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It’s a Fact: iPhone 5 will have a Quad-Core Processor

Apple tested few months ago the implementation of the A5X processor in the iPhone using an iPhone 4 body and it seems that this performance try-out went better than expected. An article on DigiTimes unveils that the new iPhone will have in fact a quad-core processor, named as the A6.

The fourth quarter of 2012, Samsung’s Galaxy S3, HTC and LG will have to compete with new quad-core smartphones, including ZTE, Huawei and Apple’s iPhone 5. Unlike Apple, ZTE and Huawei have already introduced their quad-core smartphone models at MWC 2012, but the devices are set to be launched this years’ Q4.

The new CPU in iPhone 5 will be Samsung’s Exynos 4, the same used also for the Galaxy S3. Apple’s processors A5 and A5X use ARM’s technology and Samsung is the only company to produce them. Exynos 4 uses, too, ARM’s technology but unlike the other two CPUs that are a 45-nanometer process, this four-core CPU is a 32-nanometer process that ensures lower power demands.

Source: Macworld

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Apple Granted Interesting Keyboard and Music Playlist Patents

Typing on a MacBook keyboard and creating music playlists on iOS devices just got bigger. Apple has received the patents for an advanced MacBook Pro Keyboard and for multiple windowing in creating music playlists.

The patent concerning the media player files changes the interface of the Music section in Library and is described as a “Method, system, and graphical user interface for viewing multiple application windows,” and it will enable users to generate step-by-step windows that display different content. For example, one opens from the iPod’s library the ‘music’ section, then in a new window the ‘song’ section and finally the track Moves like Jagger from Maroon 5 in a new, distinctive window.

The MacBook Pro’s new keyboard will have new keys that are backed by a double-diving-board spring mechanism. Also, under each mechanism will be mounted a dome switch. Such keyboard will offer Mac Book Pro users a more comfortable and easier typing.

Source: Patently Apple

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Apple Sued by Chinese Company for Infringing Patents of Siri-like Service

What goes around turns back around. It’s Apple’s turn to be accused of breaking the patents of others. The voice assistant developer Zhizhen Network Technology from Shanghai, China, filled on June 26 a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the Cupertino-based company of patent infringements.

Zhizhen received on February 15, 2006 the patents for a voice assistant, called Xiaoi Bot. The patent is “a type of instant messaging chat bot system” and it was implemented in services for MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and others. The issue is not about the Siri trademark, as in Proview’s lawsuit against the iPad trademark, but about how Apple introduced Siri on their Chinese website, saying that Siri “can understand what you say and what you’re asking for, and it can find the answer that you are looking for on the web”.

Zhizhen introduced Xiaoi bot on the market last month, as a voice assistant service of Lenovo’s Android 4.0 Smart TV and it will appear on smartphones, too, on February. On the other hand, Apple launched Siri last year with the iPhone 4S model and the iOS 6 will add also Chinese language support. Yet, according to the lawsuit, the Shanghai Company owned the patents first.

The lawsuit is currently in pre-trial negotiations and if the court will find Apple guilty of patent infringements, the tech giant may have to offer for the second time a huge financial compensation to a Chinese company.

Source: MIC Gadget


Syre, the outstanding Bluetooth iPod Nano Watch Case

The accessory embodies your iPod Nano into a genuine advanced watch designed for all the moments of your active lifestyle. Syre is the support that copes with your Apple device creating a one-of-a-kind watch that lets you perform and listen to your favorite music while doing sport or any other activity like cyclist, rock climber and runner and so on and so forth.  You won’t need your wired headphones anymore thanks to this accessory.

Apart from the fact that you possess a cool accessory at your hand, it will add style, function and Bluetooth connectivity to your iPod Nano gadget. So now you have the possibility of doing your favorite activities and listening to quality music. You even get to perform activities like skateboarding, snowboarding, rollerblading which normally would require normal headphones. By integrating a Bluetooth chip directly into the watch case there is no worry about staying linked to the Apple device ever again.

Another important feature that is worth taking into consideration is the ventilation around the wrist provided so it’s that comfortable that you forget it’s even there. The accessory will come in 6 different colors so you can choose a colored watch that best suits you. If you like the watch, you could make a pledge at Kickstarter for helping the developer accomplish his project.

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Apple Wins Lawsuit against Samsung and Bans Two Android Devices

On Tuesday, June 27, a Washington D.C. judge ordered Samsung Electronics Co. to stop sales of two of its Android devices: the Galaxy 10.1 tab and the Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Judge Lucy Koh took into consideration’s Apple’s complaint of patent infringements, and though she agreed that Samsung’s tab is very similar to Apple’s iPad, she hasn’t found yet the Korean tech giant guilty of patent infringement, thus, the court decided the ban of the two Android devices.

 “Although Samsung has a right to compete, it does not have a right to compete unfairly, by flooding the market with infringing products,” said Koh on Tuesday.

The rivalry between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics started a year ago when Apple filled a lawsuit accusing Samsung for stealing smartphone and tablet patents. The ruling of the Tuesday trial is provisory and it will be discussed again next month in San Hose. Until the next trial, the two Google and Samsung devices will have a little influence over the users, over the market and over the faith of other Android devices.

For example, the existing owners of a Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Tab 10.1 will probably be affected by a new update that will cancel certain software features that are, obviously, similar to Apple’s software. The Galaxy Nexus remains on sale but only on Google’s Website, while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was withdrawn from the market, which may also be the consequence of the fact that it is an old model. Android may have lost two of the best devices, but it still has other HTC and Motorola smartphones to brag with.

