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Siri (Voice Dictation) coming to OS X Mountain Lion at WWDC 2012?

Siri, the personal virtual assistant and its alternative, Voice Dictation are the most wanted gestures on gadgets. Siri was the special element that made the iPhone 4S so popular and although Voice Dictation does not offer the same advantages as Siri, many iPad users we’re glad to have it and took full advantage of it. Many argue that Apple used the dictation feature in the new iPad to test Siri’s possible existence on it.

Now, rumors wonder around that the new operating system that would be released this June at WWDC , OS X Mountain Lion, will provide Voice Dictation.  Dictation practically types with a virtual keyboard whatever the user has said. On iPhone 4S and the latest generation of iPad, users activate dictation by tapping the microphone key on the virtual keyboard but since Macs do not support virtual keyboards with a microphone-labeled key, users would have to click both command keys to start voice input (Cmd-Cmd).

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