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T-Mobile offers iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini starting at $0 down

After the T-Mobile’s announcement, that the company would begin selling the iPad, it has presented its new “un-carrier” strategy to offer customers 16 GB cellular versions of the Retina iPad mini and the iPad Air.

T-Mobile will offer the tablets with a monthly hardware fee, starting from $26.25 per month for the 16 GB iPad Air and $22.08 for the 16 GB iPad mini with Retina Display. Thus the 16 GB cellular iPad Air will be priced at $630, which is almost the same price Apple and other carriers offer the iPad for.

The 32 GB Air and mini will be available for $99 up front, and $199 up front for the 64 GB versions. As for the first-generation iPad mini, customers can buy it from T-Mobile at zero downpayment and $17.91 per month.

T-Mobile notes that this is introductory pricing, and there is no exact date, when the price will be higher.


The T-Mobile iPads was also found to include a number of multiple data plans, including a free plan with 200MB of data per month.


The carrier has also announced a new tablet-trade-in-program that deals with both cellular and WiFi-only tablets.

As the president and CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere noted, “when you buy a product as amazing as iPad, you should be able to connect when and where you want, simply and affordably. By offering free data for life with incredible upfront pricing, T-Mobile is un-leashing customers to fully enjoy iPad as it was meant to be enjoyed – mobile and connected.”

The iPad Air is planned to be on sale on November 1st and the iPad mini with Retina display is expected to appear a bit later in November.


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