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Bose pushes first wireless noise-cancelling headphones

Bose has announced four distinct wireless headphones, headlined by two noise cancelling Bluetooth models, including the around ear QuietComfort 35 model and QuietControl 30s. 

Available in black or silver and priced at $349.95, the QuietComfort 35 headphones has the same around-ear design as previous wired QC cans and the company says they offer similar audio quality to its QC25 headphones. 

The headphones feature four separate microphones and an ANC chipset to block out external noise. In addition, QuietComfort 35 offers Bluetooth/NFC pairing, 20 hours of wireless or 40 hours wired battery life, 15-minute quick-charge functionality that allows for 2.5 hours of use. There is also a button interface that allows users to answer phone calls or control music tracks and volume. 


In the meantime, the new $299.95 Bose QuietControl 30 wireless active noise-cancelling in-ear headphones are expected to allow users to block outside noise while they cram their skulls full of music.  The level of noise cancellation in this model can be adjusted via the Bose mobile app or via the physical controls on the buds. The company also packed the headphone’s battery, Bluetooth and ANC hardware into a compact, semi-rigid pod that wraps around a user’s neck.


Finally, Bose also unveiled two new models of fitness-oriented Bluetooth earbuds, the SoundSport Wireless and SoundSport Wireless Pulse. Both models are water and sweat resistant, while the latter is equipped with a built-in heart-rate monitor inside the earbuds. 


The SoundSport comes in black and blue versions at $149.95 each. SoundSport Pulse ships this September, and will retail for $199.95.

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Chinese company advertises new Lightning-to-headphone adapters ready for iPhone 7

While there are a lot of rumors suggesting that Apple will drop the 3.5mm audio jack to make its next-gen iPhone even thinner, Chinese accessory maker is now advertising a number of Lightning-to-headphone adapters with separate volume controls.

Tama Electric is currently advertising three Lightning-to-headphone adapters, two of which also feature a micro USB port for charging while using headphones. The listing was first spotted by the Japanese blog Mac Otakara.

The Lightning-to-3.5mm-audio adapter appears to be MFi-certified and looks rather bulky.

First reports suggesting that the Cupertino company will drop the headphone socket from the iPhone 7 in favor of Lightning and wireless headphones appeared six months ago.

Apple is also rumored to be developing new Bluetooth EarPods that will pair and charge with a handset through the Lightning port, similar to the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro.


The Tama products have no price listing, do not appear to be available for purchase yet and are unlikely to be sold as certified Made for iPhone accessories anytime soon. 

Apple’s next-generation iPhone is expected to debut in September with $649 starting price. Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will feature an upgraded A-series processor and likely an improved camera. The iPhone 7 Plus is also rumored to include a 256GB storage option, a 3,100 mAh battery, and 3GB RAM. 

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Alleged iPhone 7 prototype сase leak indicates 4 speakers

French language blog shared a set of photos purporting to demonstrate a prototype rear case for the next-gen iPhone featuring four separate speakers, two at the top top and an additional two at the bottom.

According to previous suggestions, the company may drop the headphone jack in the new iPhone and replace it with a second speaker that would let users take advantages of an additional audio amp provided by Cirrus Logic, which would additionally supply the noise-cancellation smart codec in an also-rumored Lightning-equipped headphone accessory.

The posted image was likely borrowed from a promotional video created by an Italian case maker which obtained this prototype case in anticipation of the upcoming iPhone 7 refresh. The photo shows the wider camera lens hole and no horizontal antenna lines.

The case also features a stacked camera and LED flash package setup, now aligned across the vertical axis in the upper left corner as opposed to horizontal alignment like on all current iPhones.


According to other iPhone 7 rumors, the device may get the 3.5mm headphone jack, the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector and a dual-lens camera setup for better low light performance, better light sensitivity and the ability to adjust focus after the image has been taken.

Some other leaks suggest the company’s new iPhones will have look similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s series, bringing only minor tweaks to the design, while the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus model is expected to feature a dual-lens camera system and Smart Connector.

Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this fall at a special media event in September.

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Apple can allow users to unlock Mac via Touch ID on iPhone with OS X 10.12

Apple engineers are reportedly working on a remote unlock function that is tasked to let an iPhone unlock a Mac when in close proximity.

