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Griffin Stylus for your iPad entertainment

At first glance you kind of ask yourself for what exactly to use it first. Well, Griffin Stylus works perfectly on your tablet or smartphone when it comes to writing, sketching, tapping and playing.

Designed for capacitive touch-screen gadgets, the device resembles a pen with a soft rubber head that suits a lot of drawing apps. For example it copes with apps like Procreate, Colored Pencils, Inspire Pro-Paint, Draw & Sketch and many more. For all the moments when you need a finer degree of control, the current accessory comes to the rescue. Not only does it mix with the user’s talent as to create masterpieces but it’s also suitable for gaming,  having more control.

It’s most important features are high-sensitivity point that does not scratch or smudge the touchscreen and being omni-directional, ideal for both right and left handed writers. The accessory is available for $19.99 from Griffin Store. You could also check our another cathy accessory for creative drawing, namely Nomad Brush.

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