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Apple will use the cutting-edge liquidmetal for the next-generation iPhone

So far, Apple took the care to create the iPhone with alluring technical aspects and design, but the new iPhone will be an esthetic wonder. Yesterday, a rumor from Korea IT News started to spread, claiming that Apple will use the innovative liquidmetal instead of glass for its next-generation iPhone.

Apple has the exclusive rights to use the Liquidmetal, a super-durable zirconium based alloy, since 2010. As Liquidmetal Technologies revealed, the Cupertino Company purchased the rights for $20 million. This alloy might have already been used by Apple for iPhone 3GS SIM pin ejector.

According to Korea IT News publication, the new iPhone is expected to be launched this June at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. However, judging after the release of the iPhone 4S, when Apple skipped the WWDC and waited until October to launch it, we can expect that the same might happen with the sixth-generation iPhone.

It seems that Apple is not the only company to adopt innovative materials for future smartphones. Samsung too might use ceramic for the body of Galaxy S3. And now I wonder which of the materials will bond more perfectly with the design. Both ceramic and liquidmetal are highly-durable and incredibly sleek materials and I guess that one could call it a competition only when one of the companies will use a combination of the two materials.

Source: AppleInsider via etnews

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