Apple reminds iCloud users about app-specific passwords

Apple sent out emails reminding iCloud users that application specific passwords will be required when trying to access iCloud data on third party apps starting today.

Initially the requirement for app-specific passwords was set to come into effect on October 1, but the company has informed users that it will begin today instead. It’s unclear why two-factor authentication users are being reminded of it a week later.

In addition to the email reminders, Apple unveiled a new support document which explains users how to use app-specific passwords.

Originally app-specific passwords, as a new feature, was introduced in mid-September, following the launch of two-factor authentication for accessing Apple made changes after a hacking incident when iCloud backups appeared to be the source of nude celebrity pictures. CEO Tim Cook has said, iCloud security would be increased with Apple’s security features like two-factor authentication.

App-specific passwords allow users to log into apps that don’t support two-factor logins, including a number of email clients and other apps. Users have the ability to make these one-time-use passwords from the Apple ID website. Once the password is generated, it can be used for the app.

With app-specific passwords, which let keep real iCloud password private, users receive an additional layer of security. A password can be canceled from an application at any time via the same page that was used to generate it.

Apple’s system allows to have up to 25 app-sepecific passwords configured at any one time.

The full email from Apple is below and offers instructions for using the new app-specific password function:

Apple sent out emails



Apple sent invitations to 16 October event

The Verge edition chief Nilay Patel said he had got an invitation to the next Apple event, where new generation iPad is expected to be shown. The presentation will take place on 16 October in Cupertino, California.

The slogan of the event reads «It’s been way too long»

The event will be in the small audience Town Hall, which is located in Apple Campus.

New generation iPad Air and iPad mini with fingerprint sensor Touch ID as well as Apple Pay integration.

The novelties will be available in gold colour.

Previously media informed that the presentation would be on 21 October. Except iPad a release of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite was planned.

Снимок экрана от 2014-10-09 11:26:03

The invitation may hint at 12,9 inches tablet called iPad Pro release. The gadget has been rumoured since 2013.


In May photos of possible iPad Pro appeared in the internet.


On 8 October images of presumptive iPad Air 2 appeared in vietnamese blog Tinhte.



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Add your contacts to the Home screen with CallShortcut!

The updated version of CallBar on iOS 7 was released recently.

This is the app which helps you to manage your incoming calls.

CallShortcut is a jailbreak allowing you to get faster to your contacts by putting them to the Home screen.

The jailbreak was developed by Gertab and David Glinski.

The icons of the contacs will appear on your Home screen for your comfort.

When you tipe on the icon the call will start automatically.

To start using the app, open your Contacts and choose the one you need. There will be Add to Home Screen option, tap on it and your contact will appear on the Home Screen.

You can gather all your favorite contacts in the single folder for you to be easier to work with.

That jailbreak is really useful and can simplify your life greatly.



Study finds Siri to be the most distracting to drivers

According to a new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety,  Apple’s Siri presents a “relatively high” level of of mental distraction while driving.

In a thorough experiment that measured the cognitive workload of 45 drivers completing in-car tasks using various voice-based technologies, Apple’s system showed the worst results and was put in last place compared to other hands-free voice controlled systems from the big car makers including Ford, Mercedes, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Toyota.

“Technologies used in the car that rely on voice communications may have unintended consequences that adversely affect road safety,” said AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s president and CEO Peter Kissinger. “The level of distraction and the impact on safety can vary tremendously based on the task or the system the driver is using.”

AAA’s researchers used a five-category rating system and measured Siri-based interactions like listening to and composing messages, updating Facebook or Twitter, and modifying calendar appointments. During the test, the drivers were monitored for a variety of feedback cues including heart rate, brain functions and peripheral vision detection and response.  All these things were recorded as the drivers performed the variety of voice command tasks in three different conditions: not driving, driving in a simulator, and driving in residential streets.Siri

According to the results of the study, Siri was found to be the most distracting with a ranking of 4.0. Chevrolet’s MyLink took the second place among the worst out of the automotive industry, with a distraction level at 3.7. Toyota’s Entune was the least distracting with a ranking of 1.7, while Mercedes’ COMAND and  Ford’s SYNC with Touch were rated at 3.1 and 3.0, respectively. 


An american man is ready to exchange his house for new Apple device

A man from Detroit wants to exchange his three-badrooms dwelling for
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or iPad 32GB.

There is an intesting fact, his attempts to sell the house for 5 and than 3 thousands dollars weren’t successful.

Now his house is unsuitable for life. Nobody lived here for a long time, many windows are broken, a front door was smashed down. The robbers penetrated into the house for several times already.

The potential buyer would have to pay a real estate tax which is about 6 thousands dollars.

However, on the day sales started 4 people contacted the owner.

The owner lives in Austria now, he bought the house in Detroit in 2010 for 41 thousands dollars. He hoped to earn money, letting the house on lease. The man didn’t know the man who selled him the house had bought it two weeks earlier for 10,5 thousands dollars.

