Vintage Camera Cases for iPhone

Protect your iPhone 4/4S with a camera printed case that gives it both a vintage air and a deceivable aspect. You can trick your friends that you are taking photos of them using an old Canon film camera, a rare old Kodak or a Polaroid Supercolor. You cannot trick them that you are using a Flexaret though, because it was never as sleek as the iPhone.

The cases from sØciety6 feature an impact resistant, hard plastic unibody that offers solid protection and access to all features and does not interfere with the slim aspect of you iPhone 4 or 4S. For $35.00 you can choose from a large variety of properly camera printed cases, such as Vintage Camera, Flexaret Vintage Camera, Shake it like a Polaroid, Zorki vintage camera, film camera, Vintage Kodak Balda, or Film Mint Camera on a Colourful Retro Background.

The cases from Zazzle are comfortable when held and offer an easy-grip, same as a vintage camera. Each case is built from hard plastic and features a richly printed fabric with different old cameras and offer optimal access to all ports and controls. You can get a Supercolor Polaroid case for $44.40 and a Vintage Camera, an 80’s Camera or a Camera for iPhone 4/4S for $39.95.

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