Samsung trolls Apple novelties in new anti-Apple ads

Samsung company mocks at new Apple prosucts, which were presented in Cupertino on 9 September, in its commertial series on YouTube.
The video were posted on 10 September.

The main characters are two Apple Store workers.
In the first video young people try to launch the live-translation of the Apple event in Flint Center.

Right there on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and Apple Watch pesetation took place.
Despite all their efforts the video doesn’t work. Desponded to launch it, one of the guys confesses thet they work in high-technology sphere and can’t manage to do even such easy task.

In the second video Apple employees managed to launch the translation and see what was shown at the presentation. Firstly they are happy with new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release. However, then they realize it’s just a big screen and become disillusioned.
The video ends with the 5,7-inch display Samsung Galaxy Note 4 advertisment.

The third and the forth videos make fun of lack of full multitasking in Apple products and also demonstrates advantages of Samsung S-pen, the analogue of which Apple doesn’t have.

The next video ridicules Apple Watch, hinting at Samsung Gear S watch is a real breakthrough while Apple device hasn’t any unique function .
All the ads are united. There is the slogan #NoteTheDifference in each of them, intending Samsung Galaxy Note, which is publicized at the end of each video.
There are abot 40-50 thousands views on YouTube already.
Indeed, there were problems with Apple’s online-translation of the presentation, what roused the indignation of people in social networks.

After fans of Samsung and other Android brands criticized Apple novelties, underlining that the company tries to copy other brans, which have already released big-screen gadgets and smart watches.


U2’s new album available for free on iOS devices

U2′s first studio album, called Songs of Innocence,  is automatically appearing on users’ iOS devices for free whithout prior approval.

U2′s full album is now showing up in the iOS Music app even if users did not previously opt-in to accept the free content. So if someone goes into his iTunes purchase history right now, he’ll see it there. Those who have automatic downloads deactivated will still be given the ability to download “Songs of Innocence” tracks from the cloud.

However, there are some problems with removing the tracks. In order to delete the album iPhone users have to open up their iTunes library on computer, locate the album, right-click it, and hit delete. This process will allow to hide the tracks from their iCloud account and prevent its automatic downloading to other devices.

Apple Unveils iPhone 6

It also can be done, by opening the iTunes Store on a Mac or PC, going to the Purchased link in the sidebar, pushing the X button on the album in the Music section. The tracks will be hiden from the Purchased list on your iOS devices. However if it’s already been downloaded, you’ll have to remove it manually.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced U2′s songs would be available for free on iTunes only until October 13th. Then the album will disappear from your purchased section.

Apple stated at the iPhone 6 event on Tuesday that more than 500 million iTunes customers will be provided with free copies of “Songs of Innocence” as part of the “biggest album release in history.” The company has reportedly paid an unknown sum for exclusive first rights to the LP in order to use it as a part of iPhone 6 promotional program. 


Apple Watch – a brand new product of the company + official commercial

Apple revealed yesterday the completely new product category Apple Watch, the presentation of which people were looking for.

The device’s commercial name is Apple Watch, not iWatch, as it was mentioned earlier in non-official sourses. Apple watch got a stainless steel case with sapphire glass and ceramic back part in a standart version. The Sport version is made from aluminum, glass and composite material, and from 18-carat gold in elite version. Bands of different materials are available — leather, steel, fluoroelastomer.

The interface UI is quite unusual, cause all the icons are located in a chaotic manner the form of which resembles a flower. The device has a touchscreen, supports a multi-touch technology and reacts the intensity of the pressing.

The wheel on the side may be used for paging menu or for zooming.


The gadget has a wireless charger with a magnetic mount. The place for Siri and voice-activated control was also found.


All the electronic parts of Apple Watch were put in frames of one block. The watch got moisture protection, the device will be able to connect with iPhone (starting with iPhone 5).


The watch can use a smartphone’s GPS navigation, will measure a heart rate of the owner, while a display allows to look at photos and handle a player.

There are variants of the face – analog, digital, with different covers and so on.
Apple Watch would be available to buy only in 2015. There re three versions offered – Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Prices will start from $350.

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Apple announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 event has finally come and the company has unveiled all the much rumored products.

Apple has kicked the new iPhone lineup: the 4.7-inch device is called iPhone 6, while the larger 5.5-inch model is dubbed “iPhone 6 Plus”.

The both models feature new “Retina HD” displays with cover glass that, according to the company, is ion-strengthened. Additionally, the displays have a full sRGB wide color gamut and that “dual-domain pixels on the photo-aligned IPS display give you a wider angle of view.” The iPhone 6 features display at 1334 by 750 with 326 pixels per inch, while the iPhone 6 Plus offers full 1080p HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 401 pixels per inch.

