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Think twice before using your new iPad on a 4G or LTE Network

Thanks to CNET, we have now an interesting report about how operating on 4G or LTE networks could influence your data and wallet consumption. While Apple seems to avoid showing any piece of information that could help making this kind of predictions, Verizon and AT&T offer data calculators that give some figures about data usage.

The predictions can’t be very accurate because the devices handle data differently, so the results from data calculators are guidelines and the real consumption of data may vary. But customers will be somehow aware about what to expect from data plans and could choose the one that better suit their needs.

According to CNET findings using these calculators, it is highly recommended that you avoid using 4G LTE because the new iPad’s resolution doesn’t limit the bandwidth for displaying HD video. Otherwise, you may choose to spend $50 a month for 5GB data plan, just to watch a single HD streaming movie on your iPad through 4G.

You might think to use 4G LTE iPad just on Wi-fi home networks or hot-spots. But, I guess this was not the intended purpose and doesn’t worth after all.

I hope this article will help you taking the best decision.

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