New Update for Angry Birds Space: 10 Tasty New Levels (Utopia)

It seems that Rovio spoils Angry Birds fans with new updates once in a while. Previous updates to Angry Birds Space provided a new planet Fry Me to the Moon. Quite next to it a “coming soon” multilevel planet was also present in the update. The latest version of Angry Birds reveals that the donut-shape planet is a high-sugar multilevel planet that is available for download in App Store.

Utopia comes with 10 new levels bringing popcorn, cookies and candy apples especially made for pigs. The game is available for 0,79 €. Apple Store states what’s new in version 1.2.0:

Munch your way through 10 tasty new levels!
Bounce birds off jelly trampolines!
Pop corn to create delicious mayhem 


Angry Birds Space succeeds in achieving 10 million downloads in only 3 days

Chuckling over success would be the words that best describe the current game. We recently found out that Rovio Mobile has big plans for opening an Angry Birds theme park in the U.K, U.S and China and now the news hit the market: succeeding in reaching 10 million downloads in just 3 days. Angry Birds is practically everywhere. A previous version of the popular bird-launching game series, Angry Birds Rio was considered a success when reached 10 million downloads in 10 days. Although released on the same time on iOS, Android, Mac and Pc, Angry Birds Space is gaining more addicts as days pass by.


You can never get enough of Angry Birds: get ready to step into its European parkland

Andgry Birds is conquering the world. People are experiencing the mobile game phenomenon from various perspectives, starting with iOS and Android apps and going on with toys, versions for PSP and Chrome, the board version of the game, Holiday themes for Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Easter, a cook book containing only egg dishes, the animated series of the game, which is aimed to be released this summer, and the popular Facebook page.

However, people never experienced the Angry Birds universe to the full of it, so Rovio Mobile thought of the outdoors world of the game and plans to open an Angry Birds theme park in the U.K. and other two parks in U.S. and China for the nearest future .

Angry Birds will be brought to life by authentic arcade games, sandpits, pitches, slides and many others Angry Birds-looking elements. Also the entire variety of characters, from the best to the worst, will be integrated in the plan of the park, which is aimed to be largest than Disneyland.

“The Angry Birds parks will be little lands inside already existing theme parks, similar to the character-themed sections Disney Theme Parks. But the company’s goal is to be much bigger than Disney,” said Rovio CMO, Peter Vesterbacka.

Anyway, I am still waiting for Rovio Mobile to merchandise a fuzzy Big Red Bird pillow.

Source: Mashable Tech

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Hot News: Angry Birds Space available for download

We stated in a previous article that a new game of Angry Birds will soon hit App Store and here it is ladies and gentleman, Angry Birds Space.  Available for iOS, Android, Mac and Pc the game brings fans something different this time, a quest in outer space. In the attempt of saving their eggs from the nasty giant claw, the Angry Birds find themselves all of a sudden in a strange unknown galaxy populated by space pigs.

Get set for experiencing all the 60 interstellar levels on planets and destroy the Pigs. For further details check our review in the Apps section.


Angry Birds Space soon to hit Apple Store

Calling out all Angry Birds fans, get set for the new game in the hood, namely Angry Birds Space. After chuckling over success with Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Rio, the forth version of the well-known game is said to be available on March 22.

Yahoo! Games states:

Rovio considers Angry Birds Space to be their biggest launch since the original game, which has put up some staggering numbers over the years. Since the franchise debuted in 2009, it’s been downloaded over 700 million times across various iOS and Android devices, making it one of the most lucrative game properties in the world. The game also helped launch the Google Plus gaming channel, and earlier this week finally flung itself at Facebook.

Rumors argue that the new game will provide new birds beside the familiar ones, coming with brand new super powers, Nasa and National Georaphic being launch partners for the game. We’re waiting eagerly for bringing down the Pigs that stole the eggs.