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iWork for iOS/Mac updated with bug fixes and stability improvements

Apple has updated a number of its iWork applications for both iOS and OS X adding the usual “stability improvements and bug fixes”. iMovie for Mac also saw update, featuring iCloud compatibility enhancements for iMovie Theater.

The updates means movement of Numbers, Pages and Keynote to version 2.2.2, while Mac versions jumped to 5.2.2 for Pages , 3.2.2 for Numbers and 6.2.2 for Keynote.

The previous major iWork overhaul was released in April when the app suite was updated with multiple user interface tweaks and feature additions in attempts to create a more integral multi-platform experience. Later that month, a new update for iOS versions came with similar unspecified bug fixes and performance enhancements seen in yesterday‘s release.


Apple’s iWork updates are available as free downloads from the iOS or Mac App Stores, as well as Software Update. Customers who have recently bought a new Mac — or iOS device after Sept. 10, 2013 — can receive the apps for free from their respective App Stores. Users with older iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models are required to pay $9.99 per app, while those with older Macs can purchase Pages, Numbers and Keynote for $19.99 each. 

Apple has also released a minor update for the Mac version of iMovie that adds iCloud compatibility improvements for iMovie Theater. The refreshed app is available for download for $14.99 from the Mac App Store. 


Let’s compare Apple and Google workers’ wages

Apple and Google employees love their work, everybody knows salary is also very important. And how much do they earn? The Economic Times tried to reply this question.

The edition presented a list of average annual salaries of both companies.

The information was taken from Glassdoor service — the forum where employees discuss their bosses.

Take a look at the table below.

So we can see the employees wages don’t look much different.

Google is well known as appreciating its workers, but we don’t think Apple’s employees are not satisfied with their work as well as salaries.

According to this data work of employees in both companies are paid quite well.

It ought to be noted this information isn’t official, it’s just data taken from forum. All the figures are averaged.

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Google office


Apple employees

Germany Apple iPad


Walmart cuts 16GB iPhone 5c prices to 97 cents, 16GB iPhone 5s to $79 for 90 days

Yesterday, Walmart announced its 90-day iPhone sale that cuts the prices of both of the current iPhone models.

In an apparent effort to promote existing products ahead of Apple’s much-rumored “iPhone 6,” Walmart offers a permanent discount for 16GB iPhone 5s and 5c models with a two-year contract with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or US Cellular.

According to the report from Engadget, customers will be able to buy the 16 GB model of the iPhone 5c for only $.97, bringing the latter model’s up-front cost down to less than a dollar. 16GB iPhone 5c models were previously available for just $29. The 16 GB iPhone 5s also got yet another price cut, this time down from $99 to $79.

Both of these prices are only temporary and will be available at their old prices in 90 days. This offer is available on all of the major U.S. carriers with the sole exception of “un-carrier” T-Mobile.


Apple is believed to present the next-generation “iPhone 6″ lineup at a special event on Sept. 9. In addition to an expected 4.7-inch version, the company may also release a 5.5-inch “phablet” iPhone 6 next month, but according to a number of sources, it may face a delay as far as 2015 due to production problems.

The both versions are said to have a faster A8 chip, a new camera system, an enhanced Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and iOS 8.

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Photo Sphere App for your iPhone camera

Google launched new iPhone photography app.

With the help of the app you are able to make panorama like with iOS Panorama shooting and even more!

By making photos of everything around you produce a nice sphere-like 360-degree image. Then you can share your sphere on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or add it to Google Maps in order other people can also ”visit” this place.

The app can be uploaded for free.

It would be very easy to understand how it works.

Tap the shutter button and a series of blue dots will appear on the screen displaying virtual representation of your surroundings.

Now imagine you are in a huge globe and make photos till you seize every blue dot.

When you are over the app will make evetything for you — these separate images would be joined in one a 360-degree.


To be honest the app was built in Android’s native camera app for the past year.


Google’s release reads:

Create beautiful 360º images and publish them on Google Maps. Photo spheres empower you to look up, down and all around to revisit the amazing places you’ve encountered — and share them with anyone.

The video below will explain you how to use appin order to make your own 360-degree panorama.

iPhones since iOS 6 have had support for taking high-quality panoramic images with the stock Camera app.


To learn more, head over to Google’s official Photo Sphere microsite.

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Apple and Google ordered to remove Secret from app stores by Brazilian judge

Apple has been requested by a judge in Brazil to not only remove the app Secret from the App Store, but also to remotely crush the software from user’s devices that already have it downloaded.

An app called Secret hit the App Store in February of this year and serves as an anonymous “social network,” which allows you to extend to people you know via social networks, and then lets you and them to post anonymous status updates to those in the same circle. You are also informed when strangers provide you with the same anonymous updates. But recently, the app faced criticism for giving a platform to those who would abuse it for anonymous bullying. Judge Cesar de Carvalho believes that the fastest way to stop it, apparently, is to pull the app, and to also remotely kill access to it.

According to the report, the judge has demanded that Apple and Google remotely delete the application from every device that has downloaded it in the country. While there has yet to be a documented case in which the mechanism was used, the both companies has such a capability.


Apple keeps a list of apps that have been “blacklisted” on their servers and iOS devices reach out to this server to check for any updates. When it reveals that an app installed on the device has been blacklisted, it refuses to launch that app.

Meantime, Google has used its remote kill-switch to remove several potentially malicious apps in the past.

The judge also notified that if the program is not deleted within 10 days of the ruling, Apple will have to pay £30,000(roughly $50,000) each subsequent day until, presumably, it is removed.


MIUI 6 copies iPhone’s interface

Chineese brand Xiaomi which produces smartphones as well as other devices is considered to be the ”chineese Apple”. The matter is the company practically copies Apple production.