The new devices also run Apple’s in-house designed 64-bit A8 processor built on the 20-nanometer process technology, which is expected to provide up to 20 percent faster CPU performance and 50 precent faster graphics. The company also mentioned, that the new models of iPhones offer better battery life metric, than the iPhone 5s do.

Also an important feature in the iPhone 6 is a barometer, which is tasked to “senses air pressure to measure relative elevation.”


As for camera specs, there is an 8MP iSight camera, 1.5µ pixels, ƒ/2.2 aperture, including a new sensor and plenty of improvements for such capabilities, like focus, face detection, image stabilization and more. The iPhone 6 Plus also features an “optical image stabilization” option that can not be found in the iPhone 6. Both smartphones are capable of shooting 1080p at 60fps or 30 and slo-mo video at 120 fps or 240 fps.


In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, Apple unveiled NFC as well as the new Apple Pay service. Apple Pay uses a combination of NFC, Touch ID and other technologies to make payments with your iPhone, online and in stores. 

Both new devices also come in with 3x faster 802.11ac WiFi and Voice over LTE feature through a number of supported carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and others. Apple also added a new WiFi calling mode, which can be use only via T-Mobile in the US.

The iPhone 6 measures in at 6.9mm thin, while iPhone 6 Plus comes in a 7.1mm.

The both smartphones will be available in the United States on Friday, September 19, with pre-orders starting this Friday. The iPhone 6 will be available at $199/$299/$399 for the 16/64/128GB models. The iPhone 6 Plus is priced at $299/$399/$499 for models with 16/64/128GB, respectively. 

iPhone-6-pricing iPhone-6-Plus-price


Where to watch today’s Apple presentation?

Today in the Flint Center, California the next Apple presentation will take part, during which the company will show the updated line of its devices and propably will present the brand new one — iWatch, the first smart watches by Apple.

So and where can you see the event. Take a look at our list.

The official web-site of the company

The most easy and evident variant — go to live section and follow the event. That’s the best way as you won’t miss anything and follow the presentation in real time. However, the translation is available only to OS X and iOS devices owners.

The Verge

For those who thought video isn’t enough and who want journalists’ reports from the hall live-translations will be the best way. By the way text reports will leave Apple translation behind, as it will be a little time-lagged.

The Verge offers traditionally good Apple real-times. The page with the translation is already launched, but there are yet only preparations photos .


ReCode will also suggest its online-translation, the reporters decided to emphasize photos and vines from the event.

The presenters list is astonishing — from former The Los Angeles Times reporters to legendary Walt Mossberg, who’s known for his Steeve Jobs and Bill Gates interviews.

Снимок экрана от 2014-09-09 17:01:36

By the way Apple informed it will broadcast the iPhone 6 event live for Safari and Apple TV users, and today Apple TV has reestablished the dedicated Apple Events channel for viewing the announcement live during the event.bxfvcxhciaerwue


The famous designer Marc Newson will work in Apple

As it became known the famous industrial designer Marc Newson is going to join Apple to work in his close friend Jony Ive’s design team.

Apple reports the designer is hired and he will stay in the UK main office, but frequent
business trips to Cupertino office are planned as well.

“Marc is without question one of the most influential designers of this generation,” Ive told the publication. “He is extraordinarily talented. We are particularly excited to formalize our collaboration as we enjoy working together so much and have found our partnership so effective.”

Ive and Newson have been friends for a long time. They cooperated with U2′s Bono to curate a (RED) charity auction last year that raised some $26 million.

Now both men told Sotheby’s about the design principles — watch the video below.

Newson designed a number of consumer and bespoke products, including watches and clocks.
He worked on many prijects like Jaeger-LeCoulture’s Atmos clock, Newson started a Swiss watch company called Ikepod. The watchmaker filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and Newson is no longer affiliated with the firm.

Newson was named in Time’s 100 most influential people list in 2005 and his work has been featured by a number of museums including MoMA.


“I’m full of admiration and respect for the extraordinary design work that has been produced by Jony and the team at Apple. “My close friendship with Jony has not only given me a unique insight into that process, but the opportunity to work together with him and the people that have been responsible. I am enormously proud to join them,”Newson comments on.

Newson is Apple’s latest high-profile hire and comes on the heels of a Beats acquisition that brought rapper Dr. Dre and music mogul Jimmy Iovine into the fold.

Apple also scooped up former Burberry chief Angela Ahrendts in 2013 to head up retail, while Saint Laurent’s Paul Deneve was hired earlier that year to work on “special projects” under CEO Tim Cook.

