iPhone 4S

Durability test: iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S3

How much damage can a smartphone bear up and which of the iPhone 4S or Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 will prove to be more durable?

The independent warranty provider, Square Trade put Samsung and Apple’s latest smartphone models to three different tests that were simulating the three most often cases for which people complaint about when asking for e new phone.

First, the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S3 were dropped from the ear level at the same time. For the second test, two little boys were asked to throw the phones up in the air and I must say they seem to have enjoyed it. Finally, the smartphones slid from the back trunk of a car that drove away.

Check the video to see which of the iPhone 4S or Galaxy S3 made a better impression of durability and remember to take into account also the manufacturing materials of both devices when judging the results.


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