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Limited supply of iPad3 because of Retina Display Shortage

Rumors argue that Apple will provide a limited number of the third-generation iPads due to the shortage of the high-resolution Retina Displays.  The famous iPad3 is expected to be launched at the Yerba Buena for the Arts in San Francisco. Apple keeps its traditions alive because the last two iPads were introduced in the same place.

The new gadget that would hit the market is said to have twice the resolution of the 1,024-by-768 screen available for the second generation of the iPad, performing with a resolution of 2,048 by 1,536 pixels. Sharp, LG Display and Samsung Electronics are the suppliers for the third generation Retina Displays but it seems that their supply wasn’t enough.

Apple Insider states as following:

“As a result, iPad 2 will remain the mainstream in shipments in the most part of the first quarter before shipments of the iPad 3 start gaining momentum in the second quarter”.

The same source came with the rumor that Apple will unveil an 8GB iPad2 on March 7, the day when iPad3 is expected to be released.

A lot of rumors and curiosities have been wondering around, that maybe the iPad3 will integrate or not a quad-core processor and a 4G LTE connectivity but it only remains to wait until its launch and be enlightened by the features.

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