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iRing-motion controller to direct your music on iPhone and iPad

Motion control continues to enter the tech world and one of the latest inventions is a really brilliant idea. IK Multimedia’s iRing turns your iPad into a musical instrument and allows users to control music using hand gestures alone.

The iRing system consists of two pedestal-like objects, which you place between your fingers on each hand. There are three linear dots on one side and three dots aligned like a triangle on the other. Each side has a various pattern that the iRing Music Maker recognizes. The triangular ring should be worn on your left hand and the linear one on your right. To produce different control results, you are tasked to waving your hand in different directions. The triangle pattern ring must be used to speed up or slow down the beat by moving your hand closer to and further from the iPad camera. With the iRing you can control what type of bass line you will use. You are also given the ability to randomize the loops by rotating your hand 90 degrees. The patterns controls are ranged depending on how close or far you are from the screen.

The iRing requires no batteries, no constant app updates, or any special drivers. They fit between two fingers like some high-tech brass knuckles, so, they fit every size hand. They are very comfortable to wear for a long time, as each ring weighs just 5.67 grams.


The new accessory makes it possible for you to mix loops, trigger beats, and set parameters using the special iRing Music Maker app.iPhone and iPad

iRing FX/Controller is a free companion app, which provides a simple interface for playing electronic music on the fly. Once the app installed, open it up, register your iRing, and start making music.

The Ring system is available for $24.99 and can be ordered via the IK Multimedia website.

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Divoom Airbeat-10 compact wireless Bluetooth speaker

Are you looking for a Bluetooth speaker, which is small enough to share your bag with keys and purse? Then, The Airbeat-10 from Divoom is a good solution for you.

The Airbeat-10 is another stunning sound device with wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. That means, that you can easily connect this audio device with your Bluetooth enabled devices and wired devices.

The Airbeat-10 is splash-proof, which means it can be used in the shower or on the beach. It has an integrated microphone that allows a hands-free communication session.

Also, it is a portable Bluetooth speaker so you can carry it in your bag or hand. The Airbeat-10 comes packaged with bike mounts, so you can attach Divoom speaker anywhere you want. The suction cup that comes with the Airbeat-10 as well makes it possible to stick it to just about anywhere. 


The Airbeat-10 itself is a very compact wireless Bluetooth speaker with a dimensions of 87 x 78 x 45 mm, that has a built-in rechargeable battery of 500 mAh which can be used up to 6 hours in continuation and can be recharged in just 2.5 hours via USB cable. The Bluetooth version 3.0 used in the speaker provides connection up to10 meters.

The Divoom Airbeat-10 is available in several color versions, including “Passion Red, Sky Blue, Pearl White and Smart Black”and priced at $30.

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Elgato’s Thunderbolt 2 Dock-basic Mac accessory with a lot of promise

Thunderbolt 2 Dock is a new solution to ramp up the speed of your devices and boost the performance of integrated USB 3.0, HDMI video, and analog audio-out ports.

The Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock has an appealing design and matches well with virtually any device in Apple’s line-up of personal computers. It has a silver aluminum frame with a black plastic core, looking almost similar to the previous model. However, the newer version’s front and rear ports are located in different orders.

Elgato features three USB 3.0 ports, two Thunderbolt 2 ports, a 3.5mm microphone input port, a USB-to-analog 3.5mm audio out port, a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port and an HDMI port.

The Dock’s USB 3.0 ports feature standalone 1.5-Amp power output with USB Battery Charging 1.2/UASP standard compliance, which is enough to make sure your iPhone or iPad can charge when connected.


The HDMI port now supports the HDMI 1.4b standard and 4096×2160 resolution output in case you happen to connect your Mac to a 4K monitor.

The USB 3 ports guarantee enhanced speeds, which means that USB 3.0 hardware will transfer files faster, and the sounds will be a bit more deep and rich. A separate audio input port also makes it possible to simultaneously connect a high-quality microphone for conference calls or any other project that benefits from having your voice heard.

The Gigabit Ethernet port provides your MacBook with a wired connection.

The companion software can be downloaded from Elagto’s support site.

