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Apple Watch withstands 1200m swim, 10m dive, and 40m water chamber tests

The Apple Watch has been involved into multiple waterproofing tests since its public launch in April, and appeared to be much more resilient against water damage than the company has announced.

Endurance sports and tech blogger Ray Maker posted a few Apple Watch-related waterproof videos that further prove the device’s ability to withstand exposure to water.

According to the official information, the Apple Watch is IPX7-rated to a depth of just one meter, and the company even recommends against swimming with the device or even showering with it. However, in the tests the Watch survived a 1,200-meter (3,937-foot) swim, dives off of a 32-foot platform, and even a waterproofing test chamber set to conduct two simulated dives down to 40 meters (131.2 feet).

After about 25 minutes in the water and a 1200 meter swim, blogger Ray Maker found results similar to most other waterproofing tests over the past few weeks – the Apple Watch remains seemingly resilient against any water damage. 

The chamber test demonstrated the product survive the same pressures as devices rated to 50 meters (164 feet), such as the Fitbit Surge or the Garmin Vivoactive. The only difference with the Watch is that it has no warranty coverage for any kind of intentional water exposure, much less intentional submersion.

I’m impressed, it’s still chugging along after that – with not a single sign of any issues at all. Clearly this is all more than adequate for any sort of casual sweat or showering. Though I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out over the next few weeks just in case,” said Maker.

Warranty concerns remain, however, for users who expose their Watch to intense conditions.

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Apple debuts ‘Change Everything’ iPad ad campaign

Apple on Wednesday launched its newest iPad marketing campaign, “Change Everything,” offering a comprehensive look at how the tablet fits into and enriches the life of its owners.

The video starts off with a list of things that have changed since the debut of the first iPad, such as small businesses and education. Then, the ad shows a number of applications and accessories that have augmented the way people connect, learn, and conduct business, and enjoy their lives.

In addition to the new commercial, the “Change Everything” campaign includes  a new website featuring the apps that change the way people go about their daily lives. It breaks off into 6 sections: Cooking with iPad, Learning with iPad, Small Business with iPad, Traveling with iPad, Redecorating with iPad, and Why iPad?


Each section of the new site contains imagery covering what the iPad can do and a lot of recommended applications for each purpose. “Cooking with iPad,” for instance, includes sections on using the tablet as a cookbook, as a tool to create cookbooks, and as a prep tool for organizing ingredients to be bought.  Some of the recommended apps in this section include  Green Kitchen and Yummly.

For small businesses, there are such apps like the Square credit card reader and QuickBooks.

The education page offers options for students ranging from kids to college students, while the redecorating section gives access to the apps that help you decorate and furniture your home, like Vango Art and ColorSnap Studio.

Apple previously launched a number of different advertising campaigns for the iPad in an effort to spur people into purchasing one of its tablets. The company has already offered “Why You’ll Love an iPad,” “Your Verse,” and “Start Something New” in 2013 and 2014. 

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Apple launches ‘Made for Apple Watch’ third-party bands program

Apple announced a new developer site called “Creating Bands for Apple Watch”, which offers band design guidelines for third-party companies planning to make bands for the Apple Watch. The design guidelines feature requirements for the bands to get Apple certification in the new Made for Apple Watch program.

On the site, Apple explains that Watch bands are “easily changed with simple release buttons and lugs that secure the band to the Apple Watch case.”
Along with design guidelines for third-party bands, the company says that “lugs” (attachments for the bands as shown in the video above) will be available soon. A number of third-party developers have already revealed straps with new leathers, battery packs, and unique designs. Apple’s guidelines for third-party band development mean that the accessories are required to meet certain environmental specifications and be able to be tightened enough to a wrist to remain compatible with the Watch’s heart rate sensor.

The bands must integrate with the two lugs that mate with the Apple device interface. Additionally, they are not allowed to integrate magnetic chargers and the lug latch can’t be jammed while in an extended position.


The company has also published design diagrams for the Watch, which may be useful for those interested in the Apple Watch’s industrial design:


While the new device from the iPhone maker has launched a little over a week ago and most early owners have yet to get their new devices, interest in third-party bands has been growing.

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CuteDJ-friendly DJ software for Your Mac. It’s never been easier to be a DJ.

