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$199 ‘Microsoft Band’ fitness wearable goes on sale

While Microsoft hasn’t officially announced its entry into the smartwatch sector, the company appears to attempt to join the wearable game.

Microsoft has revealed its Band fitness wearable and confirmed that the device will go on sale for $199 Thursday in its online and physical stores.

The company has also added its Microsoft Band Sync app to the Mac App Store today, indicating that its new wearable will debut soon. The application shows what the new product looks like and indicates that the band will sync its data to the cloud.

The development of the band started back in 2010, when Zulfi Alam, GM of Personal Devices, found himself to be less active and gaining weight. “I started wondering, ‘What happened to the last 15 years?’ and I had the embarrassing realization that I was getting really out of shape,” he reflected.


“Microsoft Band” or simply “Band” features ten sensors to track different health characteristics from heart rate to UV exposure to stress levels. It is also promised to last 48 hours on a single charge and can be worn twenty-four seven, as it tracks both physical activity and sleep.


Like smart watches, the Band can also receive notifications from a user’s smartphone and show such information like email messages, calendar reminders, phone calls received, text messages, Twitter and Facebook notifications, weather, and stocks information.   

According to the the apps description, the Band can work with any mobile platform, including  iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Its built-in GPS allos you to go out without a phone and still track your workout. 


Apple is to cooperate with Alibaba

According to Tim Cook’s last announcement China will become the most profitable market for Apple. This is one of the reasons why Apple plans to cooperate with the huge online portal in China Alibaba.

Tim Cook told about plans to start negotiations with Alibaba chief Jack Ma. This partnership will possibly involve Apple Pay and Alipay on such sites like Taobao, Tmall and Alibaba.

Jack Ma didn’t stay apart taking part in WSJ Digital conference.

According to his words service Alipay is on third place in the world after Visa and MasterCard.

Alibaba chief said he hope Apple Pay and Alipay can be a great tandem.02-1-Alibaba-Mao



Over 1 million activation of Apple Pay during first 72 hours

Apple chief Tim Cook said in his interview at The Wall Street Journal: Digital conference that Apple Pay was activated more than 1 million times during 72 hours following its launch last week.

Cook noted Apple Pay is bigger than all contactless competitors combined, implying rival service Google Wallet.

Cook also mocked at Google and other competitors saying that it is not “Big Brother” in terms of collecting personal information, adding that “we’ll leave that to others.”

The security of Apple Pay is a major selling point of the service for Apple. The mobile payments platform is integrated closely with Touch ID. Apple A8 chip ensures all contactless transactions are safe and secure.

Apple informed previously about the succesful launch of Apple Pay in the USA.

The NFC-based service is supported at over 220,000 stores in the United States. Many other companies are expected to cooperate with Apple as well.



iPhone 6 pre-orders lead all the records while Samsung Note 4 loses

While Samsung is busy with anti-Apple ad-videos, Apple is happy with iPhone 6 sales results.

Samsung was defeated in the company’s native country… Its best smartphone got less attention than the competitor’s one. That happened for the first time in recent years.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the quantity of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders is more than 100 000. But the real figure is possibly more as the data was taken from major korean carriers’ public announcements.

For instance, KT Corp informed that they got more than 10 000 both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus pre-orders during the first minute and 40 000 during the next half an hour.

LG Uplus, the carrier controlled by LG Corporation sales iPhone for the first time. The result appeared to be impressing — 20 000 orders during 20 minutes.

One more carrier Telecom doesn’t give specific figures, but promises to ship orders to their doors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders are just 30 000 ever.

By the way, iPhone 6 sales will start on 31 October in South Korea.



Pharmacy chains CVS and Rite Aid disabling Apple Pay support

Last week, a number of reports confirmed that pharmacy chains CVS and Rite Aid were disabling near field communications (NFC) payment terminals in attempts to prevent the usage of Apple Pay. Now, The NYT reports that Rite Aid has joined CVS in disabling Apple Pay from working at their stores nationwide.

Initially the both drugstore chains used Apple Pay, as they had installed NFC payment terminals years ago to use Google Wallet and other credit cards supporting NFC tap-to-pay transactions.

However when the Cupertino company introduced iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay support earlier this month, users found that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus allowed not only to make NFC purchases among Apple’s launch partners but also at any existing NFC payment terminal. 

Several retailers are probably not pleased with the success of Apple Pay because the new system doesn’t allow to collect or track their purchasing transactions. 


According to a representative from Rite Aid, the chain “does not currently accept Apple Pay” and that the company was “still in the process of evaluating mobile payment options.” Spokesmen from CVS did not comment on the situation.

