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Apple preparing to ship out first Apple Watch orders

Ahead of the official Apple Watch launch on April 24th, the company has began charging customer credit and debit cards. Different users on social media that pre-ordered the Apple Watch are saying that they have been charged by Apple for their order.

Both Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport customers have reportedly been charged from “Processing Items” to “Preparing for Shipment.”

The iPhone maker is only accepting Apple Watch orders online and recently informed employees that the product won’t be available for in-store purchases until June, at the earliest.

Apple Watch orders with status “Preparing for Shipment” are still listing prospective delivery dates of 4/24 to 5/8, but the first orders are expected to begin arriving on Friday April 24, the official launch date of the device. Now that order statuses have been changed, customers should begin receiving shipment emails in the near future.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch orders will ship out from these central distribution centers via Fedex and UPS, so a lot of devices will arrive on Friday. Once a status changes to Preparing for Shipment, customers can track by reference number using a phone number on the UPS and FedEx websites to get tracking information before a shipping email even goes out.

Exact preorder details are unavailable, though according to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, numbers will reach 2.3 million units.

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Yelp adds Apple Watch support bringing local listings and reviews

Yelp appeared in the long list of companies that have debuted apps for Apple Watch. The company has  announced an update to its iOS app that will bring the service to the Apple‘s device.

On Apple Watch, Yelp provides such information like nearby restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other businesses alongside their ratings, reviews, price ranges, and distances from your current location. The main interface of the app offers four options for restaurants, bars, coffee & tea, and hot & new locations. If you tap one will bring you to another screen with nearby results that fit your selected criteria.

“We’ve stylishly packed in millions of local reviews with petite precision so you have vast insider knowledge right at your fingertips. Now that’s what we call a micro machine!”

Additionally, a search option can locate specific businesses, complete with vital information, including phone numbers, hours and even maps.

Apple Watch

Finally, the app also brings Handoff support, allowing owners to jump from the Apple Watch to their iPhone to make a phone call, write a review, add images or video, or check in for potential rewards. The Apple Watch app is already live.

In addition to Yelp, Yahoo announced updates for four of its apps that will add support for Apple Watch. They include Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Sports Fantasy, Yahoo News Digest, and Yahoo News Hong Kong. Another two companies,1Password and Workflow have also added Apple Watch support.

Yelp is a free 45.1MB download from the iOS App Store.

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Mophie introduces new ‘Watch Dock’ for Apple Watch

Mophie has introduced its own dock for the Apple Watch.

Dubbed simply “Watch Dock,” Mophie’s Apple Watch charging solution is constructed from a silver aluminum and it has black leather accents on the base and behind the device. The dock is designed to work with the charging cable that ships with the Apple Watch, making it possible for users to easily place their accessory on the stand at night for simple charging.  Cable routing is accomplished via an internal channeling system, while the entire dock weighs in at only 3.86 ounces. Mophie’s dock is 4.64 x 2.87 x 2.52 inches.

The description of the dock reads, “The slightly elevated, slightly angled charging position makes it easy to use your watch’s touchscreen and other features while charging. Use the dock at home or in the office knowing your watch is charging in comfort and you’ll never have to mess with tangled cables again.


Mophie’s dock offers a minimalistic and elegant design, featuring a slimmer body than other competing products from companies like Griffin and Twelve South.

Mophie’s Apple Watch dock will be available on April 24th, the same day Apple Watch launches, for $59.95.

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Apple saw 1 million Apple Watch preorders on the first day

According to the data, estimated by Slice Intelligence, Apple saw 957,000 pre-orders in the United States on April 10, the first day the device was available to order. On average, consumers purchased 1.3 units which means that many customers ordered two or more devices.

The most popular model bought was the Space Grey Sport, followed by the stainless steel Apple Watch, then the Silver Sport. Only 3% of customers orderes the Space Black Apple Watch model although it was in limited supply (4 – 6 weeks) from the beginning of preorders and is also the most expensive model of Apple Watch.

