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Divoom Airbeat-10 compact wireless Bluetooth speaker

Are you looking for a Bluetooth speaker, which is small enough to share your bag with keys and purse? Then, The Airbeat-10 from Divoom is a good solution for you.

The Airbeat-10 is another stunning sound device with wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. That means, that you can easily connect this audio device with your Bluetooth enabled devices and wired devices.

The Airbeat-10 is splash-proof, which means it can be used in the shower or on the beach. It has an integrated microphone that allows a hands-free communication session.

Also, it is a portable Bluetooth speaker so you can carry it in your bag or hand. The Airbeat-10 comes packaged with bike mounts, so you can attach Divoom speaker anywhere you want. The suction cup that comes with the Airbeat-10 as well makes it possible to stick it to just about anywhere. 


The Airbeat-10 itself is a very compact wireless Bluetooth speaker with a dimensions of 87 x 78 x 45 mm, that has a built-in rechargeable battery of 500 mAh which can be used up to 6 hours in continuation and can be recharged in just 2.5 hours via USB cable. The Bluetooth version 3.0 used in the speaker provides connection up to10 meters.

The Divoom Airbeat-10 is available in several color versions, including “Passion Red, Sky Blue, Pearl White and Smart Black”and priced at $30.

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Om/One-first levitating Bluetooth speaker

Audio developer OM Audio has introduced its new product:the world’s first levitating speaker.  If you really want an impressive-looking Bluetooth speaker, you will enjoy the Om/One, a gravity-defying gadget.

The new device available for $179 includes a base and a round speaker that levitates above it. Thanks to magnetic levitation, the speaker floats about an inch off its base, allowing to achieve the spinning, levitating effect, all while the user is listening to the audio. The OM/ONE relies on its 75mm audio driver to provide its owner with clear, balanced mids, highs and lows.

Users has the ability to connect their phones or devices via bluetooth 4.0 to stream wireless music, and for pairing two OM/ONEs together for stereo sound.

The Bluetooth speaker can connect to most devices including smartphones, notebooks and tablets via Bluetooth 4.0, which are located at the distance of 33 feet.


The round speaker can be used with or without its magnetic base, which needs an AC adapter, and features an integrated battery with up to 15 hours of non-stop play. It is also equipped with a microphone, meaning you can use the OM/One as a speakerphone.

The spherical speaker is 6.3 inches x diameter x 1.6 inches height, while a magnetic base is 2.1 pounds, 1.6 x 1.2 inches.

Om/One is offered in three colors: black, white or “disco ball”. The developers say it will be shipped in December. 

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HealthKit supports some Bluetooth products natively

Apple’s HealthKit is said to promise an all-in-one location for health and fitness-related iOS accessories and their companion information.  In addition to this ability, the platform can reportedly also support some medical Bluetooth accessories natively, making it possible to skip developing apps for iOS and focus on their hardware. That means, that HealthKit can automatically connect to and control the device itself. The products that will be built-in and supported natively by HealthKit include heart rate and blood pressure monitors, glucose sensors, and health thermometers.

Bluetooth medical products can be detected by HealthKit and all the data will be collected and synced by the new Health app without the user having to do anything in a third-party app, providing with an easy way to find health information in a single place. Additionally, device makers won’t have to spend resources and time making an app rather than focus on their hardware.

Apple is using official standard specs for Bluetooth LE devices from, allowing iOS 8 to automatically establish a connection with the devices without the developers thinking about anything related to software.


Previously these manufacturers were required to spend time and money creating companion apps for their devices that handle the pairing and collection of data. It will also be helpful to app developers, who allow users to connect to products from third-party companies.

iPhone maker is also prompting and giving manufacturers the ability to create other types of accessories that don’t fall under the natively supported devices above, but those will need an iOS app to implement the HealthKit API.



Gramovox-world’s first Bluetooth gramophone

The idea to ​​combine old gramophone with modern acoustics is not new. The example is Trumstand iPhone Dock, which can not be purchased by everyone, because of the cost of this fabulous accessory. Gramovox, inspired by the Magnavox R3 Horn of the 1920s, is closer to reality.

Gramovox has launched a Kickstater for the Gramovox Gramophone, a retro-style Bluetooth speaker that it first introduced earlier this year. The device is just over nineteen inches tall and has a 15-hour battery life.

