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What if Fast Food Restaurants would adopt the Apple technology in their chain ordering system?

We’re not fast food fans but there comes a time when you merely say “I could definitely eat a burger and some fries right now”. What if, fast food restaurants that are seen as a place where friends gather around for spending quality time, would come up with iPad gadgets on each table? It would be used for entertainment and ordering purposes.

The new strategy would increase the restaurant’s popularity and clients would browse on the gadgets while waiting eagerly for their command. It does not mean that waiters would simply vanish but it would give them more time for interacting with clients, promoting food and the most important thing, rapidity of the service.

Buffalo Wild Wings, the casual dining restaurant and sports bar franchise in the United States is looking forward for embracing the iPad experience. Tim Murphey, the director of the restaurant claims: “Ultimately, we are trying to use the technology to enhance the customer experience. People are familiar with iPads, iPhones and Android tablets, so this would enhance that.”

New Buffalo Wild Wings Logo

So, wouldn’t it be great if the following list of fast food restaurant would implement the iOS devices in their chain ordering system? As far as we’re concerned, we would spend more time at restaurants if it were to come true in the nearest future.

Burger King, the global chain of restaurants headquartered in US, Florida and Miami-Dade Contry. Fans would also embrace the idea. It’s said to detain the second place in the fast food industry. KFC is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, best known for its chicken pieces, wraps, salads and sandwiches.

McDonald’s, the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants has been chuckling over success for a long time. Headquartered in the US, it’s estimated to serve around 68 million customers in 119 countries.

Steak’n Shake, a dinner-style restaurant chain located primarily in the Midwestern and Southern United States would also appeal more with an iPad on the table.

Ted’s Hot Dogs, the hot dog restaurant based in Buffalo, New York would also look different with such a gadget “running loose”.

Next on our list is Red Rooster, an Australian fast food restaurant chain that is famous for selling roasted chicken and other related products.

We would like to chill and flick on the iPad while going to Hot Dog on a Stick, a fast food company originated in California.

When it comes to fast-food restaurants chain originated in Japan, MOS Burger would do the job. It is now the second-largest fast-food franchise in Japan after McDonald’s.

Last but not least, how about Burgerville, initially the Oregon and southwest Wahsington ‘s chain restaurant that consists mainly in chicken and turkey sandwiches and halibut fish.  



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