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Apple is likely to be the top mobile processor maker by end of the year

With a little struggle, Apple may take Intel’s place as the world’s largest chip maker by the end of 2012.

iDG News Service states that Apple will outrun the world’s largest chip maker in the mobile processor business if smartphones and tablets are going to reach higher and higher scores and this thing is likely to happen before 2013.  At the end of 2011, both companies chuckled over success, establishing a difference of only 0.4 % in market share. Also, Jim McGregor, In-Stat Chief Technology Strategist argues that people’s interest in buying as many Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads and also the rise of smartphones and tablets over PC is going to lead in making Apple first in line.

Apple designs chips with ARM processors, which are found in most smartphones and tablets today. Intel’s processors are used in some tablets, and the chip maker has virtually no presence in the smartphone market. Intel hopes to fight ARM’s domination with a low-power Atom chip code-named Medfield, which will be used in tablets and also in handsets from Lenovo, Motorola, and ZTE later this year.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO highlights the idea of growth and believes that tablet shipments are likely to reach 325 million by 2015.

Mac computers currently use Intel chips, and the companies share a delicate relationship as partners and competitors. Apple’s switch to homegrown technology in Macs could hurt Intel’s chip shipments, McGregor said. There are rumors of Apple switching over to homegrown chips based on ARM in the MacBook Air at some point, though analysts say the possibility is remote in the near term due to technical and performance issues on ARM.

Source: Info World

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