Thunderbolt 2 Dock, a basic accessory that benefits about any Mac owner, is available for $230.

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Selfy case gives iPhone GoPro-like abilities

iLuv Creative Technology introduced a new iPhone case, that aims to offer adventurous people, who love a good selfie, a way to capture their action-filled moments. Called Selfy, the new product is not just one more protective case for the Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus, but also a new way to take photos and videos. 

iLuv makes it possible to always have a quick way to snap a selfie and inlcudes GoPro accessory, which is easy to setup and adjust. The case is equipped with the innovative remote, which can be seamlessly integrated. You just need to slid it out when it’s time to take a quick photo, and fit back into the case after the procedure is complete. The remote is conveniently stored  in the back of the case and slides out for use. The selfy remote controls the device’s shutter with the only touch of a button, without requiring any third-party apps. All you need to do is just pair the remote to your phone via Bluetooth. The remote can be connected to iPhones 6, iPhone 5/s, iPad mini and iPad Air, currently excluding Air 2. 

Power and volume buttons are covered and the mute switch can be simply accessed along with the Lightning port.

In addition to the basic package, users can slide in one of six convenient accessories, including a mini tripod, car mount, helmet mount and more, and help users capture moments ranging from family reunions to outdoor activities.


iLuv’s selfy ecosystem is set to debut at the 2015 International CES, which runs Jan. 6-9, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Selfy Connector for GoPro Mounts can be purchased for $9.99 via iLuv’s online store while the iLuv Selfy Case is price at $15.22 via Amazon. The package also comes with a Built-in Wireless Camera Shutter for Apple iPhone 5s / iPhone 5.

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Apple stops signing iOS 8.1,downgrades impossible

Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.1 meaning there is no way to either upgrade to it, or downgrade to it. Instead, you’ll have to go directly to iOS 8.1.1.

Fortunately,TaiG has released a jailbreak utility for iOS 8.1.1 that works on Windows. iOS 8.1.1 was officially jailbroken. TaiG can be used to jailbreak iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 8, iOS 8.0.2, iOS 8.1, and iOS 8.1. It works well and is pretty easy to follow along.

Users who have already been jailbroken on iOS 8.1 can decide whether to stay put on iOS 8.1 or upgrade to iOS 8.1.1. But those who’re not jailbroken and are currently on a non-jailbreakable firmware, have to upgrade to iOS 8.1.1 if they wish to jailbreak now.

taig-jailbreakYou can use the below instructions on how to jailbreak your device.

Step 1: Download the latest version of TaiG jailbreak on your computer, and unzip the zip file. You are also required the latest version of iTunes.

Step 2: Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable.

Step 3: If you have password on your iPhone or iPad, disable it from Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.

Step 4: Turn off Find my iPhone from Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone.

Step 5: Launch TaiGJBreak as an Administrator. Right click on the TaiG exe and select the “Run as Administrator” option.

Step 6: TaiG will take some time to detect your device. Once done, deselect the TaiG App Store, just below Cydia 1.1.16.

Step 7: Click on the green jailbreak button to proceed:TaiGJBreak will start the jailbreak.

Step 8: After the jailbreak is complete, your device will reboot automatically, and you will see the Cydia icon on the Home screen.

Congratulations, your device is jailbroken!

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iXpand Flash Drive-‘iPhone for Life’ plan with USB and Lightning connectors

Sprint, the nation’s fourth-largest carrier, announced the iXpand Flash Drive, that allows users to transfer images, videos, and other data between an iOS device with a Lightning connector and a desktop or notebook with a normal USB port. iXpand Flash Drive is a similar ‘iPad for Life’ plan for the latest iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 and offers customers to have an iPad for $0 down and monthly payments over the course of a 24 month lease. Its monthly payments vary depending on the storage capacity.

The flash drive works with the iXpand sync app, which can be configured to automatically sync images and videos from the device’s camera roll to the flash drive. Full movies of such formats like AVI and WMV, can also be stored on the flash drive and played from it directly onto the iPhone or iPad.