The firm said Apple Watch consumers purchased an average of 1.3 watches and spent an average of $503.83 per unite. Sport buyers spent on average $382.83 per order, while those ordering stainless steel Apple Watch versions spent $707.04.

As for the accessories, the Black Sport Band was the most popular addition for both Watch and Sport buyers. The Milanese Loop was highly popular, coming in third for sales behind the White Sport Band.

Apple Watch

Slice Intelligence did not reveal Apple Watch pre-order data for the other eight countries where the smart device became available Friday, including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, China and Hong Kong.

Apple started preorders on Friday and soon saw initial supply exhausted. Within minutes of going live, preorder ship-by dates for most Watch models slipped to 4 to 6 weeks.

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Apple Watch now available for pre-order

Apple has begun accepting online pre-orders for the Apple Watch at midnight on Friday. 

Customer from the United States, the U.K, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and Japan can place their orders through Apple’s online store or through the Apple Store app on iOS devices.

The Online Apple Store was offline for Apple Watch preorder preparations Thursday night. According to the updated site, 38mm Apple Watch Sport will be available for April 24 shipment. 42mm Apple Watch Sport and mid-tier Apple Watch models ship in four to six weeks, as does the 38mm stainless version. Space Gray stainless steel Apple Watch models will come in June and both rose gold Apple Watch Edition variants now ship in July.

The Apple Watch will officially launch on April 24, which is the same day that some users will start receiving their devices at their homes. The company will not be accepting walk-in orders for the Apple Watch during the first weeks following launch. All orders must be placed online.


As a brief reminder, the new device will be available in three models: Sport, Apple Watch and Edition; two sizes: 38mm and 42mm; and with various bands. The Sport is aluminum and starts at $349, the Apple Watch is stainless steel and starts at $549, and the 18K gold Edition starts at $10,000.

In addition to the Apple Watch, Apple’s online storefront reopened to start sales of the new 12-inch MacBook. Its supplies are less constrained and all configurations of Space Gray, silver and gold color schemes are promised to come within one to three days.

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New images offer packaging for Apple Watch and bands

Ahead of Apple’s official Apple Watch debut date, a number of images have surfaced on social media allegedly offering a first look at what could be the retail packaging for the Apple Watch and individual bands.

Instagram user Jeremy Gan uploaded the photos to the social network showing off the Watch’s box.

The first image shows what is claimed to be retail packaging for a 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch with Milanese loop band. Another photo demonstrates Apple’s leather band with modern buckle.

Jeremy Gan apparently works for The Daily Mail, and the photos were likely taken during the day in Daily Mail’s offices at 51 Astor Place in New York City.

If genuine, the images prove the company is treating Apple Watch in almost the same way as traditional watchmakers package their wares, supplied in a felt presentation box with included retaining ring stand. However, Apple Watch packaging appears to be made of polycarbonate.

Apple Watch


Last night, Pharrell Williams was spotted wearing a Gold Edition model of the Watch, while Tim Cook sported the device to the NCAA championship game.

Apple starts its Watch preorders on Friday at midnight Pacific, with the accessory scheduled for release on April 24. The highly anticipated device has a starting price of $349, for the entry-level aluminum sport model, with top-end 18K models costing as much as $17,000.

A memo from Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts called on Apple Store employees to direct customers intending to purchase Watch to the Online Apple Store.

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Philips announces ‘Hue Go’ WiFi-enabled portable light

Philips released a new addition to its line of iPhone-connected lights, the Hue Go.

The new product is a WiFi-enabled portable light that brings portability and autonomy to the company’s iOS-connected Hue smart lighting range of products.

Hue Go features a rechargeable internal battery for a guaranteed three hours of use when is not on the base, and its bowl-like shape makes it possible to be positioned in various ways so it can serve multiple functions as an accent light.

“Philips Hue Go can be moved from the garden to the living room to the bedroom without the worry of wires; letting you create and enjoy a new ambience each time. It can also be positioned in different ways to adapt to your needs; enhance a living space by positioning it to face a wall washing it with light, add ambience to an intimate dinner by placing it as a center piece on the table or focused on a piece of work by directing the light where you need it.”


