried to the $1 billion verdict.

Check out the list of smartphone models and patents infringed.

Credit: PACER

Source: CNet


Jury Foreman on Apple vs. Samsung Trial Verdict

Apple’s win in the patent case against Samsung raised a wave of controversies and of debates  concerning the jury’s decisions. Apple jury foreman Velvin Hogan comes to puzzle out the 1$ billion verdict and to make people’s minds easy about Samsung’s fail by unveiling in a Bloomberg interview the factors of the decision.

During the 17-minutes video Hogan elaborates the jury dynamics, his experience with patents, the magnitude of Google’s intervention, how they reached to the 1$ billion sum and many others.

“We were at a stalemate, but some of the jurors were not sure of the patent prosecution process. Some were not sure of how prior art could either render a patent acceptable or whether it could invalidate it. What we did is we started talking about one and when the day was over and I was at home, thinking about that patent claim by claim, limit by limit, I had what we would call an a-ha moment and I suddenly decided I could defend this if it was my patent…And with that, I took that story back to the jury and laid it out for them. They understood the points I was talking about and then we meticulously went patent by patent and claim by claim against the test that the judge had given us, because each patent had a different legal premise to judge on. We got those all sorted out and decided which ones were valid and which ones were not.”

Source: Bloomberg


The Outstanding Value of Apple [Infographic]

In the past 10 years, Apple Inc. has grown incredibly fast. Moreover, in 10 years Apple’s stock price increased by more than 8,000 percent, as an infographic from Statista shows, and today the Cupertino Company is the most valuable in history.

Apple’s stock market valuation reached last week $621.64 billion, braking down Microsoft’s record from 1991. Yet, there are some controversies about whether Microsoft still owns the record or not, but Apple is surely today’s most adored and most influential company.

The infographic from Statista, named ‘Apple – The most valuable company in the world’ illustrates in a detailed way the market capitalization of giant public and media companies as Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, Wall-Mart, Google, Facebook, HP, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon and many others, compared to Apple’s market capitalization.