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Apple Recycling Program expansion in Europe

Apple International Recycling Program covers worldwide regions like Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India, Japan, Pacific Asia and Australia, Brazil and Costa Rica. In Europe, recycling is available for 31 countries, now that France, Germany and UK joined the campaign. You can browse the site to check the service availability and the particularities for your country.

Generally, as far as I can see things happen, the service works like this: Customers are allowed to bring their used Macs, iPods, iPhones and iPads and if the “product qualifies for reuse” (it’s still valuable according to Apple’s policy) they would get in change, store credit points (10% discount on the purchase of a new product) or an Apple Gift card for the value of their old device. If you don’t have the possibility to get to an  Apple Retail  Store, you can try using the “Recycle via mail” service present on Apple website. The bad thing is that, the items sent by email are not eligible for discounts or compensation and cannot be returned once sent (free recycling – a responsible act for protecting the environment).

So, are you on board the trend of eco-cycling in product lifecycle?


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