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Yosion Apple Peel 520 turns your iPod Touch into real iPhone

This device comes in handy when you already have an iPod Touch but would want to buy an iPhone. You might want to check also this possibility of getting iPhone additional capabilities directly on your iPod Touch. The device which makes this real is Apple Peel 520.

Citing the Peel 520 website, “the Yosion Apple Peel 520 is a new wireless device that adds mobile voice and text messaging capabilities to the iPod Touch.”

It is practically a case for the iPod Touch with attachments such as a SIM slot, external battery, and dock connector, which allow your iPod to act as an iPhone. To use the device, you have to install a software program on your iPod Touch in order to get the calling capabilities and recognize the new hardware.

You can watch this video to understand better how to install and use the device:

It is compatible with iPod Touch 4G and is guaranteed to work globally with all GSM cellular carriers. AT&T and T-mobile fully support the device and already have arranged monthly pay, or pay-as-you-go plans.

Beside the GSM functionality, you should watch other available features:

  • GPRS Access: Access the internet in any country via the GPRS standard. This is perfect for those who need to be connected anytime, anywhere, whether at home, in the café or even in the library!
  • Custom Ringtones: Customize SMS and Call ringtones with your favorite songs, sounds and melodies! If you’re like us, then you’d love to personalize your iPod /iPhone so that everyone will notice.
  • Powerful Phone App: Yosion has developed an amazing phone application. Everything is almost like an original iPhone: caller ID, call history, address book and vibration mode – you won’t notice the difference!
  • FM Radio and Integrated Bluetooth: You can listen to almost ANY local radio station in your area while you’re jogging, having a walk or literally doing anything. Also, Bluetooth is integrated into the device with the possibility of using your own hands-free headset!

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