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Android in trouble. New rise for iOS?

Android has been chuckling over success in 2011 but it seems that this year things have gotten out of control. The most recent issue that the Android platform is facing is the fact that Facebook has bought Instagram for $1 billion, meaning that a successful product does not need to use a platform like Android for working and making its way known into the world.

Statistics highlight the fact that developers tend to lose their interest in Android, meaning that it won’t take long for consumers to start acting the same. A graphic from Business Insider shows that in the last 3 months, 43% of the people in the US that have bought smartphones bought iPhones. The Android platform has gone flat giving the iPhone a chance to rise. Apple’s success is due to Verizon and Sprint, providing consumers’ smartphones more accessible. For example the 3GS could be purchased for free with a contract and for just $100, one could take possession of the iPhone 4. 

Android is also falling apart due to its failure in the tablet market. With great expectations, Android thought it would revolutionize the world of tablets, taking the iPad’s place. Studies show that Apple has managed to sell 3 million new iPads in 4 days, defeating Android (there were 12 million Android tablets on the market, Apple managing to sell that many in just three months). The Kindle Fire can be considered quite close to Apple’s success, selling 3 million units on the holiday period.

Last but not least, Android’s new platform has been left apart.  Consumers don’t play that much attention and tend to ignore Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) that is run by 2.9% of Android devices. It seems that 63.2% are on Gingerbread (Android 2.3), followed by Froyo (Android 2.2) at 23.1%.

Apple seems to be back on the rise while Android is losing ground as days pass by.

Source: Business Insider

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