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Google’s Chrome Browser soon to be available for iOS, maybe iOS 6?

According to Macquarie, a Chrome browser for iOS is expected to come as soon as Q2 or if not the current quarter, it would surely come in 2012. Google pays Apple between 50-60% gains from searches established through Safari. This way, from $1 billion search gain from Apple gadgets like iPhones, iPads and iPod touch, Apple earn $600 million and Google receives $400.

Google’s Chrome is said to be the second most popular web browser after Internet Explorer, managing to pass by FireFox and Safari. Apple does not allow third-party browsers from iOS devices, only Safari being the default browser so links from apps and emails would make you open Safari.

Macquarie (USA) highlights 6 points from which Google would come with advantages:

1)   GOOG to launch its Chrome browser for iOS devices – the timing is unclear, but it could be as soon as Q2 and is very likely to be a 2012 event.

2)   Could help limit TAC paid to Apple – if GOOG gains market share, it could reduce our estimate for TAC meaningfully.

3)   Replay of Browser Wars; This Time Its Mobile – there are many parallels to the Browser Wars of the late 1990s.

4)   Chrome browser for PCs has been a home run – helping to reduce desktop TAC significantly.

5)   Expect a significant marketing campaign – GOOG’s advertising and promotional budget grew 118% and 100% y/y in 2010 and 2011 to $772mm and $1,544mm, respectively, in support of the desktop; expect a similar playbook for mobile.

6)   Early reviews of Chrome Browser for Android are positive – Google has been able to differentiate as they did with Chrome for desktop.


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