The auto-unlock feature may be integrated into OS X 10.12 update, which is expected to come in just a few weeks at its annual WWDC event.

There are also rumors speculating that Apple might also allow users to unlock a Mac using only an Apple Watch, though the company would have to devise a way to ensure security. This is similar to the functionality offered by the third-party app Knock. Last month, Knock’s developers even brought support for the Apple Watch, breaking real barrier to Apple adopting the same concept.

The feature, which uses Bluetooth LE frameworks, will likely serve as the automatic unlocking function on the Apple Watch, which allows an unlocked device to bypass the passcode restriction on a connected Apple Watch. iPhone’s Touch ID button would possibly be used as a verification method for simpler logins. 


Apple is reportedly planning to reveal OS X 10.12, alongside iOS 10 and other platform updates, during its developer conference in San Francisco next month.

The 2016 Worldwide Developer Conference is set to take place from June 13th through June 17th in San Francisco.

In addition to the unlocking feature, the company is also working on integrating Siri into the Mac. Users may also see some improvements to Photos and iTunes. 

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TIME: Apple’s iPhone is most influential gadget of all time

TIME Magazine published its list of the 50 most influential gadgets of all time and Apple’s iPhone sits in the No. 1 spot.

The magazine reported that the iPhone is the most influential gadget of all time because of it “fundamentally changed our relationship to computing and information.”

“The iPhone popularized the mobile app, forever changing how we communicate, play games, shop, work, and complete many everyday tasks,” TIME says, noting that iPhone marked a fundamental shift in computing. 

Meantime, Apple’s products appear on the list more than once. The company’s original Macintosh and iPod also made the top 10, coming in at No. 3 and No. 9, respectively. 

The Macintosh appears in the list thanks to its graphical interface, user-friendly mouse, and “overall friendly design.” “It forever set the standard for the way human beings interact with computers,” TIME reports.


Apple’s iPad sits at No. 25 and iBook at No. 38. TIME praises iBook for being the first laptop to offer WiFi:

“The iBook’s brightly-colored, plastic trim may look dated now, but it was the first laptop to offer wireless networking.”

Sony took two top-5 spots with the No. 2 Trinitron television set and No. 4 Walkman, a gadget on which iPod iterated.

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Apple may release iPhone with glass casing and AMOLED Screen in 2017

Apple will reportedly switch to non-aluminum casing, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed.

He noted some Apple’s competitors now offer smartphones with aluminum casings, and he believes next year’s iPhone will be provided with a glass back to stand out from the competition.

In a new report, Kuo said, that the iPhone will receive a major redesign in 2017, returning to the glass chassis. The company already adopts OLED technology in the wearable Apple Watch, but its iPhone lineup has relied on LCD technology since it first released in 2007.

“Apple already uses glass casing for iPhone 4/ 4S, and non-Apple brands have also been using glass casings. We therefore think a drop test will not be problematic for glass casing. A glass casing may be slightly heavier than an aluminum one of the same thickness, but the difference is so small that the use of the thinner and lighter AMOLED panel will compensate for that.”

Kuo suggests, a new AMOLED display panel will be thinner and lighter to compensate for the slight weight increase of glass compared with metal exteriors. Last week, the company reportedly reached a $2.6 billion agreement with Samsung to supply OLED panels for iPhone displays.


A number of sources have already stated that Apple will introduce an OLED-based iPhone as early as 2017, with possible suppliers eventually including Samsung, LG Display, AU Optronics, Japan Display, Foxconn-owned Sharp, and others.

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FBI agrees to help Arkansas prosecutor unlock iPhone, iPod involved in homicide case

The FBI has agreed to help unlock another iPhone and an iPod relating to a homicide case in Arkansas.

The news came days after the FBI announced that it had successfully unlocked the iPhone 5c used by one of the San Bernardino gunmen last December without Apple’s help.

“We always appreciate their cooperation and willingness to help their local law enforcement partners,” Faulkner County Prosecuting Attorney Cody Hiland said. Patrick Benca, Drexler’s attorney, said he was notified the FBI agreed to help and that he was “not concerned about anything on that phone.”