Whether you’re DJing your next house party, spinning at a club, or broadcasting as a radio DJ, CuteDJ has everything you need to do it right.

CuteDJ is a complete DJ software solution, bringing powerful features united in an easy-to-use interface making mixing your favorite tracks easy.

While some mixers have a lot of things difficult to understand, CuteDJ is easy enough to get around and mix songs for fun without the hassle. This is simply designed to satisfy the needs of both newcomers and professional DJs.

The installation process is pretty straightforward: you just download the software from its official site and install it like any other program; once done, you are given access to all the tools and features you need to start.

CuteDJ supports 15 file formats beyond MP3 – including video. You can load as many audio and video files as you want and create your own mixes. Karaoke files are also supported.  For a simpler and more intuitive mixing experience, the program has three options “Audio,” “Video” and “Karaoke” so that you look for files by filtering tracks by audio, video and karaoke format.

The program also integrates with iTunes, meaning all your playlists and songs from there are automatically ready to go for your next live DJ performance. Additionally, CuteDJ allows you to remove the current playlist, add or clear files, change their order and even use yellow, blue, red and green tags.

Another great thing about CuteDJ is that it can mix videos and songs in both AutoMix (mix songs automatically) and manual mode.


The program has tons of audio effects that you can apply to both your audio and video tracks, you can simulate vinyl scratching, change the playback speed, equalize the audio, fade in and out, add echo, phaser and more.

This software has a well-designed interface, where all the elements necessary to create mixes are integrated in an easy way. Simply drag and drop your favorite music onto the deck or into the playlist and you’re ready to go. There are 2 decks, each with an impressive level of features, while also controlling playback of audio and video files and one or more CD drives. You get detailed waveform graphic rolling view of the real time audio signal, information about the audio signal and the beat rhythm. Using two zooming buttons, you can easily decide either to display more or less of the track.


What is more, there is a sync function, that allows automatically match the beat of two tracks with auto-tempo detection for easy mixing. The loop controls are also present. You can save and load up to three various loops. To make your mixing experience more gratifying, CuteDJ also incorporates automatic cue point selection, which allows you to return to the saved position or start playing the track from the cue-point that you’ve placed.

Finally, CuteDJ supports over 55 hardware controllers and also features an advanced MIDI learn mode.  

CuteDJ is a new DJ software application for mixing, designed to satisfy the needs of both novice and professional DJs.

CuteDJ is available for both PC and Mac users as a fully functional demo for 30 days, with a limit of 20 minutes per session.

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iPad app issue caused delay of American Airlines flights

Problems with an app on iPads given to pilots on American Airline flights caused a delay of “a few dozen” flights, making it difficult for planes to take off and making them return to the gates to fix the issue.

“Some flights are experiencing an issue with a software application on pilot iPads,” American Airlines wrote on Twitter.

According to different user reports, the devices went blank for both captains and copilots. In order to avoid serious problems, pilots had to return to the gate and connect to the WiFi.

It’s still unclear how many flights suffered from this iPad outage, but some users have reported on Twitter that they’ve been able to take off. The issue was centered around an update that was pushed 4 days ago, according to one pilot.


Two years ago, American Airlines replaced the paper versions of its cockpit documents with iPad flight bags on all planes. The company believes, this replacement allows to save money and simplify the work of pilots. In addition, the iPads also came with a long-life battery that keeps the iPad powered for 24 hours.

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Best Buy begins accepting Apple Pay in app

Best Buy announced that it will gain support for Apple Pay within its mobile app immediately and within its stores later this year.

Best Buy’s decision to adopt Apple Pay is important because Best Buy was previously a member of MCX, the Apple Pay competitor that’s pushing the CurrentC payments service.

Best Buy follows MCX member Meijer in offering Apple Pay to customers, and while both companies signed exclusivity agreements. MCX members can’t accept both CurrentC and Apple Pay at the same time, so it remains unclear if Best Buy remains a part of MCX.

Following the announcement, Best Buy also revealed an update for its iOS app that now allows consumers to purchase items through Apple Pay, eligible for both home delivery and in-store pickup. The company will also open NFC pay via iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus at its checkout counters.


According to multiple sources, Best Buy will start accepting Apple Pay later in 2015 because its MCX exclusivity agreements don’t expire until the summer of 2015.