Xiaomi sales volume is the half of iPhone’s one. And now chineese brand started copying iOS 7.

Chineese analogs have Android platform, using MIUI casing. MIUI 6 will copy Apple OS interface.

Though the home screen is obvious Android, fonts and icons questionably resemble iPhone.

Compass app is the copy of iOS analog.

Camera’s interface also invites some questions.

Have a look at the settings you are sure to be surprised — not everyone can copy other’s work so openly.


It would be astonishing if Apple wouldn’t have the law on Xiaomi after the release of MIUI 6.


It’s obvious Chineese brand is headed for Apple, you may just take a look at the official site of the company.

Xiaomi has been a leading brand in East Asia. The company competes constantly with other brands, offering smartphones of top characteristics for price about $100.


The brand is a real threat for world-leading companies such Apple and Samsung.


Probably Apple should think about its intellectual property protection.

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Flappy Bird creator preparing new game called Swing Copters

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is planning to release a new iOS game later this week, dubbed Swing Copters. According to TouchArcade, who has provided a previewthe new title features the Flappy Bird-style gameplay, adding new mechanics and even more challenges.

In Swing Copters, players are tasked to control a little dude who has a propeller on his head and does his best to climb upwards towards the sky.

Swing Copters uses the same mechanics Flappy Bird did. To help the character move higher and higher, players must tap the screen. Tapping changes the flight direction, and the objective is similar: Fly through as many gates, avoiding swinging hammers. Swing Copters is hard. 

It feels like it’s got all the same qualities that made Flappy Bird so sticky for me. Once you see even the smallest bit of success in the game, you can’t help but play again, and again, and again, always trying to (in my case, anyway) top that amazing five point flight,”-TouchArcade’s Eli Hodapp wrote.

Early this year, Flappy Bird’s creator Dong Nguyen announced his plans to release one more popular title, but he didn’t mention if Swing Copters would replace Flappy Bird in the App Store or if Flappy Bird would also return to the App Store as well.

Flappy Bird overwhelming success made its creator pull the game from the App Store in early 2014, which caused a lot of clones.

Swing Copters is set for release this week on the 21st, it’ll be a free download, with a single $0.99 in app purchase to remove the ads.


”Misunderstood” video by Apple wins Emmy Award

The Apple’s 2013 Holiday season television commercial “Misunderstood” won a Creative Arts Emmy Award for most “outstanding commercial” in 2014.

The 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards were announced last night at the Nokia Theatre L.A. in Los Angeles.

The major TV Emmy Awards ceremony will be on August 25th – 26 other categories will be presented.

The video is about a teenage boy who shoots happy holiday moments of his family as they decorate the Christmas tree, play snowballs and so on. Finally switching on TV he presents his work to the family. The whole household is happy as well as proud of their boy.

The video publicizes iPhone 5s, Apple TV, and AirPlay demonstrating how to film, edit and present a movie via an iPhone.

”Misunderstood” was nominated with advertisements from General Electric, Nike, and Budweiser.

The video was produced by longtime advertising and marketing partner Media Arts Lab of TBWA in Los Angeles, California.

The advertisements of Apple production and the company’s marketing strategies were criticized during last year with low rating and were compared to Samsung’s advertising.

In spite of that this advertisment shows Apple manages to do really exciting and good advertisement.

Here are the videos that were also nominated the Outstanding Commercial award and they are definetly worth watching!

Childlike Imagination from General Electric:

A Hero’s Welcome from Budweiser:

Possibilities from Nike:

Puppy Love from Budweiser:


”Wall Huggers” anti-Apple Advertisement by Samsung

This summer in July, Samsung presented new Galaxy S5 advertisement in which they mocked at iPhone owners naming them “Wall Huggers”. They implied that Apple smartphones have a low battery-saving capacity.

Recently the advertising campaign of Samsung was extended. They put advertisement near switch sockets in the airports. The inscription reads ”Samsung Galaxy S5 with Ultra Power Saving Mode. So you have the power to be anywhere but here.”

The moto is seemed to tease Apple’s tagline “You’re more powerful than you think.”

According to the investigation, 37 % of owners wish iPhone battery to be improved vs 19 % who want iPhone to have a bigger display.

Apple’s iPhone 6 which release will be quite soon is considered by many people to be provided with better battery life.


However, they say the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 would be provided with a battery between 1,800 and 2,100 mAh, a measurable improvement over 1,560 mAh battery in the iPhone 5s.

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Om/One-first levitating Bluetooth speaker

Audio developer OM Audio has introduced its new product:the world’s first levitating speaker.  If you really want an impressive-looking Bluetooth speaker, you will enjoy the Om/One, a gravity-defying gadget.

The new device available for $179 includes a base and a round speaker that levitates above it. Thanks to magnetic levitation, the speaker floats about an inch off its base, allowing to achieve the spinning, levitating effect, all while the user is listening to the audio. The OM/ONE relies on its 75mm audio driver to provide its owner with clear, balanced mids, highs and lows.

Users has the ability to connect their phones or devices via bluetooth 4.0 to stream wireless music, and for pairing two OM/ONEs together for stereo sound.

The Bluetooth speaker can connect to most devices including smartphones, notebooks and tablets via Bluetooth 4.0, which are located at the distance of 33 feet.


The round speaker can be used with or without its magnetic base, which needs an AC adapter, and features an integrated battery with up to 15 hours of non-stop play. It is also equipped with a microphone, meaning you can use the OM/One as a speakerphone.

The spherical speaker is 6.3 inches x diameter x 1.6 inches height, while a magnetic base is 2.1 pounds, 1.6 x 1.2 inches.

Om/One is offered in three colors: black, white or “disco ball”. The developers say it will be shipped in December.