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Accessory of the week: Philips Fidelio SoundSphere AirPlay Speakers

For those moments when you wish you were right next to the stage at your favorite pop concert, Philips Fidelio SoundSphere AirPlay Speakers comes in handy and provides an outstanding quality of the sound; so if you were to close your eyes, there would be no difference between a live concert and one right on the sofa.

The device is worth being mentioned especially for the free-standing AirPlay speakers with a floating tweeter, that practically distributes sound all around the chamber with such an amaizing clarity. Wit the AirPlay feature, one does not need anymore to dock the device but merely place it anywhere in the room because it plays wirelessly from the iTunes app. So one may move from one place or another and still experience an outstanding quality of the sound.

The unusual design and the shape of the enclosure mix in a perfect way as to let behind any trace of distortion and provide genuine sounds. The accessory is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and Mac. For $799.95, one can take possession of Philips Fidelio SoundSphere AirPlay Speakers right from Apple Store.

Highlights and features:

  • Fidelio SoundSphere free-floating tweeter technology for wider sound-stage and incredibly life-like sound
  • Real wood cabinets handcrafted to optimize their acoustic properties and deliver natural, life-like audio
  • Positioning the tweeter outside of the speaker cabinet enhances stereo imaging and expands the listening “sweet spot”
  • Advanced audio crossover circuits and handcrafted wood cabinets to more accurately reproduce voices and instruments
  • Precisely tuned rear bass ports provide deep, tight bass reproduction
  • AirPlay technology lets you stream music from your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or directly from iTunes on your computer on your existing wi-fi network
  • 100W RMS total output power
  • AUX-in jack for easy connection to almost any electronic device
  • Compatible with the free Philips Fidelio app that provides lots of useful additional features
  • Includes charging cradle and wireless remote


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