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350,000 Textbooks downloads in only three days since the release

It seems that the public took Apple by surprise when only after three days since their educational initiative announcement, textbooks downloads raised up to 350,000 according to Global Equities Research. The public was after all as excited as Schiller hoped and appreciated Apple’s effort of helping the educational institutions.

After three days since the iBooks Textbooks release, the sales monitoring counted 350,000 textbooks downloads and 90,000 downloads for iBooks Author.  There’s no doubt that also the partnership with great publishing names, such as Pearson and McGraw Hills contributed to this selling success. The actual price of the digital textbooks is $14,49 but a printed book from such publishers is usually more expensive than that. If textbooks and iAuthor tools selling will keep up at least as in these three days, shortly we might assist to a revolution in the educational system.

A single thought is bugging my mind though: flipping the pages on a digital textbook surely is a new and pleasant experience but how the iBook Textbook will replace the playful pleasure of doodling in the corners of the pages?

Source: AllThingsD

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