The most snitzy part of the device is its steel horn, responsible for amplification and audio output. It was shaped by some of the world’s fnest metalsmith. Gramovox is designed and crafted with parts made in America. The wood bases are produced by woodcrafsmen from Ohio. Electronics of the gramophone are made in Michigan. “There’s a feeling of pride and satisfaction in the attention to detail that comes in each Bluetooth Gramophone,” says Gramovox CEO Pavan Bapu. “I can sleep at night knowing that each and every one of our products is designed and crafted to the highest standards of quality.”


The gramophone is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 module, so you can pair any Bluetooth-enabled device to the Gramovox. It also has a standard 3.5mm audio port.

All of this, Gramovox says, combines to provide “an organically mid-range, vintage sound.”

Co-founder and CEO of Gramovox, Pavan has launched the project on Kickstarter to raise $100,000. If the company succeeds in raising this sum, Gramovox will go on sale in May 2014.

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Bluetooth accessory ‘Sesame’ secures your Mac while you’re away

Devices manufacturer called Atama has introduced their latest accessory, a Bluetooth 4.0-based key fob that is created to automatically lock your Mac when you walk away.

The Sesame, a Bluetooth 4.0-based key, appears to bring the size and shape of a cigarette lighter and offers the ability to lock and unlock the Mac owner’s device based on how close they are. In addition it can run for months on a single coin-cell battery, as London-based Atama stated.

The team also says Sesame takes advantage of Bluetooth 4.0’s low energy mode, and that a “Mac’s battery will hardly be affected” by the device.

The device is able to provide your Mac computer with enough security by using OSX’s built-in screen saver password lock function. A companion application then controls the distance the screen saver is required to be turned on or off. It can also be involved to stop or start iTunes playback at the same time.

The Sesame can also offer a kind of “two-factor authentication” system. With such method, you need not return to a completely unlocked Mac. Instead, you are allowed to select the two-factor system, which will require both your system password and tap a small button placed on the Sesame.


CEO of Atama, Eric Ferraz explains: “Securing your Mac while you’re away is something you shouldn’t need to think about.”

It is not the first device, that involves locking and unlocking method for a Mac with Bluetooth. Previously, the similar system was used by software-based approaches — like Appuous’s Keycard.

Atama is also responsible for the Kilo smartphone-connected scale. The company notes, that Sesame is compatible with a number of Mac laptops and desktops running Mountain Lion and Mavericks. The shippment of the device is planned for November. It will be available for $39.99

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Dropcam Pro launched with mobile access,Bluetooth and more

Before 2012, Dropcam is known as a maker of a software monitoring camera and cloud service. After the company has hired a number of the team behind Cisco’s Flip video cameras, it soon presented the Dropcam HD, an IP shooters that provides 720p video at an affordable price.

The Dropcam Pro is the company’s next-generation product, bringing a few upgrades from its precedessor. The new device is equipped with a fully redesigned optical system that has an all-glass lens, which is a rare feature for WiFi cameras.

As CEO Greg Duffy note, “there’s a limit to how good of a resolution you can get with plastic… it’s just not as exact as glass.”

In addition to the glass lens, the Pro comes in with 130 degree field of view, which is wider than the 105 degree on its predecessor. To have an image of the whole room with the Dropcam Pro,there is no need to tilt the camera. Moreover, the new device offers new high-sensitivity camera sensor that allows to get lighter photos, than the Dropcam HD did, making it easier to have better performance in low-light places.


The mobile apps make ‘dropping’ in on everything in your house while you’re away an extremely simple task. All you need is just tap on the Dropcam app on your device, and you will have all of your cameras displayed. With the Pro and Dropcam’s new iOS app, the designers managed to offer its users an option to zoom into a particular area of a live video, and also select an “improved” button that kicks up its resolution. Thus, the app brings such features, like 8X zoom, two-way audio, and a 130-degree viewing angle.

dropcam_nightvision dropcam_fieldofview

With the Dropcam Pro, all colors will be more vibrant and true to real life. You will also be surprised by the quality of the photos in the night vision mode. Even in a completely dark room, you will be provided with a clear picture of the items. Dropcam Pro’s low-light capabilities are seven times stronger than the Dropcam’s.

In addition to the aforecited improvements, the Pro also features a more sensitive microphone, allowing to have better audio, dual-band WiFi for less interference and Bluetooth LE. With the latter on, you can easily set your camera without plugging it into a computer.

Dropcam Pro unveiled with superior optics, dualband WiFi and Bluetooth LE is available beginning from Amazon and for $199 and the original Dropcam remains at $149.

