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Accessory of the Week: Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto Phone Lenses

Photojojo has come with three outstanding accessories that transform your current phone pictures into wide, up-close, super zoomed and wonderfully warped wonders just as the producers describe it.

All one needs to do is bond a detachable magnetic ring to the mobile device and offer a lasting, shake free hold between lens and the mobile gadget. The thing is that the accessory works with all sort of phones even with the shiny glass on the latest version of the iPhone, namely iPhone 4S.

The Fisheye Lens provides funny curved edges with 180-degree angle that offers the impression of a plastic bubble, an effect that never stops being popular.

When it comes to details in photos, everybody wants them to be as clearly as possible. The Macro Lens does just the things; it can get the photographer as close as 10-23 mmm with amazing and perfectly in focus detail. The Wide Angle Lens comes in handy when one wants to capture as much space  and details as possible in the picture. It may also be used very well as video chatting or group shots.

Extreme close-up is provided by the Telephoto Lens that has 2x zooming capabilities for making the user one of the best spies. All three lenses can be purchased from Photojojo Store for $49.00, or if one wants them separately, for $20 Telephoto or Wide/Macro and $25 for Fisheye.

Photojojo also offers other appealing accessories like iPhone SLR Mount and Boom Mic, Shutter Grip and iPhone Remote for capturing each and every precious moment in your life. Give your iPhone the possibility of being more than an average phone, of making it improve your photographic abilities.

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