DSLR Glass to the iPad’s camera (Padcaster iPad case)

We saw in a previous article that a camera attached to an iPhone can transform the device into a real iPhone SLR Mount for improving the quality of photos as much as possible. Recently, the NAB Show, namely the National Association of Broadcasters that takes place in Las Vegas has presented the Padcaster, new accessory for your iPad gadget. For $199 you practically get to turn your iPad into a suitable device for recording, editing and video sharing. It’s the thing that connects your iOS device to a tripod and a lens for being prepared all the time for capturing outstanding events.

Apart from the fact that it gives the impression of a real camera being on the lookout for filming a movie, it provides security to your gadget. The case is made from hard aluminum shell with a soft red inside that suits almost perfect to the iPad. Your device copes with the new $79.99 Lenscaster mount for capturing the best scenes.

Manhattan Edit Workshop has provided a sample on the new iPad with the Padcaster. The accessory is said to be chuckling over success mentioning the fact that it’s already back-ordered for 8 weeks. Future plans also include a Padcaster model for the iPhone.

Looking forward for seeing it on the iPhone and on other tablets.

Source: The Verge

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