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Siri commercials featuring Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschanel

Of late, Siri commercials for Sprint AT&T and Verizon featuring great celebrity names started to sprang. The first spot of this kind, starring Samuel L Jackson, was aired about two days ago on ESPN, while yesterday’s evening the Zooey Deschanel spot appeared on different channels, including Fox. It seems though that none of this spots are official as they haven’t been introduced on Apple’s official site or on its YouTube channel, but both of them are marked with the Apple logo.

Each of the spot’s themes seems to perfectly frame the character of the two actors. Samuel L Jackson is preparing a home dinner for his date in his particular tough-minded way while being helped by the personal assistant Siri and Zooey takes advantage of the rainy day and starts an indoors fun with Siri’s help.

Contrary to other commercials from Apple, those two are focused more on the story of a celebrity, in which Siri makes a lovely and helpful presence, instead of being focused on the device. And I have a feeling that more artist will appear in such commercials.

Update: Yesterday, April 18, both commercials appeared as official on Apple’s YouTube channel.



Source: TNW

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