According to the report, a judge agreed to postpone the trial so prosecutors could seek help unlocking the iOS devices. The both boys have pleaded not guilty to the murder.iPhone_6

There are no specific details at this point in the Arkansas case. It is also unclear if the FBI will use the same exploit in the Arkansas case. The target device is two generations removed from Farook’s iPhone 5c, which mean it not only contain stock with iOS 8, but also features hardware protection in a secure element embedded into the A8 processor.

In addition, the other teenager in the case reportedly used the iPod to discuss plans relating to the homicide.

“The iPod had just come into our possession a couple of weeks ago,” Hiland said. “Obviously when we heard that [the FBI] had been able to crack that phone we wanted to at least ask and see if they wanted to help.”

Prosecutors in the Arkansas case have possessed the device in question since July of last year, but have not received access. On Tuesday they asked trial proceedings be delayed as they sought FBI assistance.

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Apple announced iPhone SE

The long-awaited iPhone SE was officially revealed alongside a new iPad by boss Tim Cook at Apple’s exclusive event tonight

The company’s CEO started by introducing two new initiatives around sustainability and health.

Tim Cook reinforced a commitment to make Apple’s production and products renewable and expanded HealthKit to include CareKit – a new way for patients to track their treatments.

The new iPhone SE retains the design of the iPhone 5s and has the innards of an iPhone 6s. The device still features Apple’s latest-generation A9 processor and 12-megapixel camera, capable of recording 4K video. The device also received a voice assistant Siri. In comparison with an iPhone 6s, the only thing missing from the iPhone SE is pressure sensing 3D Touch.

The new device comes with the recognizable anodized aluminum finish and is available in the same four colors offered across most of Apple’s newer product lineups: Gold, Silver, Space Gray, and Rose Gold.


As expected, the iPhone SE will be available 16GB and 64B capacities with pricing starting at $399 and $499 respectively, which Apple notes is its most affordable iPhone yet. The smartphone will also be available for free on the usual two-year agreement with carriers or $17/month on installment plans.


The device will first come to such countries like Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States.

The iPhone SE will be available to order from March 24 and begin shipping on March 31. 

In addition to the new iPhone SE, Apple announced the 9.7-inch iPad Pro with all of the features of the existing 12.9-inch iPad Pro, including the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard support. The company also released new Apple Watch updates, iOS 9.3 with Night Shift, new quick actions, app improvements and ‘1970’ bug fix.

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Apple shares new ‘Timer’ iPhone 6s ad featuring Cookie Monster

Apple revealed a humorous new iPhone 6s ad that features well-known celebrity guest: the Cookie Monster.

In the video, Sesame Street character bakes cookies and uses hands-free Siri on his iPhone 6s to time the baking of his cookies.

Both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus include the A9 processor and M9 motion coprocessor, which allows Siri to continuously listen for the “Hey Siri” command without needing to be plugged into power. The older models of devices, “Hey Siri” is available, but only while an iOS device is charging.

Meantime, while Cookie Monster is waiting for the cookies to be ready, he is using “Hey Siri” to play Jim Croce song “Time in a Bottle,” and continues to pace around the kitchen.

The new ad demonstrates how perfect Siri understands the Cookie’s monster unusual accent, plays music playlists, sets timers and more.

The iPhone 6s “Timer” commercial featuring Cookie Monster is an addition to a number of iPhone 6s ads starring well-known celebrities, but it is the first one to star a character. Previous videos focusing on iPhone 6s included Jamie Foxx, Bill Hader, Jon Favreau, and Stephen Curry.

Watch the new ad below:

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New iPhone 7 case image depicts thinner body and new larger camera

The first image purports to show technical drawings for the iPhone 7 chassis appeared on French blog 

The alleged images from Taiwanese phone case manufacturer Catcher Technology show the back of the iPhone 7, which is expected to be released by Apple this coming September. 

You can see that the rear camera is surrounded by a larger black orifice, which explains why the new design results in a “slight bulging outgrowth.” The opening also sits closer to the edge of the device.

According to the rumors, a dual-camera system will be reserved for the larger 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus, potentially exclusive to a version called ‘iPhone 7 Pro’.

The chassis leaker adds that the design “seems slightly thinner than the iPhone 6s, confirming in passing the lack of a headphone jack port”. 

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Steve Hemmerstoffer has shared a full body rendering on the site, showing an artist’s conception of the rear of the upcoming iPhone 7. The new device is set to arrive this fall.