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Evil is back: Diablo 3 to be released on May 15

Calling out all Diablo lovers. Wield the Might of a Thousand Powers, Conquer an Infinite Battlefield, Trade the Spoils of War and dare Sanctuary’s Dark World, all in Diablo III.

Fans will be able of taking possession of the horror game on May 15, being available for both Mac and Pc. It’s said that Blizzard Entertainment has had the game in development from 2001 but it would surely be worth all the waiting.

OS X Daily highlights the idea of the best major 2012 game release for Mac:

The expectations for Diablo 3 are quite high, but looking at gameplay videos and screen shots don’t disappoint with its gorgeous graphics and action packed style. This could easily wind up being the best major game release for the Mac platform this year, and gamers of all types should be anxiously awaiting its release.

The new version is going to chuckle over success, coming with Skill Runes (runes are meant to give super-duper control over skills and powers), Followers (powerful champions to help the user fight against Burning Hells ), Crafting & Artisans, Seamless Interaction (spend more time killing enemies with the new outstanding powers), Faster & Smarter& Deeper Combat, Improved Controls, Classes and Skills (4 classes-heroes will not share anymore the same resource of mana) and of course new Monsters and many more.

The Game will cost $ 59.99 and can be pre-ordered and also pre-downloaded from Blizzard, BattleNet.

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