Brydge is the keyboard worthy of your iPad

Brydge is an elegant keyboard that matches the aspect of your iPad in a strong and attractive bond, making your Apple tablet look like a MacBook Pro and offering to it a little more extra functionality.

The keyboard is built from high quality materials. The body is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, perfectly blending with the iPad design; when connected, both the Brydge keyboard and the iPad seem parts of the same device.

Brydge connects to your iPad through a strong patent-pending hinge made of metal alloys and magnets, with a thermoplastic elastomer shell. The hinge allows an iPad positioning close to 180 degrees while holding ii secure at no matter what angle you need to lean it. Due to the magnetism combined with the forces of friction, the hinge easy clams the keyboard to your iPad and also can easy releases it.

Brydge includes optional built-in stereo speakers for those who need a higher level for the sound of the iPad. It establishes the contact with the iPad via Bluetooth and charges through a USB connection.

The Brydge keyboard is designed in an ergonomic way and specifically for the iPad, with hot-keys that correspond to the iPad’s functions and matching the particular Apple look. It weights almost as much as a Mac Book Air, being accessible for everybody and in any environment.

Brydge was a successful Kickstarter campaign and now the team is working to bring the project into full-scale production. You can preorder a Brydge on the official web page.

One thought on “Brydge is the keyboard worthy of your iPad

  1. Perhaps its time to do a followup on this post. The project was funded almost 9 times over the original ask and now the developers have a real mess on their hands with very outspoken critics of their drastic change in the design of the hinge and very obvious lack of communication on their part with their backer community.

    They also continue to take preorders on their commercial website for the product without a word on the design change.


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