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New accessories for Apple gadgets released at this year’s CES

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show brought into the open new toys for your Apple devices. Famous producers such as Griffin Technology, Cirago, K-Array and Samsung presented their brand new accessories that goes hand in hand with your iPad, iPhone and not only.

Cirago comes with a glossy lightweight Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad2. The case is aluminum built and is designed to perfectly fit and protect your iPad and to make it comfortable to use in all possible circumstances; suppose you are in the kitchen eating your breakfast, in a restaurant at a coffee brake or in bed before you go to sleep and you want to use your iPad at the same time, you will just have to attach it to the keyboard in a vertical or horizontal position. The built-in keyboard looks like a standard laptop keyboard and connects with the tablet by Bluetooth synchronization. The precision-cut of the design turns the case into the perfect match for your iPad2. It is also compatible with other devices that support Bluetooth.

Griffin Technology developed the device that works both as a holder and as a megaphone for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. AirCurve Window Mount can be attached to your car’s window or dash; either way your iPhone is securely mounted in your car. It is in fact a combination of features from two older products, namely AirCurve and Window Mount. AirCurve has the purpose of amplifying the sound from the phone’s speakers into the open air. This combination enables you to answer your calls while minding your ride, to listen to music and to talk to Siri in a more comfortable way.Build almost on the same idea by ION Audio, Phone Station Plus is a device that functions both as a speakerphone station and as a desktop holder for iPhone or any other smartphone. It is a practical device especially for conferences and meetings, but also for home use because you can cook your dinner, do the dishes, get your nails done, tidy up your wardrobe or any other thing that you have to do while talking on the phone. Phone Station Plus is small, has built-in speakers and microphone that provides high-quality voice sound, a number pad and volume control button, EQ sound controls and built-in FM radio and it connects with you smartphone via Bluetooth. Due to the clear quality of the sound you can also use it to play and listen to music.

A smaller device that connects with your iPhone 4S and amplifies the sound from its tiny speakers is EcoDock, developed by K-Array. It is Plexiglass build-up, has the aspect of a dock and needs no batteries or power cables to function. You can answer to you calls and listen to music that is reproduced with a 10dB clear sound.

Padlette introduced a new design for its series of accessories that help you handle more comfortable and easier your iPad or other tablet that has more than 7”, namely D4/DeeFour. It comes in multiple colors and once attached to the back of a tablet it offers you many handle possibilities.

XtremeMac came with lots of new ideas, including the speaker system Tango TT, and three brand-new charging docks that can charge multiple Apple devices at the same time. iPhones, iPads can be combined iPods by two using InCharge Duo Plus, by three using InCharge X3 or by five when used InCharge X5.

Source: Macworld

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  1. You can buy each of the accessory from their producer site at any time you want! They’ve already been released.
    Stay tuned for other news and rumors!

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