National Geographic has launched a brand new app for iOS gadgets (National Parks)

As a way of highlighting the National Park Week (21-29 of April) that takes place in the US, the National Geographic Society has come with a free app that offers exclusive guides to 20 most visited national parks in the US. Like every year, anyone can visit all of America’s 397 National Parks for free.

This is not the first app that National Geographic has provided nature fans, Dreams of Burma being the first iOS app that appeared as a partnership NG and Fotopedia.  Above France is also an appealing app that deals with out of the regular France landscapes with more than 2000 pictures taken from a helicopter.

Now, National Geographic  has come with National Parks by National Geographic , offering information tips, park rules, weather adviser and other useful tips among catchy photos. What captured our attention was the fact that it offers detailed maps that allow users to locate parks and interest point for having the time of their life and resting assured that they won’t get lost. For now it only comes with 20 detailed park but the number is said to be improved in the future. Feel free to check more details about the app in our Apps section.


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