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Multi-touching on iPhones,iPods and iPads

Apple gadgets have a friendly user Interface that does not raise question marks when working with them. Only using fingers, one may tap, pinch, flick, swipe, home pinch, multitask swipe and application switch.

Tapping is the most common function you’ll practice on your gadget that allows selecting or working with programs. Other applications may require tapping and holding.

Pinching is used for zooming out pictures or webpages, for having a better perspective. For zooming in, users can use un-pinch.

Scrolling through applications, pictures or webpages is permitted with Flicking, and the user gets to control the speed of scrolling.

Swiping is used when interacting with pictures and documents. On iPhones and iPods it’s used when looking through applications and photos; it could be very well used when working with iPads, while thumbing through iBooks.

Home Pinching is returning to the initial state, of zooming in a Photo, of returning to the Home screen.

Multiple Swipe and App switch are used on iPads when switching to another app.

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