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Must have features for the iPhone 5

There are many rumors wondering around that the sixth generation iPhone will have a thinner profile and a larger screen, face recognition and iOS 6 with Facebook integration, voice navigation system and so on. Anyway, there are other features that I consider being a must for the iPhone 5 and I have a feeling that many of you are already of the same mind.

Let’s start with the camera, because this is one of the most important use cases of the iPhone, besides chatting. There is a feature that the newest Android smartphones Galaxy S3 and HTC Droid Incredible already have, namely shooting video and pictures at the same time. And I want that in my iPhone 5. Also, this feature should be best backed by an advanced camera with Carl Zeiss lenses and higher resolution.

Amazing pictures should be displayed on amazing screens, thus, the new iPhone must have at least the Retina Display that the iPad has with higher resolution and an A6 processor to support the powerful graphics.

I agree that iPhone 5 must come with iOS 6 and I would like this iOS version to be more flexible and to integrate a smarter and friendlier Siri that works without an Internet connection and reacts to my voice and not to taps on a button; something like a genie in a bottle.

As for the design, I don’t know if it should get slimmer or not; I like it how it is and I reckon that with Apple discovered the perfect dimensions for a smartphone with the iPhone 4S. Still, the iPhone 5 must be more appealing than the previous one and in my opinion the liquidmetal and the ceramic are the only cutting-edge materials that combined could cope with Apple’s taste for innovation.

This is how I picture a must have iPhone. I may have missed something, such as image stabilization for the built-in camera, but I guess that I would have become a bit far-fetched, though it is never too much to ask from an Apple device.

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