The key feature is its ability to reproduce more than 16 million colors, which can be chosen via onscreen controls in Philips’ iOS app or another hundreds of apps that take advantage of the Hue API.

In addition, Hue Go also includes a built-in control button that allows you to change the color of the light to one of several scenes even when your iPhone isn’t nearby. You can select between Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest, and Night Adventure, and the company says each one of these color schemes has a unique mix of colors. 

Philips Hue Go will go on sale in the U.S. at the end of May or in early June, and it will cost at $99.95.

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Apple plans virtual online try-ons and personal setup for gold & steel models

Apple will offer customers to virtually try on an Apple Watch or Apple Watch Edition and receive setup support. It is a great option for those, who are unsure as to which model to get or which band combination would look best, especially for those, who are unable to hop on over to the Apple retail store and check out the various combinations.

Virtual try-on means the ability for customers to video chat with an Apple Online Store representative who will personally try-on and model Apple Watch collections and band combinations. In addition, Edition buyers will be given an ability to have a “personalized pre-sales experience” either over phone or online chat.

Customers will be allowed virtual personal setup via the Apple Online Store. These online specialists will walk the consumer through the Apple Watch unboxing process, the setup of the iPhone Companion application, pairing with an iPhone via Bluetooth, and installing apps from the Apple Watch App Store.


However this online virtual personal setup feature will only be offered to customers purchase the Apple Watch or Apple Watch Edition versions, so if you’re planning to buy the Apple Watch Sport watch, you are recommended to either browse Apple’s website or head on over to the store for more information.

This is similar to services Apple has offered to its consumers in the past in select European regions, so it will be the first for Apple in the US.

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Apple removes competing health and fitness bands from stores ahead of Apple Watch debut

Ahead of the April 24th launch of its first smart watches, Apple has begun removing competing health and fitness products from its retail stores. According to the Re/code reports, the company stops selling Jawbone UP and the Nike+ Fuelband in its retail stores in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, and New York.

The two fitness accessories are also unavailable to purchase through the company’s online store, and it seems the only remaining fitness band available for purchase is the MIO Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Watch. Both Apple stores also still offer non-wrist worn fitness tracking devices, like the Jawbone UP Move and the Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor. 

Mio chief Liz Dickinson also said, that the iPhone maker notified her several months ago that the Mio would also be removed from their shelves “They said they brought in a new executive in the marketing area who wanted to make the Apple brand more front and center and clean up the number of accessories.”


Last year Bose products also lost shelf space in Apple stores after the NFL banned Apple-owned Beats headphones from appearing on camera to accommodate a Bose sponsorship deal, and Bose filed a lawsuit against Beats.

Apple plans to debut its highly expected smartwatch on April 24. The company hasn’t revealed a lot of details on its features. Apple Watch starts at $349 for the 38mm Apple Watch Sport, while the stainless steel Apple Watch will be available from $549. The high-end solid gold Apple Edition, meanwhile, starts at $10,000.  

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New iPhone reportedly receives Force Touch and pink color option

Apple is reportedly planning to add its Force Touch technology to the next version of the iPhone.

Force Touch was first announced in the Apple Watch last September and allows a device to detect the level of deformation caused by the user’s press.

Force Touch helps products distinguish between a light tap and a hard press, enabling new gestures. The company calls the advance its “most significant new sensing capability since Multi Touch.” 

According to the source, Apple’s next-generation iPhones will see 4.7 and 5.5-inch screen sizes along with the same resolution. However, a new color option might be introduced. Apple is said to be planning to offer its users a pink version to its existing space gray, silver, and gold iPhone lineup. 

New iPhone reportedly receive Force Touch and pink color option

In addition to Force Touch technology, little was unveiled about the next-generation iPhones. The next-generation devices will likely be called the “iPhone 6s” and the “iPhone 6s Plus,” and are reportedly provided upgraded A9 processors. Finally, they are expected to feature camera upgrades, more RAM, and enhanced Touch ID. The company will likely debut the new iPhones in September.