Detroit was declared bankrupt in 2013. The matter is the debt of Detroit is more than 18,5 million dollars.


Naturally, realty prices fell abruptly. Thus, there are plenty of houses in the city, exhibited for sale for symbolic amount.


Apple Campus building

The official photo of progress of Campus 2 building appeared in internet.

As you can see Apple managed to do a great progress.

Building of the new construction is expected to finish in 2016.

The building will be able to accommodate about 12.000 emploees.

There is a video having been captured this August which shows the building of Apple Campus as well.





Third anniversary of Steeve Jobs’ passing

The 5th of October is a tragic date for Apple fans — the day when the company’s founder Steeve Jobs departed this life.

Let’s recall his legendary person, thanks to whom our world became more intresting.

Yesterday Tim Cook, the chief of the company, sent all Apple employees the letter, in which he reveres Jobs’ memory. You can see the full text of the letter below:

“Sunday will mark the third anniversary of Steve’s passing. I’m sure that many of you will be thinking of him on that day, as I know I will.

I hope you’ll take a moment to appreciate the many ways Steve made our world better. Children learn in new ways thanks to the products he dreamed up. The most creative people on earth use them to compose symphonies and pop songs, and write everything from novels to poetry to text messages. Steve’s life’s work produced the canvas on which artists now create masterpieces.

Steve’s vision extended far beyond the years he was alive, and the values on which he built Apple will always be with us. Many of the ideas and projects we’re working on today got started after he died, but his influence on them — and on all of us — is unmistakeable.

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for helping carry Steve’s legacy into the future.”



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Apple to plan iPad event on Thursday, October 16

According to a new report from Recode’s John Paczkowski, Apple is planning an iPad event for Thursday, October 16. Some early reports said that Apple was planning its next major product introducing in mid-to-late October.

Citing unnamed sources familiar with the company’s plans, Re/code reported that Apple’s upcoming special event is believed to take place in less than two weeks at the company’s Town Hall Auditorium at its corporate campus in Cupertino, Calif.

Paczkowski says the event will focus on new iPads and of course, OS X Yosemite. A number of rumors have suggested the Cupertino company will unveil a new 27-inch iMac with a 5K-resolution Retina display.

Apple is also rumored to unveil OS X Yosemite, its upcoming Mac operating system update. Yosemite was first introduced to developers during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference early this year, and is set to launch in the fall.


As for iPads, it is expected that Apple‘s 2014 lineup update will come with Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which is currently used in the iPhone. It’s also possible that the new products will be provided the same A8 processor found in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Less certain is the updated version of MacBook Air, which is believed to be available in one screen size of 12 inches, and is expected to have a fan-less quiet design, click-less trackpad, and fewer inputs and outputs on its shrunken frame. With the existing 11- and 13-inch models without Retina displays updated in April, the company originally claimed to reveal the new ones this year. However, some reports say the launch of a new MacBook Air with Retina display may be pushed back to 2015.

Apple may also mention iOS 8.1, which is expected to land around that time.



Leonardo DiCaprio no longer in talks to play Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkin biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio, who was previously in negitiations to play Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming film, has reportedly turned down the offer.

According to the sources familiar with the matter, the actor, who was set to start work on the movie after finishing work on The Revenant, decided to take a lengthy break soon.

DiCaprio was first said to play Jobs in April, when Boyle reportedly promoted him for the role. They previously worked together on “The Beach” in 2000.

With DiCaprio out, the leading role is vacant, though Sony is reportedly planning to involve Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper.  David Fincher, who was in talks to direct the movie before Boyle, stated early this year that Christian Bale would have been his first choice to play Steve Jobs, though both were rejected by Sony. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper are also considered for the role.


Additionally, the report also notes that Danny Boyle who is responsible for the award-winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire,’ has been confirmed for the Jobs biopic.

The Aaron Sorkin-penned picture has been in development for years now and will reportedly feature the thirty minutes prior to three of Apple’s most important keynotes from Jobs’s perspective. Sorkin said, that the film will use material from Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also helps as a consultant for the film.

Steve Jobs biopic‘s release date is still unclear. 


Samsung attacks “bend” iPhones in new video

Disscussing of «bend» iPhone 6 seems to stop. But Samsung tries to add fuel to the fire, presenting a video showing the korean company’s devices can bear Gluteus Maximus weight.

During the video Apple company wasn’t mentioned. But the hint is quite obvious. The company intends its Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be kept in a hip-pocket in contrast to Apple devices.

But the company didn’t explain for what to keep the expensive smartphone there, from where it can be stolen easily by a pickpocket.

Iphone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are rumoured to bend when keeping them in the trousers’ pocket.

In reply to these hearsay Apple invited media to its labs and tested smartphones. The examinatiom showed the devices can’t be bended so easily.

Rival companies overstated these rumours, taking the opportunity.