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Apple is allowed to continue iPad sales in Shanghai

We already know and talked about the fight between Apple and Proview over the rights to the iPad name in China. As a result of this dispute, Apple had to remove iPad from shelves in some important cities of China and Proview is looking to expand this halt to other locations. They also demanded customs to stop export and import of iPad in China.

The Shanghai ruling gives the justice to Apple, but the company still has to stand an important hearing on 29 February to the Higher People’s Court of Guangdong which could decide the faith of iPad in China. According to Eugene Low, a trademark lawyer at Mayer Brown JSM in Hong Kong “right now, the most valuable asset of Proview Group is the iPad trademark registration in China,” he said.

“The dispute revolves on whether Proview’s Taiwan unit, to which Apple paid 35,000 British pounds ($55,163) to use the iPad name in China, had the right to sell it or whether that rested with the Shenzhen unit and its creditors.

 “Assuming the creditors have control of the affairs of Proview Shenzhen, it might be in their best interest to get a settlement as quickly as possible to monetize the Proview assets.”

So we are all waiting to see in just couple days the Higher People’s Court of Guangdong decision over the case.

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