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Apple and Disney upgrading iBeacons and NFC scanners

Ahead of Apple’s big reveal on Tuesday, the company and Disney stores in the United States have been upgrading versions of iBeacon sensors and NFC readers.

Apple reportedly plans to integrate new sensors, which have the new Gimbal Series 20 Proximity Beacons, and provide more accurate iBeacon location tracking in its own stores. The Gimbal Series 20 Proximity Beacons are made by chip maker Qualcomm and are said to include proprietary features to support its payment platform in a secure manner.

In addition to providing relevant information for the Apple Store app, iBeacons can be useful for new payment systems to support the NFC capabilities on the iPhone 6 and its highly-anticipated wearable device.  Both the iPhone 6 and iWatch are much rumored to be equipped with a Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip to support mobile payments. According to some reports this past week, Apple will cooperate with several other retailers for the service, including Walgreens, CVS, Nordstrom and more. 


Disney’s retail stores are also said to be getting new credit card hardware that supports NFC, which will also likely integrate with Apple’s new mobile payment service. According to the sources at Disney, the entire chain of stores is being provided this week with new credit card machines. There are no confirmation on whether the Disney NFC installations are related to the upcoming iPhone 6 launch or not. Disney and Apple has a long relationships, with its CEO Bob Iger as a member of the Apple board and the Mickey Mouse house as the first major content owner, who has allowed to sell movies digitally through iTunes. In addition to Disney, major fast food chain McDonalds has started installing NFC-based credit card machines in many franchises.

Earlier this year, an FCC filing announced that Apple was working on its own first-party iBeacon hardware.  The iPhone maker has also established deals with big credit companies such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and credit card issuers to support its mobile payments service.

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Rdio music reworked app

The Rdio music streaming service has released a renovated version of its mobile app which is focused on free “stations”.

Rdio Music is a free music library which is fifteen times bigger than Spotify, Pandora and other competing apps.

Just as other radio apps Rdio has a function of automatical creation of playlists and stations from the library. Playlists are made according to user’s favours.

The stations from musicians and other celebrities are also available just as in iTunes Radio.
Users have an ability to listen to music they’ve already heard or search for new songs with the help of a slider that goes from “familiar” to “adventurous.”

You can also share your music with friends as well as follow their playlists and find out what music they like.

What is important there is no in-app add.




In response to recent iCloud hacks, Apple plans to add security alerts

Apple has finally taken the situation with a recently leaked cache of nude celebs photos into its hands. In the first interview with the Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Tim Cook answered questions regarding the recent iCloud scandal and said that the company plans to add an extra layer of protection for the service.

The Apple executive shared details on how they plan to provide users with additional security:

To make such leaks less likely, Mr. Cook said Apple will alert users via email and push notifications when someone tries to change an account password, restore iCloud data to a new device, or when a device logs into an account for the first time. Until now, users got an email when someone tried to change a password or log in for the first time from an unknown Apple device; there were no notifications for or restoring iCloud data.”

Cook also said, that Apple’s new plan would come into effect in two weeks and will let users quickly react to potential breaches by either changing their passwords or alerting Apple’s security team.


As for the company’s current security measures, Cook believes it can be relied on, pointing to the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID fingerprint recognition feature and iCloud’s two-step authentication protocol. Cook explained, that plenty of Apple’s users don’t use two-factor authentication, and celebrities, whose iCloud accounts have been hacked, also neglected two-factor verification.

In his first interview on the subject, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said celebrities’ iCloud accounts were compromised when hackers correctly answered security questions to obtain their passwords, or when they were victimized by a phishing scam to obtain user IDs and passwords. He said none of the Apple IDs and passwords leaked from the company’s servers.”

The CEO added, that the feature’s coverage area will be broadened with the release of iOS 8 to include iCloud access from mobile devices.



IKEA created the apple-themed advertisement

The swedish company IKEA parodied Aplle video ads in its new catalogue advertisement.

Apple tricks such as close-ups, light minimalist backgrounds and complex descriptions are used openly In IKEA’s video ad. The catalogue is presented as «bookbook» and characterised as a simple, intuitively clear device with the preset content.

IKEA designer, which comments on the video wear a T-shirt resembling Jony Ive’s one, who is the main designer of Aplle. It’s obvious what for it was made.

The catalogue is described humorously as «fully charged, battery is eternal». The catologue’s «tactile touch technology» is also noted.

This is not a first time Apple company’s style was stolen. For instance in August ex company’s employee created a web-site devoted to his new-born son, where he presented the baby as new Apple’s device – «brand new mini», with preset apps like «iEat» and «iSleep».