A Best Buy representative said that the company is still invested in MCX, but did not confirm the company will offer MCX when it launches. “We are actively monitoring their pilots. It’s too early to declare whether we will take it at launch.”

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Third-party apps on Apple Watch

The iPhone maker company launched its first smart watch with more than 3,000 third-party applications, a number expected to grow exponentially in the future.

A lot of famous companies and developers revealed their products.

Amazon’s offering allows users to look for items via voice dictation, scroll through product descriptions and view star ratings with the Digital Crown. In addition, they are given the ability to add products to their wish list directly from Watch.

Other product is Dark Sky, which simplifies the use of Glances. With an easy swipe-up gesture, compatible apps offer bite-size bits of information for at-a-glance consumption.


As for Instagram, the social media service allows watch’s owners to browse profiles and pictures, but limitations prohibit Apple Watch app versions from playing back video. The app still lets favorite video content, but playback is offloaded to iPhone.

Among other interesting apps incorporating support for Apple services is the Starbucks app. The service makes it possible to control payment card balances, find nearby locations and see loyalty points, with transactions completed via QR codes stored in Passbook.

The list of apps compatible with Apple Watch is long enough and includes such services like Twitter, Citymapper, Calcbot, Deliveries, Tripadviser, Clear and more.shazam

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Pharrell performs at Apple campus in celebration of Earth Day, shows off Apple Watch

Grammy Award winning singer performed at Apple’s campus in Cupertino on Wednesday, entertaining employees and showing off his Apple Watch in celebration of Earth Day.

The company has worked with Pharrell in the past, as he was one of their iTunes Festival partners in London.

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared a picture of the performance in Twitter, saying, “Thanks @Pharrell for an unforgettable Earth Day celebration.” A number of attendees also posted images of the event to social media sites, including one showing Pharrell holding up his Apple Watch Edition to the crowd.

The musician was among the first high-profile stars to be seen wearing Watch in public well before its debut. He was spotted wearing the new device at NBC’s talent show “The Voice” in early April. Then, the singer posted a brief Instagram video demonstrating the device configured with a Mickey Mouse watch face. pharrell-earth

This isn’t the first time the company has organized a performance at its campus. Following the death of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Coldplay performed at his memorial.

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Apple preparing to ship out first Apple Watch orders

Ahead of the official Apple Watch launch on April 24th, the company has began charging customer credit and debit cards. Different users on social media that pre-ordered the Apple Watch are saying that they have been charged by Apple for their order.

Both Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport customers have reportedly been charged from “Processing Items” to “Preparing for Shipment.”

The iPhone maker is only accepting Apple Watch orders online and recently informed employees that the product won’t be available for in-store purchases until June, at the earliest.

Apple Watch orders with status “Preparing for Shipment” are still listing prospective delivery dates of 4/24 to 5/8, but the first orders are expected to begin arriving on Friday April 24, the official launch date of the device. Now that order statuses have been changed, customers should begin receiving shipment emails in the near future.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch orders will ship out from these central distribution centers via Fedex and UPS, so a lot of devices will arrive on Friday. Once a status changes to Preparing for Shipment, customers can track by reference number using a phone number on the UPS and FedEx websites to get tracking information before a shipping email even goes out.

Exact preorder details are unavailable, though according to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, numbers will reach 2.3 million units.


Porsche confirmed to have Apple CarPlay in future models

Apple announced on its CarPlay webpage that the legendary German automaker Porsche is the latest brand to receive CarPlay in its line of future automobiles.

The company didn’t provided details on when Porsche will rollout the standard or how it will replace the company’s own Porsche Communication Management that offers GPS navigation, voice control and digital audio, along with speed limit indicators as you’re whipping your super-fast Porsche down the highway.

Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed all major car manufacturers plan to incorporate the third-party infotainment platform into 40 new car models in 2015.

In addition to Porsche, CarPlay is supported by Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Mazda, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Honda, and others. CarPlay is also available in aftermarket automobile sound systems available from Alpine and Pioneer.


Along with Apple, who is working on its auto platform, Google and Microsoft are also fighting for the dashboard. Google is offering an Android Auto platform similar to CarPlay, while Microsoft is working on a new iteration powered by BlackBerry’s QNX.