Apple goes further and opens new stores in Europe, Australia and North America

It seems that Stockholm, Vancouver and South Perth are on Apple’s list, at least that’s what rumors state that new outlets are to be opened in the nearest future.             

ifoAppleStore came with the news that Apple has confirmed a future Sweden store, being the first in Scandinavia. It’s stated that the exact location of the store is not yet revealed but it’s believed to be somewhere in Stockholm’s city center and is expected to be opened around September. Apple’s Sweden web page for jobs claims that retail jobs do not require experience in the domain.

Perth is also rumored to be opened in September but it all depends on the current construction plans. The store would be the second in Australia and is estimated to be at 1,700 miles away from the other Apple Store. South Perth’s store would be at the command of the city’s 38,000 residents.

Vancouver is also on list and jobs posted on Apple’s website may be seen as hints for the future outlet in the Coquitlam Centre shopping. The store is also estimated to be opened near September like the rest of the stores due to the job listing.

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