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Apple Updates AirPort Utility, AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule Firmware

Apple has just released yesterday updates for Airport Utility network software with a very simple user interface but impressive graphical map of the wireless base stations and how they interact to each other enhancing the listing option. This new version, 6.0, works with latest AirPort Express Extreme and Time Capsules supporting 802.11n. It seems that, this new simplified interface is missing the capacity to detail clients’ wireless signal strength, MAC addresses and some network statistics. Also, internet connection settings and other technical specifications are organized in a more convenient way, to increase its usability and make it easier for end users.

Beside the Utility update, Apple also released the AirPort firmware update 7.6.1 for security improvements and wireless performance, where the most interesting of the improvements is the possibility to remotely access a Time Capsule’s hard drive or a hard drive connected to an AirPort device through USB. This feature previously existed on Apple’s MobileMe online service, but became unusable once users moved their accounts to iCloud. Before applying the firmware update, it is recommended to install at least AirPort Utility 5.5.3.

We notice, Apple continues to progressively improve its wireless technology and, as I said in a previous article, it’s expected to add the new 802.11c standard support for Gigabit Wireless.

Source: macworld