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WatchKit available: developers can get apps ready for Apple Watch

Apple on Tuesday announced that its set of WatchKit development tools is now available for developers and allows them to start making custom third-party applications and software for the company’s upcoming Apple Watch, before the new accessory hits the market in early 2015.

WatchKit gives the opportunity to create not only WatchKit apps, but also Glances and actionable notifications. The tools along with the new iOS 8.2 software development kit, which includes programming instructions, human interface guidelines, templates and more, can be downloaded at the company’s developer website.

Glances can be used by developers to have users information they need most, including the latest news and sports scores, current Weather information, alarm system status or the next step of a favorite recipe. There is a limited number of available templates, as described by Apple, as to how they can appear.

Actionable notifications offer a different way of getting the notifications that already present themselves on iOS today. Developers can give some custom images to personalize the notifications.


Instagram has tried WatchKit to develop actionable notifications that allow users to instantly like a photo or send with an emoji, plus there’s an Instagram news and watch list to give users ability to view their friends favorite photos and get an overview of likes and comments

Apple also attached a 28-minute-long video, that aims to help developers start with WatchKit and begin making apps and more for the Apple Watch.1

“Apple Watch is our most personal device ever, and WatchKit provides the incredible iOS developer community with the tools they need to create exciting new experiences right on your wrist,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “With the iOS 8.2 beta SDK, developers can now start using WatchKit to create breakthrough new apps, Glances and actionable notifications designed for the innovative Apple Watch interface and work with new technologies such as Force Touch, Digital Crown and Taptic Engine.”

Apple has said that its Apple Watch will hit the market in “early 2015,” but an exact launch date remains unclear.


The last news about Steve Jobs biopic

The movie based on the official biography of Steve Jobs is one of the major «long-term constructions» in Hollywood history.

The work on the movie started some time later after the death of Apple founder at the end of 2011.

During three years many actors were proposed to perform tha main role, but the actor is still not found.

But, despite of a lack of big progress, teh scrip-writer Aaron Sorkin told about work on the project.

Sorkin confirned the fim will consist of three novels, each of them narrates what happeed behind the screens of three major presentations in Jobs’ life – Macintosh, NeXT and iPod.

By the way, one of the characters in the movie will be Lisa Jobs, the adulterate child of the late genius.

The picture is sure to be intresting, but there is still one problem remains — the search of the actor for main role.


Apple’s Chinese App Store accepting payments from China UnionPay

Apple’s Chinese App Store started accepting payments from China UnionPay, the largest bank card provider in the region.

App Store has previously not supported this payment method, but the company has announced that this issue has now been solved, and users in China are now allowed to link their Apple ID with debit or credit cards from UnionPay, which allows easy purchases.

UnionPay was first announce in 2002 and now features over 4.5 billion cards issued. Now, Apple’s Chinese App Store has become the second largest App Store market.

The ability to buy apps and make purchases using UnionPay cards has been one of the most requested features from our customers in China,” said Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue,. “China is already our second largest market for app downloads, and now we’re providing users with an incredibly convenient way to purchase their favorite apps with just one-tap.”


UnionPay Cards are currently available in over 140 countries with issuance in over 30 countries, according to the company’s website. The acceptance of UnionPay in the App Store is the biggest step by the company to expand its presence in China. Additionally, Tim Cook stated he was in talks with major Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba to integrate Alipay with the Apple Pay system. This alliance is believed to help Apple avoid regulatory delays and move Apple Pay closer to debuting in China.  


American woman discovered her son in jail with the help of ”Find My iPhone”

American woman discovered her son in jail with the help of ”Find My iPhone”

After her 16-years-old son didn’t come back home from Halloween party, mother used Find My iPhone function to search for him.

As it was found out, teenager was at a police station.

The young man and two of his friends were being held at the stationhouse on robbery charges.

According to the information of the police, they snuck up on their victims, hit them in the head, and stole valuable things like cell phones.

Two incidents happened on Halloween, whie two others before the holiday.

Find My Phone helped people many times already.

For instance, in August 2013 the story of Derek Grant became world-known. He used the functiom of the smartphone to search for his son’s stolen iPhone. He managed to finf the robber, who wounded him with a knife. Derek wounded the robber protecting himself. The thief died of injuries.


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iXpand Flash Drive-‘iPhone for Life’ plan with USB and Lightning connectors

Sprint, the nation’s fourth-largest carrier, announced the iXpand Flash Drive, that allows users to transfer images, videos, and other data between an iOS device with a Lightning connector and a desktop or notebook with a normal USB port. iXpand Flash Drive is a similar ‘iPad for Life’ plan for the latest iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 and offers customers to have an iPad for $0 down and monthly payments over the course of a 24 month lease. Its monthly payments vary depending on the storage capacity.

The flash drive works with the iXpand sync app, which can be configured to automatically sync images and videos from the device’s camera roll to the flash drive. Full movies of such formats like AVI and WMV, can also be stored on the flash drive and played from it directly onto the iPhone or iPad.

The iXpand also provides users with an additional layer of security in cross-platform encryption. While in the iXpand sync app, all the data can be password protected while the flash drive is connected to an iPhone or iPad, then decrypted on a Mac or PC and vice versa.

The new flash drive can be ordered at starting at $59.99 for the 16-gigabyte model, $79.99 for 32 gigabytes, and $119.99 for 64 gigabytes. Best Buy will also sell the 32-gigabyte model in stores starting this Sunday.


