Laptop & iPad skins for personalizing your gadget

Giving your device the proper vintage skin would bring a certain allure, of something that is priceless. We managed to make a top 5 list of vintage and appealing skins that would rock your gadget. Not mentioning the fact that you put your mark on it and make it unique but also highlight it in a patent material that eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles for easy application.

First on our list is Haunted by the 80’s skin that sort of invites you in the world of mystery and dark secrets. The skin is thin and it is quite easy to remove. It’s available for $30.00 at Society6 Shop. 

Night Flightbonds with an adventures moony night and with its captain that wants to have the time of his life. It’s available for $30.00 at Society6 Shop.

Third place is taken by Moving to Moscow, a mixture of dream, Moscow air, history and creation.  Available at Society6 Shop, the skin costs $30.00.

Invisible man goes for a walk highlights the relationship between invisible man and man’s best friend. It’s available for $30.00 at Society6 Shop.

Last but not least, Everyone gets Cold-Part three expresses the mixture of winter and cold atmosphere. It’s available for $30.00 at Society6 Shop.


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