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Shuttr is a tiny Bluetooth remote shutter release for iOS

Muku Shuttr is a little and clean remote shutter which is compatible with your iOS devices, and Android as well. The main task of this tiny thing priced just at $29 is to trigger your phone’s camera. Muku Shuttr doesn’t require to install any apps, that use the iPhone’s volume switches as a shutter release on your device, or plug it in. All you need to apply it is Bluetooth connection, which allows you to trigger the shutter from up to 30 feet away.

Shuttr was developed by Hong Kong engineer Kevin Leung, who was frustrated when he couldn’t find a smartphone remote shutter release that he liked. He found out that there are a lot of people who want to get something to take better group shots.

As Leung said, “I quit my job to build the remote shutter that I believed was missing in the market.” And he did!

Shuttr has 6-mm thick and can be carried in your hand while taking a group picture. Moreover, by using Shutter there is no need in line of sight, which means that you have not to take it out of your pocket.


“We did a lot of trial and error in testing almost all Bluetooth chipsets available to find the most compatible one, and fine-tune those firmware to maximize the compatibility and stability,” Leung says in his report. “Shuttr is so rigorously tested in our approved modes we are confident that we can launch.”

Shuttr is currently compatible with all iOS devices, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, Note 2 and Tab 10.1, LG Nexus 4 and many other Android 4.1+ devices with Bluetooth 3.0+. It also works with iOS apps Camera+ and 645 Pro so you can bypass the iPhone’s built-in camera.

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myType Keyboard: The Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard for Phones and Tablets

With so many innovative and awesome brands in the tech device industry, consumers are often divided based on their unwavering brand loyalty. However, there is a common problem that unites audiences far and wide; typing on keyboards.

No matter if you own an iPod, an Android phone, or a Windows Tablet, you know that typing on tech devices is difficult, and finding the right keyboard for your device can be a challenge. However, the founders behind myType Keyboard have introduced a solution for everyone.

Wondering what makes myType so different from all the other bluetooth keyboards out there?

Well first, myType Keyboard is compatible with iPhone 3Gs and later, iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch 2nd and later, Android and Windows 8 Tablets.


The second aspect is that all users have to do is simply connect their device to the myType Keyboard via bluetooth, and they are good to go for up to 8 hours of continuous use or weeks of normal use. Not to mention, the silent keys relieve the annoyance of the non-stop clicking sound of other bluetooth keyboards.

The third would be the patented interleaving key folding design. Owners can literally fold myType Keyboard in half, and easily carry around a full sized keyboard in their bag or pocket. That means no more small touch keys on devices. myType makes typing on your device easy and hassle free while on the go.


myType Keyboard is currently in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign. The project has already collected over double the $10,000 crowdfunding goal and still has 31 days to go. Backers can purchase their myType Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard for only $59 – Head to to get this pocketable keyboard today!


Syre, the outstanding Bluetooth iPod Nano Watch Case

The accessory embodies your iPod Nano into a genuine advanced watch designed for all the moments of your active lifestyle. Syre is the support that copes with your Apple device creating a one-of-a-kind watch that lets you perform and listen to your favorite music while doing sport or any other activity like cyclist, rock climber and runner and so on and so forth.  You won’t need your wired headphones anymore thanks to this accessory.

Apart from the fact that you possess a cool accessory at your hand, it will add style, function and Bluetooth connectivity to your iPod Nano gadget. So now you have the possibility of doing your favorite activities and listening to quality music. You even get to perform activities like skateboarding, snowboarding, rollerblading which normally would require normal headphones. By integrating a Bluetooth chip directly into the watch case there is no worry about staying linked to the Apple device ever again.

Another important feature that is worth taking into consideration is the ventilation around the wrist provided so it’s that comfortable that you forget it’s even there. The accessory will come in 6 different colors so you can choose a colored watch that best suits you. If you like the watch, you could make a pledge at Kickstarter for helping the developer accomplish his project.

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Logitech Mini Boombox Speakers for iPad and iPhone

Pair your iPad or your iPhone with the Mini Boombox speakers and cast loose the sound of your device with power and smoothness at the same time. This Mini Boombox offers the clearest sound once paired with your device via Bluetooth.

Logitech’s Boombox has a sleek aspect and a specially designed acoustic chamber that delivers crystal clear sound with enhanced bass. You can enjoy the boom-boom beat of your favorite tracks all day long and anywhere; the speakers have a rechargeable battery of 10 hours life, thus, there are no wires to keep you in a single place.

You can also use the handy Mini Boombox during meetings and clearly reproduce the sound of your phone calls. You can pair Logitech’s Mini Boombox to any Bluetooth-enabled device for $99.99.