It is compatible with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, and iPad mini running iOS 8 or iOS 7.


Meet Beats Solo2 wireless headphones

Apple announced its first earphones independent of Beats — Solo2.

It’s a wireless device.

The headphones will be launched in the United States this month.

Now the headphones can be used up to 30 feet away from your iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. You can now take phone calls, skip songs, change the volume using the “B” button and volume buttons on the ear cup.

The buttery can work up to 12 hours of wireless playback time.

Beats President Luke Wood comments on the device:

“We’re taking the most popular headphone in the world and adding wireless Bluetooth functionality to it. The Solo 2 is already a world-class headphone much lauded for its acoustics, and now it joins our growing family of successful wireless products.”


The device is available in four colours: red, black, white, and blue.


Red model will be available in Verizon retain and online stores.



Ubisoft releases companion app for Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed Unity is the first title of the series that will be available exclusive for current gen consoles. Ubisoft has already introduced its official companion app for its new hit console and PC video game.

The story takes place in Paris, during the French Revolution. Those who have bought the seventh major installment in the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise, or just want to, are recommended to download the app, which features a 3D, interactive map and glyph puzzles that unlock new Brotherhood missions. It also includes useful content like tutorials and training tips.

Companion apps for video games are a perfect idea as they often offer more story and background information, and sometimes act as a handy tool to help navigate the title with.

Here are some key features of the game:

    • Nomad Brotherhood – Only in the Companion, manage your own Assassins and send your Nomad Brotherhood on missions. Your success will unlock exclusive missions and rewards in Assassin’s Creed® Unity!
    • Heat maps – Detailed community Heatmaps for each mission show the paths taken by other players, including conflicts they faced and kills they made, allowing you to better plan your strategies.
    • Equipment – View the statistics of all wearable items in Assassin’s Creed® Unity; try them out and see how different combinations affect your abilities.
    • Gear – View the statistics of all wearable items in Assassin’s Creed® Unity; try them out and see how different combinations affect Arno’s skills.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Companion is already available in the App Store for free.



Apple is to open research center in Europe

Apple is going to open its Research and Development Center in the UK in the nearest future.

Buildings will be located in the prestigious district of Cambridge, not far away from Sony and Microsoft buildings.

The buildig the american company would be situated has three floors. The area is about 9030 square foot.

The photos of the project appeared in internet. It’s known that about 20 people will work there.

The next year the staff may be expanded to 40 people.


Aplle aready has so-called R&D centers in Israel, Shanghai and in Taiwan. It’s rumoured the UK was the initiator.


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Instagram updated with caption editing and new discovery options

Instagram has finally released an update to its Android and iOS apps, adding probably the most requested features of all time – caption editing.

Ahead of the update, users had to delete pictures with unwanted captions and start from scratch if they didn’t want to suffer public embarrassment.

With caption editing, you can easily go back and erase the typo posted alongside your image moments ago that is driving you a little nuts. Version 6.2.0 allows to edit photo captions after they’ve already been posted. To fix a typo in your caption or edit the image location, there is a new “Edit” option in the menu beneath the image. Once your caption is edited, tap “Done” and you will see the “Edited” option above captions that have been edited when you tap “Comment” on a post.

You can also add or edit a location. To do that, just tap “Add Location…” and enter a necessary location or tap “Change Location” if you want to edit it.


In addition to the aforementioned features, the new version of the service brings some changes to the Explore tab. 

Instead of a compass, you will be presented with a magnifying glass icon, and allowed to browse for new content by Photos or by People—just switch between these two tabs.

“Explore” option may help to find new interesting information, based on accounts you already follow, images you’ve already liked, and photos that are added to your location.


Version 6.2.0 offers the following key features:

  • Discover new people: Find interesting accounts to follow in the People tab on Explore.
  • Search faster: Get quicker results with typeahead search.
  • Edit captions: Fix typos or change your location.
  • New icons: Updated Explore and Profile icons, plus other design updates

The new version of Instagram is available on the App Store now.

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Apple added web tool to deregister phone numbers from iMessage

Apple on Sunday introduced a new website that will allow users to deregister their phone number from iMessage service to an Android device or other non-Apple product.

Apple added the new web-based tool after it had faced a lawsuit over Android users having undelivered text messages from other iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users still using iMessage.

To deregister a phone number from iMessage, they are just required to enter their phone number in Apple’s web tool, receive a free text message with a confirmation code, and submit the code to complete the procedure. Users who still own their original iPhone are also allowed to transfer their SIM card back to the device and go to Settings -> Messages to turn iMessage off. Doing so will make it possible to receive all the messages sent from iOS devices in a form of standard SMS or MMS messages rather than iMessage.


The issue dates back to 2011, when iMessage first launched. It has even been documented and widespread. Apple has also faced a lawsuit from one user, although the company claimed that it was aware of the problem and could not fix it.  Over the years, users replacing the iPhone with another device found out that iPhones owners trying to send them a text message are still having the messages intercepted by Apple and sent as iMessages, which can’t be received and read by Android and Windows Phone owners.

Unlike similar services, like Google Hangouts or BlackBerry’s BBM, which are available to access on competing devices via third-party apps, Apple’s iMessage service is available only as an exclusive product for Apple users, as well as the company’s FaceTime video chat.

Apple’s web tool for deregistering phone numbers from iMessage is available now.