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Apple interested in buying TV components from a major supplier

According to Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst, Apple is interested in buying television components, as the Cupertino Company contacted at least one major supplier to check out its offer. The analyst claims that he had recently talked to a “major TV component supplier” and found out that Apple was interested in “various capabilities of their television display components”. This rumor is interpreted as being a hint that Apple is trying to explore the television production. Evidence which underlines this supposition are the January 2011 meetings in Asia which pointed that Apple was investing in manufacturing facilities for LCD displays and the September 2011 meeting  with a “contact close to an Asian supplier” who sustained prototypes of Apple HDTV, were in work.

For the moment, Apple has encountered resistance from movie and TV studios that showed hesitance in providing their content to Apple television. One of the possibilities is to provide customized channel lineups for users, but then the licensing deals needed to support a feature like this would have no pricing precedent. Munster also believes Apple enters the HDTV market to reinvent it, offering new content and services.

“Since we know Apple is exploring television hardware, we are therefore led to conclude that the company is exploring a solution for live TV, and this solution could be one that has not yet been taken mainstream” he said.

This kind of rumors existed long time ago from all sorts of sources including the “USA Today”, Steve Jobs’ biography, a number of patents discovered by AppleInsider for “advanced backlighting” and a universal remote, which indicate, at least, Apple’s investigation of this possibility.

Source: appleinsider

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