The decision to disable Apple Pay support may be related to the stores’ participation in the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), which is a group including other retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Gap. MCX is working on its own mobile payment system dubbed CurrentC, which is expected to launch next year. For customers, however, CurrentC is pretty clunky and offers either exchanging QR codes or manually entering 4-digit codes. Without Apple Pay single-use codes and Touch ID, the system is also much less secure.

The CurrentC app is already available to download from the iOS App Store, but its description says “CurrentC is invite-only at the moment. But sign up, and we’ll put you on the list!”



Jeans can spoil your new iPhone

When iPhone 6 frames’ photos appeared in internet, the first that attracted people’s attention was plastic stripes on the metallic case.

One of the sourses informed there would be no stripes in the official version, but was mistaken.

Most of people used to these stripes which don’t seem so ugly to them. But, as it was found out, they can grieve iPhone 6 users.

BGR asked their readers about the problem. Many of them complained that plastic stripes on their smartphones can be stained in jeans’s pocket.

They proved it by adding photos you can see below.

Each man who sent a photo appealed to Apple, where he got an advice to use a cleanser.

Apple refused to help people when the company’s advice turned out to be unuseful.

Frankly speaking, it’s so strage that BGR took this problem seriously and is now waiting for Apple official comments.




An american man got a second-degree burn as his iPhone 6 ignited

Phillip Lechter when visiting Arizona state took a cycle rickshaw and met with an accident, in the result of which his new smartphone from Apple bent and inflamed.

According to his words, he didn’t understand at once, what smaelt of smoke. But he felt burning on his leg.

He managed to take the smartphone out from a pocket. A leather case protected his fingers.

However, he discovered a burn where the leg adjoined the screen of the iPhone. Later, in the hospital, his skin injures were classified as a second-degree burn.

The man illustrated his history with several photos and a video, he made on the place of accident.

The next day Lechter brought the burned-out smartphone to one of the Apple stores. His device was replaced.

Lechter said to journalists he loves Apple devices, uses them for many years and is going to use in the future. However, he demanded some explanation from the company.

A a child might have been on his place. In this case the same situation might have been very dangerous:

“If a child or teenager was riding their bike, had their phone on them, they fell and hurt themselves and couldn’t get the phone out of their pocket, what kind of situation are we in there now… they need to make sure they protect the public. Because I always used the case to protect the phone, I didn’t know I needed a case to protect myself” he said.

There are still no official Apple comments on this incident.


Soon after first iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users found out, their smartphones can bend in trousers’ pocket, it got a tag #Bendgate, with which people mark not only their complaints, but jockes as well.




Apple got a patent for switching on the ignition with the help of iPhone

Accordig to the description of the patent, the technology allows iPhone owner to search for his car with the help of GPS. This technology is able to inform when a car parks, starts movement as well as when it is thereabouts.

To use this function your smartphone must be tuned for work with the car before it.

Your smartphone will be able to run door locks, switch on the ignition as well a accomplish such functions as opening a boot when a driver is behind, or opening a door, when he stands in front of the car.

The connection between a car and a smartphone will be carried out via internet or Bluetooth.
But other possible connection types are mentioned as well.

If your device is connected to wireless internet, it has a big range of possibilities. For instance, your owner can follow his car’s motions as well as geolocation of his friends via Find My Friends service.

If the owner is within a radius of 5 minutes walk the car will switch on interior heating automatically, when it’s cold outside, of course.


The company put in a tender to get the patent in 2012. However, Apple got it only in 2014, on 21 October.



Apple Campus building – new video

The new video of Apple Campus 2 building appeared in internet.

In comparison with the previous video, the building has progressed greatly.

The constructors has already ended with the foundation, they work now on the building itself.

The Campus looks a little bit cosmic already. It’s really great.

Tim Cook called new Apple Campus «the greenest in the world».

Apple would use alternative energy. The Campus is planned to admit 12 000 emploees.

The Campus will have a picturesque park and even its own metro line.


The end of building is expected in 2016.

Dai Sugano

Taking into account it has started recently, results are really impressing.



China carrier promises to adjust iPhone 6 Plus users’ pockets

New iPhone 6 Plus was received warmly in many countries. Buyers are ready to queue up to get Apple novelty. But it’s not an only thing people can do for new iPhone.

In China, for instance, Unicom carrier offers to adjust users pockets when buying iPhone 6 Plus.

A special sewing subdivision was opened for this purpose. Tailors enlarge pockets or even sew new ones. If you want, naturally.

It’s not clear why Chineese do such strange things, as iPhone 6 Plus can be easily put in trousers’ pocket.