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AppsKey Pro, the extendable keyboard for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

As soon as we got our hands on the latest generation of iPad, namely the new iPad, it passed a while until we managed to remove the addictive one out of sight. After flicking through App Store and funny apps all day long, you realize that it’s time to work and what better way than on your iPad. Buying an extendable keyboard would certainly help the user improve typing on the device and AppsKey Pro copes almost perfectly with your most prized possession.

What captured our attention was the fact that it does not only cope with the iPad, but also wth the iPhone and iPod touch. Ideal for those moments when you’re travelling and put your iPhone into the folding device easel that is pulled from the keyboard for writing. So just lay back and let inspiration strike you. The keyboard integrates Volume buttons, Home key, Bluetooth pairing reset, Power switch and Power Warning Light, that flashes when batteries need to be replaced.

Despite the fact that is has an appealing design and it closes itself from the middle as to have room in the purse, it comes with a couple of inconveniences. The space button is too small as far as we’re concerned and when you type with purpose you tend to press heavy on it so it would have been more practical if it were bigger. The second inconvenient part is that we encountered trouble on iOS 5.1 or later when using the shortcut keys, meant for easily accessing websites like Safari, Facebook, Twitter, App Store, Amazon, NY Times and other by pressing Alt+ Shift +the shortcut key.

All in all, AppsKey Pro surely comes in handy whether you want to work, put your thoughts down or flick through social media links. The keyboard is available on Eshop Macsales for $59.99.


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