The iXpand also provides users with an additional layer of security in cross-platform encryption. While in the iXpand sync app, all the data can be password protected while the flash drive is connected to an iPhone or iPad, then decrypted on a Mac or PC and vice versa.

The new flash drive can be ordered at starting at $59.99 for the 16-gigabyte model, $79.99 for 32 gigabytes, and $119.99 for 64 gigabytes. Best Buy will also sell the 32-gigabyte model in stores starting this Sunday.


It is compatible with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, and iPad mini running iOS 8 or iOS 7.

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Pangu jailbreak to avoid sending messages to a wrong person

Have you ever sent a text message to the wrong person by accident? I’m sure you had.

Frankly, it’s a good way to encounter a mild disaster if you’re not careful.

To protect youself from such cases, there is a jailbreak tweak DoubleCheck, worthy to be noticed.

This new feature provides you with an opportunity to check a recipient before sending the message.

The video below demonstates how it works.


When you install DoubleCheck there are no need to configure. After it simply just open your Messages, and you’ll see the recipient in the text entry field for ongoing conversations.

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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus accessories sales turned to be very profitable

The succesful start of iPhone 6/6 Plus sales affected not only Apple profit.

The succes of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus accessories sales is not less.

According to NPD Group information manufacturers of cases managed to earn $249 million.

In 2013 after iPhone 5S and iPhone 5С were released, sales of accessories were $195 million, what is only 17% higher than in 2012 (after iPhone 5 presentation).

iPhone 6 has made 43% jump in this market segment.

Such a dynamics can be explained easily by new design of the device.

One more reason for the increase in sales are constant leaks, preceding iPhone 6 release.

The manufacturers knew the approximate sizes of the smartphone. Those who had relied on rumors went great guns as a result.

Right after official start of sales they were ready to offer great amount of cases. So if the buyer didn’t like original Apple cases, he had a great choice to choose from.


Nevertheless, many retailers weren’t in a hurry to buy Phone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases as previously when they had bought iPhone 5 cases before the official release, many of them didn’t fit.


NPD Group also published the figures of sales in comparison with the lat year:

– cases +78%;
– protective films +120%;
– portable accumulators +5%;
– headset (ear-phones) +10%;
– Bluetooth speakers +5%.


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NFL fines 49ers quarterback $10,000 for wearing Beats headphones at press conference

The National Football League fined San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick $10,000 for wearing a pair of pink Beats by Dre headphones during a post-game press conference on Sunday.

The matter is the National Football League has recently signed an agreement with Bose that bans its players and staff from wearing any other brand of headphones while on camera.

Kaepernick, who like a lot of other NFL players has an endorsement deal with Beats, wore the pink Beats by Dre headphones during a press conference last Sunday. The player is sponsored by Apple’s Beats product and has been spotted in different ads promoting its wares.

Comcast SportsNet Bay Area announced, players are prohibited to wear headsets made by NFL sponsor Bose when participating in interviews. The rule is applied to 90 minutes following the end of a game.


Kaepernick commented on the situation, posting to Instagram a screenshot of an article about the fine, saying “I support breast cancer awareness! My grandma is a survivor!……. *shrugs* some things are now important!”He likely wore the pink headphones in support of this month’s breast cancer awareness.

It is unclear if Apple’s Beats are going to pay the fine. The brand has several pro athlete promoters, including NBA star LeBron James, tennis player Serena Williams and Brazilian soccer star Neymar da Silva Santos, Jr, well known as Neymar Jr.

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Add your contacts to the Home screen with CallShortcut!

The updated version of CallBar on iOS 7 was released recently.

This is the app which helps you to manage your incoming calls.

CallShortcut is a jailbreak allowing you to get faster to your contacts by putting them to the Home screen.

The jailbreak was developed by Gertab and David Glinski.

The icons of the contacs will appear on your Home screen for your comfort.

When you tipe on the icon the call will start automatically.

To start using the app, open your Contacts and choose the one you need. There will be Add to Home Screen option, tap on it and your contact will appear on the Home Screen.

You can gather all your favorite contacts in the single folder for you to be easier to work with.

That jailbreak is really useful and can simplify your life greatly.