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Dropped price and Free App List: Apps worth flicking through all day long

From the moment you get out of bed and return home from work, you definitely use your iPhone or iPad gadget for multiple things, not only for making calls, appointments and playing games while waiting for a donut at the corner. Our list highlights free apps and dropped price apps that used to be paid; apps that one should be interested in during all day, starting from Photo/Video, Education, Reference, Games, and Entertainment. So, have a pleasant day with your iPhone!

  • Top of the list is taken by Photo & Video Category, namely Car 360 that allows the user to capture frames of his car or of any other vehicle on wheels.  So take a picture in order to take a 360° glance at your car when you’re stuck in traffic or when you want to admire your horse-powered device. (Free)
  • Improving skills may also be of interest to the user because learning something new each day keeps one informed and open-minded in the same time. Students would find English Grammar Prepositions Test useful for completing their grammar skills. So, start performing your language in an entertainly way for free.
  • As far as I’m concerned, everybody is interested in astronomy, of Universe and its mysterious Systems. There is also something new to discover, so Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe may help one discover all sort of things about galaxies, particles, Red Giants, Neutron Stars, visions about the Black Hole in 3D and other appealing info about the Solar System. So while drinking a cup of coffee in the afternoon, you could very well enlighten yourself with the entire Universe in 7 interlinked scales. All, for a dropped price of €5.49.
  • You would surely want to play a game while waiting in line or having a break and a Tom & Jerry game would be the most perfect. Providing cartoon characters, Cat Pitch practically follows the eternal fight between Tom and Jerry, only this time Tom is throwing food with a water bag for hitting Jerry and wining points. Old habits day hard when it comes to cartoons, isn’t it?(Free)
  • Last but not least, this app is perfect for your entertainment when you come back from work, tired. It’s like your virtual puppy beagle awaits his master home. Beagle Kwik Quiz provides quiz info for knowing as much details about your favorite pet in case you want to keep one and also funny videos from dog fans. Learn appealing new things about Beagles for Free.

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