Siri self-destructive concept for the moment when your iPhone is robbed

We tend to secure our phone for not letting others flick through our data but what happens when you lose your gadget or it’s being stolen?  Creators of the new iPad concept have come with an appealing concept of Siri self-destructive if the password is incorrectly introduced three times in a row.

The concept follows the strategy of “If I can’t have it anymore, nobody else should”.  Aatma Studio CEO Pramod Modi Shantharam said the idea struck them because “Everyone has friends whose smartphones have been stolen, so we came up with this extreme measure that a user could enable”. As far as we’re concerned it may happen to forget the password and accidentally introduce it incorrectly 3 times in a row, so it would be more useful if it came with a question that only the user knew the answer. If the response in not introduced in 10 sec then the  iPhone gadget should be cracked or blown up.  Agree with us?

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