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Say goodbye to 13-inch MacBook White

MacBook, “the notebook for everyone”, was brought into notice in flourishing times, namely in 2006 when the Intel processors began to replace the PowerPC. Until 2010, when MacBook Air was released, MacBook was Apple’s precious notebook.

Since its release on the market the MacBook suffered some design changes the most relevant being in 2009 when the notebook received a unibody polycarbonate enclosure. Last year Apple drew the MacBook off the retail market, but it remained available for educational institution’s needs. According to MacRumors, Apple decided few days ago to stop every MacBook White selling; the notebook is now classified as “End of Life.”

Apple uses progress and innovation to build success and the 13-inch MacBook White can no longer be improved since devices as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iPad were released. The iPad and the iBook Textbooks are used more and more in educational development so neither in schools the good old MacBook could find no more a useful place.

Source: MacRumors

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