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Apple purchased land in Oregon for a larger Data Center

Apple has recently bought 160 acres of land in Oregon, Prineville, making steps to accomplish its plans of opening a new data center. This land appears to be nearby Facebook data center campus. “It’s an ideal location for evaporative cooling,” said Jay Park, Facebook’s Director of Datacenter Engineering. The area climate creates the advantage of “free cooling” – use outside air to cool water or support the cooling systems.

Apple’s interest in Oregon land has been made public first time in December, but the agreement was signed only last week, same day the Oregon Senate decided to give a tax break for data centers in the area.

According to Central Oregonian, Apple bought the land from Crook County for $5.6 million. For the moment, there isn’t any further official information to show whether it will be a ‘green’ facility like its North Carolina counterpart, or not. The Maiden, North Carolina data center went live since summer 2011 and supports iCloud to store data cross devices.

We expect news about when Apple will start the construction, the project estimates, and how exactly the company plans to use it once ready.

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