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The iPhone has the most long-lasting existence according to Priceonomics study

Priceonomics proved to consumers which smartphone has the highest quality by analyzing the resale value which, according to the research company, indicates best the product quality. They also measured depreciation because

“The highest quality phones should have the best resale values over time and crappier phones should depreciate the fastest.”

After accurate and thorough canvasses, the iPhone proved to be the smartphone that goes a long way while smartphones on other platforms loses their value pretty fast.

Priceonomics’ study was developed on a sample of 70 popular Android smartphones, 30 BlackBerry models and on all the iPhone range. The depreciation was measured by comparing a phone’s initial price with the new price presented on the secondary market. It turned out that after 18 months since the purchase the iPhone holds 53% of the resale value, while the Android smartphones and the BlackBerry holds about 40%. The most interesting inference is that if you choose to sell your device after this duration the lowest cost drop is that of the iPhone; on the other hand, Android phones drop 40% of cost.

Over time, the iPhone is the most long-lasting smartphone, maintaining its value almost unchanged. On a secondary market an iPhone will have almost the same price as the initial one while smartphones with Android platforms will value with hundreds of dollars less.

It is important to mention that Priceonomics offers precise and objective data for consumers so they could take the best decisions, and this study concludes that the iPhone is a better economic choice than Blackberry or Android.

Source: Priceonomics

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