Prepare for the big release by uninstalling Diablo 3 Open Beta and gaining 5GB Disk Space

 Debated in a previous article about its big release on 15 May, the beta version was like a good teaser, making everyone more eager of putting their hands on the game. The Diablo 3 Beta client is no longer at use so making room for 5GB of disk space would surely come in handy. For uninstalling the app from your Mac device the steps are quite simple, so all the user has to do is follow the procedures.

  • Go to Applications and send the Diablo 3 Beta folder straight to the Recycle Bin
  • Go to Library/Preferences and delete com.blizzard.diablo3.plist
  • Afterwards navigate to Library/Caches and delete the whole com.blizzard.diablo3 folder
  • Last but not least, open Downloads and delete the install file Diablo III Beta and also

Empty Recycle Bin after you have finished the procedures for enjoying even more disk space.

Source: OS X Daily

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