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Instagram will show posts out of chronological order

Popular photo sharing service Instagram revealed its plans to apply an optimization algorithm-based feed in the coming months, shifting from its current chronological-based feed. 

You may be surprised to learn that people miss on average 70 percent of their feeds. As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share. This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most.”

The similar algorithm is currently used by parent company Facebook, which was doing this for years with News Feeds. In addition, Twitter recently introduced a similar feature for Timelines. 

Instagram claims that the new feed will be re-ordered to show moments the company says users will care about the most. The algorithm will mainly be based on a user’s relationship to the person posting and the timeliness of their post.

Instagram also said that the change will take effect soon, but added that it will continue paying attention to user feedback and tweak the algorithm over the coming months.


Finally, the company is planning to optimize the order of posts, which means all the posts in a user’s news feed will be in a different order.

Instagram has not mentioned whether or not it will provide a setting for switching between a chronological feed and an algorithm-based feed.

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New iPhone 7 case image depicts thinner body and new larger camera

The first image purports to show technical drawings for the iPhone 7 chassis appeared on French blog 

The alleged images from Taiwanese phone case manufacturer Catcher Technology show the back of the iPhone 7, which is expected to be released by Apple this coming September. 

You can see that the rear camera is surrounded by a larger black orifice, which explains why the new design results in a “slight bulging outgrowth.” The opening also sits closer to the edge of the device.

According to the rumors, a dual-camera system will be reserved for the larger 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus, potentially exclusive to a version called ‘iPhone 7 Pro’.

The chassis leaker adds that the design “seems slightly thinner than the iPhone 6s, confirming in passing the lack of a headphone jack port”. 

iPhone 7


Steve Hemmerstoffer has shared a full body rendering on the site, showing an artist’s conception of the rear of the upcoming iPhone 7. The new device is set to arrive this fall.



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EA announces collectible card game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Super publisher Electronic Arts announced a new game in the popular Plants vs. Zombies series, called Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

The title combines a lot of core principles of the Plants vs Zombies series, but introduces a new class of characters to the PvZ Universe, including a powerful peashooter The Green Shadow, Impfinity, a Zombie Imp Hero with the ability to create multiple Imp clones during battle. PvZ Heroes also features a number of new characters from Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 like Super Brainz, Z-Mech, Citron, and Rose. The game has a total of 300 characters. 

In the game, you need sun energy to make moves on the plants side. When you play a card, an enemy can attack. You always get a chance to attack back. To win he game, you have to defeat the enemy Hero and defend your own. You can buff your units to make them stronger. Some units can only be played in water or roof lanes. Once you reach a certain level, you can start playing as zombies. Zombies have their own advantages, like hiding played characters under gravestones so you can’t see their capabilities.

You can also travel through a single player adventure, real-time competitive player-vs-player mode, compete in tournaments, lower the pressure in casual mode. The game offers 20 unique adventures and five battles in each adventure, making for 100 battles on each side. You are provided with your hero unit and supporting units which are all familiar plants and zombies from the other games. You control your plants or zombies by using familiar mechanics where you’re taking turns drawing your different units as cards, then dragging them out on to the battlefield.  

PvZ-heroes-2-800x524 (1)

EA is rolling out a soft launch for the game in certain territories, before a worldwide release later on.


‘Nerds’ Musical chronicling Steve Jobs-Bill Gates rivalry сancels Broadway run

January report revealed that Nerds, a musical about the rivalry between Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, would start its Broadway run on March 31, 2016.

Yesterday, producer Carl Levin said that the production would have to cancel its Broadway run. 

On behalf of my fellow producers and investors, it is with great disappointment that we will be postponing the Broadway opening of ‘Nerds’ due to the loss of a major investor,” he said in a statement.

Written by Jordan Allen-Dutton and Erik Weiner, “Nerds” was first staged in 2005 by the Philadelphia Theatre Company. The musical comedy was awarded with several prizes and had a limited engagement at the North Carolina Theater.


The musical, which featured lyrics by Robot Chicken’s Jordan Allen-Dutton and Erik Weiner and music by Hal Goldberg, was expected to include “an array of tech” that featured holograms and a companion app that allowed the public to select the show’s ending. The musical comedy would chronicle the rise of Jobs and Gates and the competition between their companies.

According to producers, a national touring version of the show is also in the works.

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Apple aiming to debut OLED iPhone in 2017

Apple is reportedly planning to push up the debut of the OLED iPhone to 2017, which is a year earlier than previous estimates, reports Nikkei, who was among the first publications to report on iPhone’s rumored switch to OLED.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple has contacted LG and Samsung to talk about ramping up OLED production in time for next year’s handset launch.

If true, the company will debut OLED displays two years earlier than predicted by noted analyst Ming Chi Kuo. Last year, Kuo said that he believes Apple to continue using existing TFT-LCD panels until at least 2019.

Apple has long shown interest in OLED technology and even revealed a number of patents related to the tech. In addition, December report claimed that the company had opened a secret lab with at least 50 engineers working on advanced OLED and LCD projects.


OLED displays are said to be thinner and more power-effeicent than LCD technology and will allow for deeper blacks. The iPhone maker currently uses OLED technology in the Apple Watch.

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Сhange the mood of your room with Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb

Do you want to change the mood of your room with just a few taps? The SatechiRevogi Bluetooth 4.0 RGBW Smart LED Bulbs offers 16 million color combinations.

