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Next generation iPad rumored to be featured with A5X, not A6 processor

The rumor that Apple won’t use a quad-core processor for the next iPad took birth earlier, and we commented on the subject in a previous article. Now, a new picture appeared, showing the logic board for next-generation iPad has a chip labeled “A5X” rather than the “A6” processor, empowering our latest believes. The board also shows that the chip was manufactured in November 2011 and has a 16 GB flash memory from Hynix.

If this information is real, it could suggest that the next iPad’s processor is a more powerful and faster version for the existing A5 CPU on iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

Apple is clearly continuing the strategy of using its own custom chips, as long possible, but it is still unpredictable what type of processor will be featured on next-gen iPad.

They could release a third-generation iPad with A5X processor or an “iPad 2S” with A5X CPU, arranging a later launch for A6 quad-cored processor iPad 3. There are also rumors that Apple might launch two versions of iPad in the same time, one dual-core, the other quad-core and with different capabilities also.

Other recent leaks and rumors we also talked about, announce the next-gen of iPad will support 4G LTE , NFC mobile payments system , higher resolution display and upgraded camera.

There are only few days until all these rumors are believed to be officially validated or dismissed by Apple itself, so it just remains little time to be patient.

Source: appleinsider