BlackBerry manifesto cried out loud by Australian on “Wake Up” site

A new campaign from Research in Motion comes to support the “Wake Up” protest that took place last week in front of an Apple store from Australia, but this time the campaign asks people to “Wake Up” and to “Be Bold” enough to use BlackBerry for business.

This new movement of the “Wake Up” manifest comes after a week since RIM Australia confirmed that it created the campaign and appears on a different website where an Australian man pronounces in a heavy way words concerning BlackBerry’s faith in the business world.

He argues that BlackBerry has been involved in the business domain from the very beginning and that it’s time “to realize there’s only one device that means business,” ending firmly: “Wake Up. Be Bold. BlackBerry.”

RIM’s campaign somehow supported the release of BlackBerry 10 operating system from last week and I reckon that the protests anticipated the release was not a coincidence. RIM puts its entire trust in BlackBerry 10 and hopes that it will make the selling be as flourishing as before.


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