Source: TIME Techland

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Apple Updated iCloud Website for Developers

Apple launched a new iCloud beta website for iOS and OS X developers; it features a new Find my iPhone, an updated Calendar, and Notes and Reminders app versions for the Web. All the registered developers can access the new beta version at

The Notes in the beta version look like the Notes app on iPad and on Mountain Lion. The app has the same yellow sheet of paper, the same fonts and the same possibility to ransack for a certain note through the entire collection via Search.

The Notes web app goes hand in hand with the new Reminders web app, allowing users to create various lists of date and time reminders that are completed with a note. The Reminders app, too, looks similar to the app on iOS and Mountain Lion.

On the other hand, the Find my iPhone app is entirely revamped: it has a new design and it includes a Lost Mode. The Notifications settings also changed in both Find my iPhone and Calendar apps.

The beta version was launched yesterday and no other details concerning the official release date were given.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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Apple Pays Proview $60 Million for iPad Trademark Settlement

According to the terms of the settlement agreement on June 25, Apple Inc. had to pay Proview International Holdings Ltd. $60 million for the rights to use the iPad name in China.

The dispute between the two companies started in 2010 when Apple sued Proview Shenzhen claiming the iPad trademark ownership, which was obtained by the latter in 2001 for a device with touch-screen called IPAD (Internet Personal Access Device).

Roger Xie, attorney for Proview, said that the company hoped for a larger sum and that “Proview accepted the settlement amount because it’s under great pressure from creditors. Maybe this is the only choice.”

For today’s most popular and valuable company of the world $60 million means nothing. On the other hand, for Proview $60 million are not  enough to cover debts to creditors, reason for which the company was pressed to accept the settlement. “Many of our creditors cannot wait too long, so we believe it’s best for us to settle at this moment,” said founder Rowell Yang.

Source: Bloomberg


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Glance at the Past, Prior to iPhone’s Five Years Anniversary

Today the iPhone is Apple’s main source of revenue. Five years ago on June 29, Apple released the smartphone that had a successful impact on the market and a powerful influence on other mobile makers. Let’s take a glance at the past and see how the evolution of the iPhone brought about the evolution of the technological industry and how this smartphone changed the world.

In 2005, Steve Jobs came with an innovative idea: people to interact with computers with no keyboard and no mouse, but by a touchscreen. Having in mind the iPod touch and a mobile phone, Jobs eventually implemented the technology into a cutting-edge smartphone, which was going to be called “the iPhone”.

When released in 2007, Steve Jobs started by saying that “today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone.” We can clearly see that he was right. Once with the iPhone, huge mobile companies as Nokia and Research in Motion started to decline. The competition is tough and only Samsung seems to keep up with Apple, developing precious technological smartphones that are highly inspired by the iPhone.

The iPhone has changed people’s lives with each model while creating at the same time a new industry, namely that of the smartphone applications. Games, drawing apps, music apps, and many others that make any daily task easier had revolutionized communication, breaks, the way to the office, and mentalities and brought you closer to your friends.

Due to the iPhone, Apple Inc. is now the most popular and valuable company in the world. Take for example the way in which the Apple frenzy is manifested: people queuing in lingering lines in front of the Apple Stores each time a new device is released on the market. It has become almost a tradition.

Conclusively, after five years of iPhone the entire world has changed. June 29, 2007 should remain in history as the day of a new technological revolution, initiated by Apple and by Steve Jobs.


New Apple Patents for Rotating, Scaling and Translating Documents on iOS Touch Screens

The patents that Apple has recently won will definitely bring some victories in Apple’s competition with other mobile giants. The patents concern iOS functionality and the following touch gestures on displays: scrolling lists and rotating, scaling and translating documents.

Apple described the patents in an innovative way and received the acceptance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The processor of a device, let’s say iPhone 5, will be able of “detecting a movement of an object on the touch screen display; scrolling a list of items displayed on the touch screen display in a first direction in response to detecting the movement.”

The process of zooming in and out is somehow similar to those described by the patents but there’s nothing revolutionary with the zooming touch gestures. On the contrary, scrolling, scaling and resizing are unfamiliar for smartphones owners and soon Apple will introduce them too on the market, hopefully once with the new iPhone.

Source: Patently Apple


How to transform Images into Motion Pictures (Photos to Movies)

If you want to create something special for a person, you could very easily combine photos for making a movie that gathers all big events from your lives right on your Mac device. One does not special knowledge in the domain for succeeding in using the Photos to Movies technique.

  • First, you need to import photos to iPhoto where they are grouped into a new Event.
  • Create a new project in iMovie
  • Select File -> Project Properties (or click Command – J)
  • For seeing clearly all the photos, it doesn’t matter if it’s a mix of landscapes and portrait orientations you have to set the initial Photo Placement setting to Fit in Frame. Removing black borders from the pictures can be established with Crop but it could end with weird framing, mainly on portrait images.
  • Open Photo browser and select Events under the iPhoto category
  • For adding Photos to the Movie simply drag the created Event to the Project browser.
  • Click twice on a certain image in the project for opening the Clip Inspector.
  • It’s advised to set the duration at 0.1s and select Applies to all stills checkbox when you want to adjust the timing of every frame.
  • For choosing if the photos are cropped or set to fit within the frame, one needs to select all frames (Edit-> Command – A) and afterwards select the Crop button on the toolbar. Last but not least, select Fit or Crop from the Viewer.
  • If you encounter photos with a wrong orientation rest assured that that they can be adjusted with the Rotate buttons.