In addition to the color option, the smart device can dim and brighten on command, and use just 10 percent of the energy consumed by a standard bulb.

Revogi’s smart LED bulbs are easy to install and can fit into any standard socket. Once paired with the free Delite app on smartphone, it gives you control upto 10 smart LED bulbs from your phone at once. All you need to do is to use the companion app to select between millions of colors and set mood lighting to calm or energize you.

You can also easily set timers to turn lights on or off to help you fall asleep and wake up with your own customized settings.

Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb

Every bulb features a lifespan of 25,000 hours and uses 10% of the energy in comparison with a standard bulb.


Key features:

Control all aspects of your lights from an easy-to-use app

  • Choose from 16 million color options
  • Easily control the brightness of your lights
  • Set smart-timers
  • Control up to 10 bulbs from the app
  • Enjoy preset ‘scenes’
  • Use 90% less energy than w/ traditional bulbs

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Next iOS 9.3 Beta will return Apple Pencil Navigation Functionality

According to the Apple’s statement to The Verge, the Pencil’s ability to be used as a finger replacement for the user interface navigation will return in the next iOS 9.3 beta.

“We believe a finger will always be the primary way users navigate on an iPad, but we understand that some customers like to use Apple Pencil for this as well and we’ve been working on ways to better implement this while maintaining compatibility during this latest beta cycle,” a company spokesperson said. “We will add this functionality back in the next beta of iOS 9.3.”

The early iOS 9.3 betas removed key functionality from the Apple Pencil, and there were rumors saying the feature removal was intentional.

The first iOS 9.3 beta didn’t allow its users to use the Apple Pencil for such tasks like choosing text, scrolling, swiping between apps, accessing menus, and general editing functions in non-drawing apps. All these options are available in iOS 9.2, and their absence from four betas made users suggest the removal was both permanent and intentional. 


A lot of iPad Pro owners complained for the inability to use the Apple Pencil for navigating and a number of customers noted they were not planning to upgrade to the new operating system if it meant being unable to use the iPad Pro outside of drawing apps.


Apple ID linked to terrorist’s device changed while it was in government hands

Apple’s battle against the FBI’s demand to unlock a terrorist’s iPhone has taken a new turn.

According to new reports, the Department of Justice has just filed a motion to compel the company to obey the judge’s order.

The Justice Department filed a motion Friday to compel Apple to assist investigators in accessing data on the Apple iPhone used by Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the shooters in the 2015 attack, which left 14 people dead. The phone is owned by Farook’s former employer, the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health.The department has agreed to allow investigators to search the device.

In response to a Department of Justice request, the company’s executives noted the Apple ID passcode linked to that smartphone was changed while the handset was in government hands, effectively blocking attempts to retrieve an iCloud backup.

Apple’s refusal to help unlock the phone for the F.B.I. “appears to be based on its concern for its business model and public brand marketing strategy,” rather than a legal rationale.

Apple ID

The fight started earlier this week when a magistrate for the United States District Court for the Central District of California issued an order compelling the company to “assist in enabling the search of cellular telephone, Apple make: iPhone 5C.”

Apple is required to give “reasonble technical assistance to assist law enforcement agents in obtaining access to the data” on the handset.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also authored a public letter on Apple’s site saying the order “has implications far beyond the legal case at hand.”


Apple stops iPhone 4s & 5c sales in India

Apple has reportedly stopped selling entry-level iPhone 4s and iPhone 5c models in India in an effort to raise the average selling prices of its devices and increase profits.

According to the reports from The Economic Times, the company is no longer selling generations-old iPhone 4s and iPhone 5c models through official channels. Apple‘s regional website has been updated to show the change.

The company had been selling the iPhone 4s in India for just Rs 12,000 ($175 USD), while the iPhone 5c was available for Rs 20,000 ($292 USD).  The price of the iPhone 5s dropped in India last December, as Apple tried to to accelerate growth.

Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that Apple expects users will pay more for a better and more capable smartphone, even in countries like India. He also added that the company’s research found out that there’s no reason to release lower-cost, less feature-packed iPhones in countries like India and China when people want to pay more to get the latest technology, thus providing Apple with higher profit margins and a higher average selling price.


India was one of the few countries where Apple competed with Android handsets on price. The company is also working to open its own retail stores in the country as well as a new development center there. 


Microsoft unveils new Windows 10 smartphone Lumia 650

Apple’s competitor, Microsoft has launched its latest Lumia-branded Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, priced at a suggested retail price of $199 before local taxes and subsidies.

As expected, the Lumia 650 comes with a 5-inch display, 16GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, a 2000 mAh battery, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor clocked at 1.3GHz, and supports LTE.

The Lumia 650 is backed by a 2000mAh battery and supports Nano-SIM. There is no difference in innards between the Lumia 650 and its dual-SIM variant. 

As for the cameras, the new device is packing a 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera.

The Lumia 650 is aimed at businesses and fits “perfectly into the enterprise with built-in support for Microsoft business apps.” The company notes that the the new smartphone will allow IT to “test the latest Windows 10 Mobile updates against critical line of business systems and apps.”

Like other Windows 10 devices, the Lumia 650 packs Microsoft suite of productivity apps including Office apps, for creating and editing documents on-the-go; OneDrive, for cloud storage, and Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant.Lumia650

Microsoft stated:

“This really is a beautiful phone. We’ve paid attention to every detail, pairing the highest level of craftsmanship with maximum everyday productivity.”