The iPhone 5 expected to have more potential than the Galaxy S III

Since its release form last week, the Galaxy S III has been one of the most discussed technological subjects, receiving mostly high words but also few good telling. People argued all over the internet that they were disappointed with the new Galaxy S III and that it didn’t match the expectations.

Samsung’s new smartphone was expected to be a truly competitor to iPhone 4S and to the future iPhone 5, but it seems that some of the features and mostly the design have been disappointing to customers who felt that the Galaxy S III is just an upgrade to older versions.

For example, a Super AMOLED Plus HD display, 2 GB of RAM and 10 or 12 megapixel camera were expected instead of the 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD sans Plus and the 1 GB of RAM and 8 megapixel camera. Also, the U.S. customers will not beneficiate of the quad-core processor but of a dual-core one to support the LTE connection. Anyway, the most argued spec was the plastic body that has a cheap look and feel.

Overall, the upgrade is not worth it and the customers decided that they will wait until the iPhone 5. Even if the specs of the new iPhone will not turn out as rumored, such as an improved A5X processor, a thinner and more resistant profile and a larger retina screen, at least the design will surely reach the expectations.

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